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Dieter and Malatesta discuss the latest in the Windows Mobile world.


Samsung onslaught

  • Wrapping up Samsung's refreshed Omnia line
  • Samsung Omnia II and Omnia Pro Priced (In Europe, anyway. Omnia Pro -- the one with the keyboar -- d$499 Euro, ~$799 US; Omnia II $549 Euro, ~$770 US.
  • Samsung Omnia II to launch (in Austria) with WinMo 6.5 in September, Microsoft says

HTC Stuff

Toshiba TG01

Also ...

  • Windows Mobile on a satellite phone, but it'll cost you


Microsoft news ...

Other news


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  • Dieter, where have u been man??
    used to visit this site 5-6 times a day
    now i just visit once a day
  • Malatesta: I seem to remember from a previous article that you sync OTA through hosted Exchange. I was under the impression that My Phone won't sync with Exchange accounts. How are you using My Phone in conjunction with EAS, or have you switched to local AS? Except for the fact that My Phone doesn't support categories in Task (not unlike OWA), I really like My Phone. But I'm about to switch over to hosted Exchange, so it would be interesting to know how you're getting the two services to work together.
  • Correct. I used OTA Exchange for a long time but have taken time off to use other push/email options for testing purposes. I may go back in the future. Having said that I have not tried using both Exchange and MyPhone at the same time. Maybe will do later.
  • Hey what gives..I can't download it.. My Zune Software says it can't access the server the podcast feed is requesting..same thing happens when i try to download it directly from the webpage.
  • @@#$ feedburner. Will update the direct link -- it works in some areas but not all. :(
  • I've been waiting for the Snap via Sprint. I agree that the keyboard is dysfunctional on the Sprint and Vz from the original design. That said, I picked up a Treo Pro which is highly underrated. It's fast enough, has a front keyboard, touchscreen and some HTC features that are needed on a Windows Mobiles Pro. Palm should consider making a Treo Pro and upgrade the processor, memory, and make the keyboard a little bigger and smiley like design like the old Treos. Palm call it the Treo Pro II!!!!! Snap is a little overrated, I tried and returned it