Xbox accessory deals galore: Controllers, headsets, and more get prices slashed

HyperX headset and Xbox controller
HyperX headset and Xbox controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Sometimes it's not the allure of a particular deal that gets under your skin, but rather, the savings potential of a whole treasure trove of 'em. That's what Microsoft's offering as of today, wherein deals upon deals upon deals are live for a wide assortment of Xbox controllers as well as headsets and a few other bits and baubles. If you've been waiting to save some money on mic-equipped cans or a piece of plastic with tappable buttons, now's your chance.

Lots of the best gaming headset brands are included in the wide-reaching sale. Turtle Beach, Kingston, Razer, and more are all seeing discounts. Razer's Wolverine V2 Xbox controller is also on sale, as are its Kishi controllers for Android and iPhone. And, of course, Microsoft's first-party Xbox controllers are getting their prices slashed as well. If you'd rather skip all of that and go with a pair of earbuds, there's one of those being discounted, too.

Save big with these Microsoft deals

Controllers, headsets, and more

Controllers, headsets, and more

Microsoft has a whole bunch of Xbox accessories discounted right now. A few are even targeted at Android and iOS devices! Whatever you're looking for, it may very well be part of the big sale.

Though there are a lot of deals present, don't expect any to absolutely blow your socks off. They're relatively light, mostly deducting $10 here or $20 there. There are exceptions, including $40 off the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, but by and large, these are more like price shavings than doorbuster discounts. If you were close to buying one of these gadgets anyway, then saving a couple of bucks is no doubt a nice perk, but don't expect these deals to drastically shift your plans if you weren't already keen on buying Xbox accessories.

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