WMExperts Podcast 24

This week Mal and Dieter discuss new device news, talk about the latest Treo 800w news, and read from your emails. Listen in!


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Dieter Bohn
  • FYI, I asked Pandora (on Twitter) last week about a client for WinMo and Symbian and they say they are working on it. They have a very active support/interaction on Twitter. Maybe devices like the Omnia and Diamond will help create the need as I see internet radio being a satellite killer in the very near future.
    Dieter, when you finish your Omnia review will you please do a small comparison/recommendation between the Omnia and the Diamond. I am currently using the E71 right now but I want to test one of the new touch screen WinMo's and was looking at both of those.
  • Speaking of WinMo 6.1 having a sluggish roll-out, how about it being shot down for my poor little Treo 750, which we thought would be one of the first! :(
  • Can you guys give me some supporting info about Tmo getting the Kaiser? I only see reports of an FCC filing with the 1700 band that are almost a year old. I am about to pull the trigger on an ATT Tilt to unlock, but wanted to check this out.