Windows Central Podcast 43: Microsoft Galaxy S8

It was a super busy last week, with Microsoft confirming April 11 as the general availability day for the Creators Update, along with bringing the Surface Book Performance Base to new markets. We also talk about the new WhartonBrooks Windows Phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and more on this weeks show!

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • The Microsoft S8 is the worst thing ever. Just hilarious... Speechless...
    The one thing that confirms Microsoft's mismanagement is that Android overtook Windows just a few days ago in global internet usage.
    Go 1000%, full on, non stop mobile, or your Windows platform and every other ambition with HoloLens etc will vanish.
  • I dunno, that Cerulean crowfund is pretty hilarious too. They've sold 32 phones in 4 days.
  • Speechless.... at that rate they will surpass all those HP & Alcatel sold. LOL.
  • This site is now just all about the clicks and being Microsoft Yes men. Microsoft apps on android are nothing new but this is now being pushed as the next "Microsoft phone", and gullible blind fanboys are just eating it up. Next will come the puff piece on how Microsoft is planning for the next paridigm shift in 2157 for its mighty mobile comeback...... /s
  • Actually, as a fan boy, I am almost insulted by this obvious sell out by Microsoft. I understand we are on the dead platform, but come on... You make an OS!!!
  • I've been yelling this forever. Nutella is to stupid and refuses to come to terms with its Mobile or extinction, but I get down-voted because everyone wants to stick their heads in the sand. If this idiot doesn't get on board with the Mobile movement, then they should dump him immediately (or a year ago if we owns a time machine). He is a clueless, money hungry, idiot.
  • You obviously didn't read the article, you only saw the headline. A large percentage of android users are from China.
  • Android Galaxy S8. Fixed that for you since MSFT apps are removable but Android isn't. LOL.
  • Do not have articles about an Android phone, I don't care if MS is selling it in their stores. BTW it is Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • MSFT needs to get consumers interested in using MSFT products, even if that means software applications.  The Galaxy S8 will be a high end device, which means high end price.  If you wanted to take advantage of DEX but cant afford the phone and the docking station, perhaps that fact that you're in a MSFT store will encourage you to look at other phones that can take advantage of DEX like features that aren't uber expensive.  BOOM!! That's where Windows 10 mobile and Continuum come in.   As of right now the only reason to get a Galaxy S8 is becaue of DEX.  Continuum is on most newer phones with the office apps.   I don't think it's a bad move.
  • The only other phone sold in MS stores is the HP x3, which is around the same price as the S8. There aren't any cheaper alternative phones in the physical stores.
  • Yeah really, you can even get a better camera, not to mention an OS that doesn't suck.
  • What phone has a better camera than the SGS7 let alone the SGS8? The 950 is certainly close, but even Windows Central and it's users says the SGS is better.
  • Imagine that's the name of the Podcast,quite hilarious that you're giving that phone so much attention,smh
  • 55:50 omg my heart stopped! Why can't we do this!!! Galaxy s8 with Windows 10! MSFT is a software company first
  • i guess one more way to look at this, maybe microsoft will take design lessons from samsung and the next ms phone will be bezel--less
  • They should take design lessons from Xiaomi, just look at MI MIX
  • no lessons from xiaomi plz... just like Microsoft... they release their phones in one country at a time. smh.
  • I would love to see this, since supposedly these phones get so many things right.
  • With the idea of Microsoft flashing W10M onto Android phones, there'd be a few big hurdles:   -Every phone is a different beast. While each phone may use a Snapdragon processor, they don't all use the same screen, microphones, camera, etc. This is why Google can't just push Android out to each phone at once; it specifically requires code from the manufacturers.  -Who is going to handle warranties? If a customer buys a relfashed W10M device, that's obviously going to be outside the original warranty from the manufacturer. When/if a future W10M update breaks something like Bluetooth, it'll be up to Microsoft to rewrite the custom image for that device.  -Why would a manufacturer want to work with Microsoft on this? This isn't accusing the manufacturers of malice, but Android has the advantage of already having an established consumer base and application store. Windows does not. Android allows manufacturers to make their own customizations to fit the manufacturer's design language and feature set, giving them something to stand out from other phones. Windows does not. Every man hour that an LG or Samsung employee would spend optimizing Windows - as little work as they may have to actually do - would be better spent optimizing that company's version of Android because Android provides a much higher return on their investment.  -The ability to flash a custom ROM is a huge security risk, which is why it takes longer and longer for the Android custom ROM community to break Samsung devices. Samsung's Knox software has already been approved and deployed in enterprise and the Department of Defense, and I very much doubt Samsung would want to give up that revenue stream for a few possible Windows 10 Mobile sales.  -Are there really that many fans that would line up to buy a high end phone, then void their warranty in order to get Windows 10 installed? There's going to be an extra cost on the part of both the manufacturer and Microsoft in terms of developing a ROM for each device, then provide training to employees to backup/restore data correctly and flash the ROM correctly. I know this is a Microsoft comunity and is therefore a bit of a bubble but let's honestly ask ourselves: would there be enough sales to justify the costs to deploying this.  I wholeheartedly agree about Dan's assessment on Dex and Continuum: if you're going to put most of the parts of a computer together - keyboard, mouse, monitor - it's easier to just buy a computer. 
  • hate to be mrs optomistic but perhaps all that has been done for months and theres a s8 with windows just sitting there waiting for the creators edition to be finalized which supposely will be soon, and then samsung and ms will offer both. Keep in mind we all beta testers on win mobile at this point.. 
  • I'm not trying to sound negative, just realistic. I don't see a W10M Galaxy S8 being advantageous for either Samsung or Microsoft. 
  • not Galaxy but ATIV omg LOL this is tragic.
  • It doesn't sound like they are flashing a different ROM or anything like that. The employees are literally taking a normal SGS8 and putting the apps on it after you buy it!
  • Right, I was commenting on Daniel's speculation that it'd be easy for Microsoft to make a W10M ROM for the phone and flash it. 
  • It has been there and done that.  Remeber HTC.  The OEM/ODM will determine that between them and Microsoft.  It is not that difficult (for them), it just has to be decided upon.
  • Galaxy s8 with Windows my current dream phone!!!
  • I think the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great phone to tied one over till Microsoft gets it together. They finally are hiring someone for mobile So maybe by The end of 2018 they will finally have a solid strategy. Thinking about the Surface here it took till the 3rd iteration to have a very solid device. 2019 should be the breakout year for mobile.
  • Are they axing that Dona Sakar that has amazingly done less than Nutella? If him, its her head that should fall next. The two of them have been awful. He is an idiot, and she has got to be the worst project leader ever. This entire Windows 10 Mobile under her, has had the same stupid bugs remain update after update after update. Start firing some of these deadbeats.
  • She became leader to empower the feminists.
  • Great....then Nutella can explain to her that as a woman she has no right to a raise. LOL
  • Its funny that they let go of the Nokia team and then try to hire again.
  • I'd give it a go when my Lumia phones die for sure. Samsung makes great phones. Why criticise MS. The market place is awash with huge competition to MS phones why not jump aboard a great phone makers product while the "Surface Phone" gets thought out & developed.
  • The surface phone will run android.
  • Yes!!! Rom!!! Lol.
  • Is this some sort of joke or April Fool prank?
  • Talk about Microsoft and related to it , not to Samsung.
  • This gets MS a little attention. Both good and bad but attention nonetheless. I'm more inclined to get the phone through a carrier of that will get me a better discount though. All these apps you can download yourself in minutes. No need to by the MS version.
  • The day I finally give up on WM, I sure as hell will not buy an Android phone from MS as a replacement.
  • Okay, I own a HTC One M7 DE and it has the WPLauncher app which I love by the way for customizing my start screen; it's not live tiles mind you, but it gets the job done and I have all my Microsoft apps so unless it's do or die and I have to have a brand new thousand dollar smart phone, what would possess me to get this; not that I too own the HTC One M8 for Windows which is currently sporting the 15063.2 build and it's my primary phone.  Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty phone, but I'm not shelling out the kind of money this thing will demand; nope!  I do have one request; not a big one, Dear Microsoft; how damn hard is it to make Facebook Messenger like it's Android cousin, you know, with video?  Jesus Christ; either adapt Skype to run Messenger like it once did or however y'all did it, or wake up.  I don't need a million apps in the store; just the 12 I'm using and make them work; like I said, not a big request.
  • Nope. Keep down voting me, but its a fact. The idiots running the company and the Mobile project are utterly incompetent.
  • Look...There's never going to be a Galaxy s8 with Windows 10 on it! It doesn't suit Samsung OR Microsoft. And also who in their right mind would choose the Windows version over Android??? I love Windows on mobile and yes it would look a hundred times better than Android but why would anyone take the Windows option to get a limited OS with very few apps in comparison???
  • I would after it has been out for a year and is almost half the price as it is now. :) I will have to listen to this podcast when I get home.  Honestly Microsft has everyone upside down right now.
  • When does Microsoft ever do anything that suits Microsoft? They do whatever will line the top guys pocket books as quickly as possible, even if it means the company will be a mess when they are fired in five years.
  • I think I have to bite the sauer apple 🍎 too, and get myself and my wife the iPhone. Good luck 🍀 to Microsoft on their new journey as a software company. Dear Windows, it was fun having known you. I say good bye 🙋🏾 to you with heavy heart, but the reality is, your maker Microsoft lacks idea on how to make you modern and competitive.
  • They have ideas and vision...his name is Panos Panay....problem is, poor guy is being tech blocked by the dumbest, greediest CEO in the tech industry.