Xbox One Chat Pad now available for pre-order from Microsoft and Amazon

One of a stream of cool announcements to come out of the Xbox event at Gamescom 2015 was that of the Xbox One Chat Pad. And if the idea of hooking a tiny hardware keyboard up to your controller got you excited, you can now pre-order the Chat Pad for $35.

As a recap, the Chat Pad is a little hardware keyboard that hooks into the bottom portion of your Xbox One controller, and should make typing messages to friends a ton easier. Along with a standard keyboard layout, the Chat Pad also features two buttons on either side of the spacebar that can be programmed by the user to shortcuts for actions like taking a screenshot or snapping apps.

The Xbox One Chat Pad is set to launch on November 10 in English, French, and German, but you can pre-order it now for $35 from either Microsoft or Amazon at the links below.

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