Xbox One Reveal event viewed by 8.4 million people around the globe

If you didn’t notice from last week, Microsoft’s Xbox One console made a huge impact on the press and consumers alike. Today the boys up in Redmond confirmed the number of curious eyes watching in on the Xbox Reveal event – 8.4 million.

When Microsoft’s mysterious black tent was opened and the next revolution of Xbox was announced, 8.4 million people were ready to sneak a glance. The event rivaled as one of the top-streamed events of all time; its viewership rate surpassed the 2010 World Cup, the 2011 Royal wedding, and even the 2012 presidential election night coverage.

The numbers don’t stop there; according to Nielsen reports, over 1.73 million people tuned in to watch the Reveal Event on SPIKE TV. The number of viewers was so high that day that the event was rated as the #1 television show for men ages 18-34 at during the 10 AM PDT timeslot.

Microsoft is touting that millions turned out to view the console’s reveal, but the more important question is how the unit was received by media and gamers alike. The Xbox One has been a bit of a punching bag for some tech and gaming outlets, as they claim the PS4 has already won and that the unit has “already lost the console war”. Common concerns include a required Kinect 2.0 accessory, no backwards compatibility, online game license verification and the name itself.

Initial reactions by the media don’t necessarily decide a console’s fate, so fans of the system (like myself) can breathe and worry a bit less. Once E3 hits and more games for the Xbox One are demoed, the negative reactions should subside a bit and the true capabilities of the console will have a chance to shine.

If you were one of the few who missed out, don’t worry; you can catch up on what happened by checking out our Xbox One Reveal Day Wrap Up. If you did check out the event and want more, stay tuned to Windows Phone Central as we move closer to E3.

What are your overall thoughts on the console - is the media being too negative without giving the unit a chance?

Sources: The Fire House, PC Mag, WhatCulture

Michael Archambault
  • I can't friggin' wait. Still some unanswered questions but I don't care-- the awesome presentation really sold me.
  • I was impressed. I thought to myself that they're going to sell tons of these. However, I'm not a gamer and I'm still wondering if the cable/satellite companies are going to cooperate and let the Xbox One take over the duties of the set top box.
  • PS4 is a long way away coming close to the future of gaming anyway, but lets not forget the Xbox is all about Entertainment, from which gaming is a crucial but overall a small element of many sub categories where the PS4 just has nothing to show for it
  • The PS4 fans are all attacking the One for things that PS4 will have too. The camera, DRM, and multimedia, no B/C are all going to be part of the PS4 experience too, but for some stupid reason they are giving only Xbox grief. They are in for a major shock.
  • Oh yeah, I don't even know how I'm going to handle it. Part of me want's to stay classy but the other part wants to go "I told you so, I told you so :P!" when Sony announces "similiar" plans for drm/used games.
  • It's cuz Microsoft has become an easy target these days. People without an ounce of creativity and not an interesting bone in their body can jump on the bandwagon and be "cool". Not saying all ps4 fans are that way, not at all. It's just sad to see the same regurgitated negative comments about everything Microsoft. And most of the time the comments have been recently disproven or are pure (wild) speculation.
  • That's...not exactly true. I'm a big fan of Microsoft products, but as far as the PS4 goes, it won't have an always-on camera and it won't need any online connections to work. This is not true for the XBO. People have always given Sony grief about B/C, and the only remaining question is really the DRM (although, judging by the Sony reactions to the Twitter campaign, DRM seems unlikely). The XBO is a privacy advocate's absolute nightmare. Also, the system seems to be far more popular outside of the gaming world. Until E3 shows off some video games to prove otherwise, as a gamer I am very worried about Microsoft's multimedia direction. Games just don't seem like a priority anymore. I'm hoping E3 proves me wrong because I want this thing to succeed as a gaming console first and foremost. Right now I see no reason to purchase it, though.
  • I see no reason to get a ps4 on these same grounds then. Also as a ps3 owner i just had enough.
  • You have nothing to worry about. Microsoft will always place a lot of emphasis on video games and that will become apparent at e3. With regards to an internet conection being required to play, it has been stated over and over again that this is simply not the case unless you are playing online. You DON´T need an internet conection to play single player, watch bluray movies or watch tv.
  • But you do have to check in every 24 hours, or no single player fun.
  • I have to echo your words. I have always been annoyed at rampant MS hating. I got the original Xbox as I just hated the PS controller and the Xbox one reminded me of the Dreamcast one. I loved it and played it loads. When the 360 came out I was super stoked. Waited a little while before jumping on board, but loved it. The controller is just perfect, although I am sure the new one will be fantastic too. Having said that, there was nothing that wowed me at reveal. The whole TV thing was not for me. I wanted the Xbox to out spec the PS4, and in my opinion, it didn't. If the PS4 had Trials Evolution and the Xbox controller then it would have won for me. I think the PS4 games will look better and possibly play better. I am also concerned at how much bandwidth the cloud shenanigans will consume.
  • I will get ONE.
  • I will get one 2!
  • Another one here will get one!
  • I want to get the new one 2!
  • I want one too but I'm gonna wait til next year
  • You gonna get one or two?
  • If Forza 5 has triple screen support, I will get ONE thrice. Playing Forza with one screen is no longer an option I can tolerate.
  • I will get ONE too three.
  • I too will get one.
  • So negative about the needs to be online at least once every 24 hours, and used games have to pay a fee. But you have to admit, this is a joke, and Microsoft should fix this. But I will still buy one.
  • It doesn't need to be online anymore than the 360.
  • If the rumors and contradicting statements from Microsoft are to be believed, it will need to check in at a set time to verify your games ownership. Something the 360 doesn't have to do, and is a serious qualifier on how media ownership and the First Sale doctrine are going to be interpreted in the future. There are huge ramifications coming in this console, it's not just a new release. What Microsoft decides to do about used games and check-ins will greatly impact how we as customers own the media we buy, and could lead to a Supreme Court ruling on how First Sale will apply from here on out.
  • They could offer the customer an option to require disc verification or online verification. Who is going to choose to have to put the disc in every time? People will choose online verification for the convenience, but edge case scenarios would still be supported for someone who wants to play in the cabin in the woods. What is this first sale BS? Have you ever purchased software for a PC? You get a license for installs. There is no difference from PC model. Nobody is even restricting the ability to resell.
  • That's different. If a friend goes to your house and brings their game, I won't want to on the One, but I would be fine to on the 369, as I won't be charged.
  • You won't be charged on the One either, provided you are signed into your account on that console. Supposedly, but that's the only consistent piece of info I've seen out of the entire reveal.
  • First sale is that I own a console game and I can sell it to whomever I want. That was the last avenue of that doctrine and it shouldn't go away. Console life has been extended simply because you could resell games at any time you wanted. It's a huge issue because people don't like that someone can sell you software that's only good for about 10-12 hours of use (some more, some less depending on the game genre) and get money for it in perpituity. I don't think a developer deserves to get a cut of a game everytime it's sold. That's unrealistic and customer hostile. To me anyway.
    We don't know if there is an online verification check when you want to play your games. Why? Because Microsoft has given contradictory statements on it multiple times to multiple outlets. Even their new "official" line doesn't state it clearly.
  • Can someone clear something up for me. How does steam work?  If I am playing a single player game - does it need to check in and verify that I own the game?  Also - how do I sell my steam game to some else...aka used game market?
  • There are some concerns but I'm getting one, given the price isn't too high, at launch. If not at launch, eventually. I wont ever get a PS4 though. This is getting beat on by tech goons because its still cool too hate on MS no matter what. They'd find something to whine about no matter what while giving Sony a pass
  • I am pedicting this as well
  • I've never owned a PS before. Why would I start now?
  • i am going to came out and get mine!
  • Someone said the PS4 has better specs. Can somebody give me a side by side comparison?
  • Almost identical.
  • 2nd reply of yours in a row that is dead wrong. Specs have been released, and yes they are quite superior to the Xbox one. Also, it needs to be online once every 24 hours.
  • Xbox one doesn't need to be online wow are you living under a rock ?
  • Really - superior?  honestly has everyone looked at the specs? When I look at them I see very similar - one has slightly faster CPU but no dedicated GPU. RAM is same, XONE is 500Gb sony has not said how big. So how can you say PS4 is superior?  Am I missing something?
  • Nope. Not even close. DDR3 and GDDR5 memory speeds and bandwidth are like night and day. The system memory speed are over twice that in the PS4 as they are in the Xbox One. It's nowhere near indentical.
  • GDDR5 had more theoretical bandwidth, DDR 3 has a lower latency and is cheaper. The 32mb caching esram in the 360 largely equalizes the bandwidth. Performance in the end is pretty equal.
  • Uh, GDDR5 wipes the floor with DDR3. There is no comparison, and I'm sure Anand knows far more about this subject than you do. The Xbox One will be far less powerful overall than the PS4. Doesn't mean the PS4 will be better, that can be subjective, but them being identical is completely false. Sony has FAR more to play with than Microsoft does in terms of performance.
  • Are technica rated ps4 and x1 memory performance as potentially equal. depends on how the esram in the One is used.
  • I haven't seen that article on Ars. Do you have a link because I can't find it for some reason.
  • I would have pasted the quote and the link in the first place if I wasn't on my phone and waiting for a concert to start.
  • Okay, cool. No sweat but
    this Is the only article I found about the hardware on Ars, and the PS4 isn't mentioned. What is stated is that Microsoft is using smoke and mirrors to represent the capabilities of the hardware, and I trust AnandTech's numbers over theirs. The gap is considerably in favor of the PS4.
  • It actually was an anandtech article, and you and I seem to take very different things from it.
  • Specifically, this part: . If it’s used as a cache, the embedded SRAM should significantly cut down on GPU memory bandwidth requests which will give the GPU much more bandwidth than the 256-bit DDR3-2133 memory interface would otherwise imply. Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4.
  • That all depends on if they do it right, and that can come down to them or the game developer. If it isn't done right they'll be way off the PS4 hardware capabilities. They could easily pull it off, but I'd much rather have easier and faster hardware to develop for than "potential" performance from the other. And as it states in the article, games typically lower themselves to the lowest common denominator. If Microsoft doesn't get it right, and they have a history of being late to the party and behind in many crucial areas when they release something new, the entire game console industry will suffer simply because the hardware is similar enough for that to be a factor.
  • But sony also have to do it right. Putting fast memory in does not mean fast performance if you screw up your silicon bus lines, or your kernel fragments writes. Its all pure speculation from all ends.
  • Whose to say that we're seeing the only version of the ONE that's to be released? Specifications can be improved upon within the same generation hardware. I'm sure if MS get's to much negative press about the Xbox an upgraded version will come out.. And, I think MS talked about this during the PC when they talked about the One being able to evolve, and compete, for some time to come. I doubt we'll see this version of the ONE For 8 years like the 360.. I bet MS comes out with upgraded versions every two, or three years.
  • If they do the rumored (and plausible) subsidized route then I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility. But they've spent a ton of money on the hardware, and people don't upgrade a console like they do a phone. They really don't need to iterate if they get the hardware right. The main draw of a console is that it has good enough performance that you don't need to upgrade. With this hardware set I'd say it'll last easily as long as the 360 because they didn't go PowerPC. I think that was a pretty dumb move. PowerPC wasn't a good performer even when the 360 was new. They should have gone x86 back then.
  • Ps4 exceeds in ram speed GDDR5 versus the Ones DDR3. The five is about twice as fast. Also they gpu is about 50% faster, but that's all. both of those doesn't equate to better performance or graphics.
  • As far a I know, The PS4 has a Slightly better GPU but it has no dedicated RAM, Just 8GB Shared RAM
    While the Xbox One has 32MB eSRAM Embedded Memory dedicated to the GPU and 8GB Shared RAM.
    What this actually means is that the PS4 just like the PS3 will claim that technically there machine is more powerful but in the end just like the xbox360 vs ps3 there wont really be much difference at all when it comes to most multi-platform games.
    One Question I have is; if SONY are so focused on games for there PS4, then why aren't they releasing Gran Turismo 6 on the PS4 as a launch title to try and have a similar game experience to Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5???
    It's not that Sony is all about games,.. is just they haven't got the ecosystem or resources to focus on anything more in my opinion  
  • "What this actually means is that the PS4 just like the PS3 will claim that technically there machine is more powerful but in the end just like the xbox360 vs ps3 there wont really be much difference at all when it comes to most multi-platform games."
    That's because cross platform games had to meet the lowest common denominator. The 360. The PS4 was hardware to code for, but it beat the pants off the Xbox in terms of graphics power. Now that they are using industry mainstream parts, that handicap will pretty much disappear. They have the advantage this round because they are going for broke, and the parts aren't hard to code for. With Microsoft's setup they have the potential to erase the gap for the most part, but they have to work harder to make sure they can get the potential performance out of their hardware. The roles have pretty much reversed this generation. Only time will tell, but Microsoft is having to do more legwork this go round.
    And as far as doing other things with their ecosystem, it doesn't really matter. Nothing revealed at the Xbox conference works outside the United States anyway. They have a big gap there to start.
  • @Onerunjunior  Hey dude I like your energy about this topic
    That's because cross platform games had to meet the lowest common denominator.
    Thats a very big lie - As most cross platform games running on both "360 & ps3" actually look better on the 360 So your statement goes right out the window
    Also this is a favorite for comparison Ghostbuster made by Atari & Sony Computer Enterainment released on ps3 first then released on xbox 360 a few months later.

    You'd think since Sony where involved they'd try and make and effort to at least make the games equal if  not the PS3 version way better, but No the xbox360 version walks all over the ps3 in many areas
    Then theres framerate as the Xbox360 version of Black Ops walks all over the PS3 version
  • "Thats a very big lie - As most cross platform games running on both "360 & ps3" actually look better on the 360 So your statement goes right out the window" I meant in terms of hardware capabilities. What the developers choose to do with it is up to them, but the console with the lowest specs and raw performance was the 360. It's easy to go back in forth between which game looks better, so that's kind of pointless. But in terms of power the 360 had less. They made good use of it, but that's what I meant in my wording. Probably should have worded it better in retrospect.
  • Sony's downfall was the split memory pools, and added insult to injury was the fact that it was two different types of memory. It was bottleneck hell. Plus 360 had a more versatile gpu coupled with the edram. And lets not even bring up the toolsets to develop the games. It was just easier on 360. Now Sony has learned two very tough lessons; memory and ease of development. Both companies are looking well into cloud computing, but MS's "always on" approach is going to be able to utilize it sooner and most likely better. I am really interested to see how this is all gonna pan out. We as gamers are gonna win if it all works beautifully. I can't stand all the negativity, but unfortunately, that's what's popular to do.... Especially if Microsoft is involved. Its been very difficult for them to show how much they've changed for the better when the masses are ignorant to all the great things they've been doing. I'll eventually get both systems because Sony does have some great exclusives, but XBox One is definitely a day one purchase for me. I'm totally excited about everything its going to be able to do; gaming and entertainment. I've never been able to understand how people could be complaining about getting "more".... LOL
  • Blockbuster said that preorders for the "One" has exceeded any preorders in their 24yr history. Fu** ps4 fans, they don't see past a game disc, so they'll never see how good of a product this is. also they just are ranting because they lost the console war (USA) last round.
  • Whoa, calm down there buddy. Why have such an emotional attachment to an annimate object that was created to provide you with entertainment?
  • I don't have any emotional attachment to an inanimate object. did you read correctly? my comment was towards the ppl, not the "object". lol
  • Lol! You're crazy, but you're right!
  • Lol :)
  • HAHAHA yeah i kinda thought the same when i have heard alot of people making fun of Xbox and how only "americans" like it.
  • I know I don't care about gamers outside North America. Ping too high. Europe and Asia can have the inferior console.
  • While the ONE does not drip style, I'm all in for what the ONE does and does well. Lately I've been watching alot of Entertainment via my Xbox, so the ONE is the evolution of this.
  • Most impressive
  • Most impressive indeed sir!!
  • It seems all the hate for the Xbox one is based on that it introduces new features that the PS4 doesn't have... So, it's bad when a manufacturer introduces new optional features? God. Console gamers are the worst forms of skiddies. I'm sorry, but 100% of the people on IGN are dumber than a pile of rocks.
  • Optional features? Oh you mean the mandatory Kinect sensor, the mandatory online check-in at a set interval, or the mandatory monthly fee to get all the capabilities out of it? There's nothing optional on this console except buying it. Everything else that it offers has some sort of mandatory requirement to go along with it. I'm no console gamer, but that's not even close to the truth.
  • Kinect can be turned off. If you knew any history, you'd understand why XBL costs, go read the Wikipedia summary on the original Xbox. The check in is the same as Steam and iTunes, nobody complains about that. I actually like the DRM because some PS3 games have always online DRM because of the lack of built in DRM. This system is much more competent imo.
  • No, the Kinect can't be turned off. It is required to be on whenever you want to use the console. That's the center piece of all the media capabilites the new Xbox offers. iTunes doesn't check in every time you play a song, and Steam is seamless and not needed if you don't want to use it, something Windows has never managed to be when it comes to gaming and checking in when you want to play. My favorite part of the whole Microsoft ecosystem is how you can't use the Xbox and play a game with GFWL enabled. You can't do both, and if you try, it kicks you out of whichever one you signed into first. Xbox Live was originally intended to be a online gaming service, not multimedia. They then figured out people were stupid enough to pay them a monthly fee to access content they had nothing to do with, and so they made millions off of it. Live wasn't started as a media service, it was started as a high quality multiplayer service. As a fee based gaming service it's fantastic, but without a Live sub the 360 is almost completely a single player box. It isn't even a good media streamer because it requires you to use incredibly large and inefficient codecs to play anything on it. So no, it's nothing like Steam or iTunes. You seem to not know very much about competing services and how they work. If this is anything like Games For Windows Live was it'll be a very poor experience.
  • Your fanboyism is showing. Microsoft just confirmed Kinect can be turned off. Who says it can't be seem less like Steam?
  • Fanboyism? How am I a fanboy? Here's the quote from the article: Notice they didn't say the Kinect can't be turned off, but instead specified the system as a whole? You can't pick and choose what you want to read out of context, that doesn't fly.
  • Meh. Google sells your personal information to advertisers and no one has a problem with it. But enjoy that tinfoil hat!
  • Enjoy being a petulant child and using a strawman. You can't be a cohesive defense of your factually incorrect argument, so you lash out and give Google as an irrelevant example. I have no issues with privacy, I have issues with paying for a piece of hardware I won't ever use, and if I don't buy it the entire console doesn't work. But hey, keep on with the insults. Really lends credence to your position. But just to humor the statement, how am I a fanboy again? I'd love to know how you came to that conclusion with absolutely nothing to back up that opinion.
  • What piece of hardware are you going to pay for that you will never use? Kinect? The price of the xbox one is the same as the 360 when it launched (499$) so you are basically getting it for free and not paying extra for it. With regards to the xbox live subscription you definitely don't need it if you don't play online games. It's exactly the same as with the 360. That being said the intelligent use of Kinect 2.0 will be a great enhancer of gameplay if developers are smart. Even if you only use the voice commands and the occasional head tracking for racing games, its already better than not having it. I think they will come up with much more interesting ways of using it than just that.
  • Yeah, that answer is kind of vague.
  • PROOF console gamers are idiots and assume everything... Don't make decisions before E3.
  • You sir win and are 100% correct in your assessment.
  • I don't play console games, idiot. I was looking to get one to supplement my gaming PC. It's okay your little feelings are hurt and you have to lash out with ignorant assumptions all your own because you can't make a coherent or factual assessment of the situation.
  • LOL Who's the one being hostile and posting on several comments, talking out of their ass on how the Xbox One "sucks"? You. Not me.
  • Point me to where I've said that the Xbox One sucks? You can't. I've said the hardware isn't identical and the messages coming from Microsoft on a number of key issues is inconsistent. I'm only being hostile towards you because you made some ignorant assumptions about me and you still haven't made a coherent rebuttal just "LOL" and other insults to direct questions and requests for factual data to back up your attacks.
  • You act as if you're some sort of expert on how this system will or will not work. Wait for official announcements, documentation, and the damn thing to be released (!). Holy crap, there are probably 4 more months until launch so settle down ya spaz.
  • There's no excuse for the mixed messaging that Microsoft is giving to the press on very basic and easily answered questions. If Microsoft comes out with an online check in requirement and circumvents the First Sale doctrine there will be huge ramifications overall. Might even make it to the Supreme Court. There are basic questions they've been asked and they've answered them at least 5 different ways to multiple outlets. There's no excuse for that. Even Larry Hyrb has tried to blame the media for their screwups, so I don't really have any confidence in Microsoft doing it right even at release time.
  • Um, no. When you buy a disc, your paying for the physical disc and a license to play the game. Wonder why there is the "do not copy, redistribute..." text on discs? You also fail to realize that a disc can be unassociated from an account, and the next user will not be charged. More information will come at E3, please stop making false assumptions.
  • That's not fact. You're telling me to stop making assumptions while passing off your own as a disputable fact to my statements. You can't have it both ways simply because you think I believe the One "sucks" despite me never having said so or hinted it in any way.
    There have been conflicting statements from Microsoft about selling a used game to third parties and places like Gamestop. They've said there will be a fee (an undisclosed amount) and an ambiguous statement that third party sales "will be an option." There's no concrete information about them handling the First Sale doctrine IAW the way it is currently written. Which has huge ramifications if it goes against the First Sale doctrine. It's a pretty easy question to answer over all. Can I sell my game to someone else, and if I can how can I do it? Very simple answer to that question.
    Also, the text on the disc is a warning against piracy, not legally reselling the game. There's a big distinction there that you are actively ignoring.
  • I can point to all my points with links. You can't... This does not violate first sale doctrine, again, you pay for the disc and a license to use the software. Otherwise, Microsoft wouldn't be around because you can't legally move your Windows license. This is most likely publisher driven.
  • Your link doesn't support you original statement in any way. Let me quote it for you in case you forgot it: "You also fail to realize that a disc can be disassociated from an account, and the next user will not be charged." The original Engadget article you linked has a link to a statement by three updates to the original. The first said there were no fees associated with  selling a game, then the update by Major Nelson said you could sell/trade in your games at retail. He further states that you can play games at a friends house as long as you are signed into the account associated with that game. Once again you are picking and choosing a statement out of context and presenting that as evidence. Your own article refutes your original statement completely. I can in fact give links to all my points, I've done it more than once in fact. Specifically in a reply to you. But seeing as how you can't read an article in its entirety to include updates to the original articles it's no wonder you're making an absolute mess of your position.
  • Okay - so all they have to do then is not sell games on physical media and adopt the steam model.  no legal issue there....right?
    I do think the level of anger on this issue is funny.  Be nice to have conversations about these entertainment platforms without it degrading so rapidly.
    MS is being smart...bad press is still free press.  Everyone needs to wait until BUILD and E3 are over.  Things like the checking online for DRM - that can change.  They could have launched without it and then ADDED it later in an least concumers will be able to make an informed decision by the time the console launches.  if the used game market and once a day check pisses you off, don't buy one.
    I do think is funny because my guts tells me Sony will ahve the same used game situation. Let's be honest it is the publishers that want this.  If MS is going to do it you can bet Sony will as well, otherwise MS would just tell he publishers it puts MS at a competative disadvantage and pull he feature out.
  • "Onerunjunior:How many troll accounts have you set up? I've stated more than once, and even to you that I don't hate the Xbox, I hate that it doesn't do anything, anything, without a monthly sub. Paying for multiplayer I'm totally cool with, it's the best in the business next to the PC, but to access anything else is ridiculous. There's no reason to pay Microsoft a monthly fee to access content I pay a monthly fee to. It's customer hostile and disengenuous."
    I not pretending to have done nearly the amount of research you seem to have done specifically for this particular conversation, but i gotta ask, what difference does it make that you have to pay a monthly fee to access live content? your saying that your ok paying a monthly fee to access online gameplay but God forbid you have to pay to access everything else? i look at it this way im gonna get online gaming...regardless and if everything comes with it then why does it matter? AND if by some random chance i dont have live ill use google tv or apple tv or even my windows 8 pc connected via hdmi. you act as if there is no alternative. im just speaking as a consumer who has both consoles ive truly enjoyed my box a million times over the ps3 and it has a similar sub based setup. i dont mean to throw your facts out the windows<< lol get it but at the end of the day its all a matter of choice.
  • After skipping the original Xbox and the 360, I tuned in to see if they could change my mind on the brand. In short...nope. I'm someone who uses Windows 8 on multiple PCs, has a Windows Phone, etc. But I've never bought an Xbox. Maybe E3 will convince me otherwise, but Microsoft hasn't won me over with ANY of their gaming products so far.
  • One consol for me. Only Xbox this round. I'm done with Sony. Being hacked saying IDE get a credit check thing. Never recived it. So Xbox for me!
  • And still no one knows a lot of basic info about this thing Even Major Nelson made a stupid statement about "inaccurate" reporting about the new Xbox. It's only "inaccurate reporting" because Microsoft hasn't given a single statement to anyone that doesn't contradict all of the other statements made. It's a bunch of hyperactive monkeys banging telephones together at Microsoft.
  • So do you have links to OFFICIAL statements that confirm all the "news" you've been posting?
  • I'm not going to track down the links for you because you're too lazy. Check The Verge, Wired, Giant Bomb and other outlets to see just how badly Microsoft is handling PR on this console. They all have quotes from various Microsoft representatives giving conflicting statements to those outlets I named and more. It's really not that hard to find, you just have to put forth some effort to do so.
  • Wow, those are like, Really really reputable outlets.  With headlines like " why windows phone is great but... "
    "why microsoft had record earning however..." , "why xbox is awesome but...." and also "why PS4 has no picture and no press release and why it is soooo awesome", "why a speculative, not even in the drawing board yet,  apple gaming console will blow microsoft out of the water", I could go on forever.  If Jesus worked for microsoft  he'd get a headline like "How Jesus descends from the heavens trailing clouds of glory and why its an epic fail".
      I go to those outlets not to find real news, I just find their stories riveting.  Like a train wreck is riveting.  and I'm not going to track down the links for you because you're too lazy.
  • So now that well respected and well known outlets for gaming and tech news don't fit your argument, all of a sudden they are irrelevant? Talk about delusional.
  • Mariah Carey's Obsessed :
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  • Sigh. Yet another WPC member who has nothing useful to say and exists only to hear themselves talk. Could have been a good discussion too. There's lots to talk about on this subject, but I guess internet anonimity lends itself to trolling. Oh well.
  • All up in the blogs (verge, wired, etc.) sayin' we met at the bar When I don't even know who you are Sayin' we up in your house, sayin' I'm up in your car Why are you obsessed with me?
    Oh oh ooooooh
  • Why? Because you can't find any?
  • Here
    Here (specifically under the "Games" section)
    And finally for you and all the other lazy ones out there, here's a final link. It's not that I can't find any, it's that you're too lazy to look, or in complete denial about the PR disaster Microsoft has become. They've honed it to a fine art.
  • Who gives a fuck about PR? Does it change the product? No. Does it influence the purchase of the product? Only to the 1% who read up on this.
  • So now that I've given you exactly what you asked for, and what you were too lazy to look up (or in complete denial about) all of a sudden it's irrelevant? You must be joking. Now that your argument has blown up in your face, again, it doesn't matter because it is proof that you're wrong. I mean you're not even trying now you're just getting angry that you're wrong and can't dispute what I'm giving you at your request.
  • I might have to agree with you about the microsoft PR part. See my post here.  @onerunjunior and I read your wistful comment about how the articles in the verge, wired, ars technica, could be a good discussion however upon reading your other posts, I find them abrasive and projective.  There wasn't one where you don't resort to name-calling.  so I'm singing mariah carey instead.
  • I've called you lazy. That's not an insult, it's the truth. It's been all over tech news since the conference ended. It's not that hard to find. On top of that you called all those outlets not reputable because they contradicted you. I wasn't trying to insult you maliciously, I'm sorry you took it that way.
  • You didn't call me lazy on any of our previous conversation posts. That is a falacious statement therefore You are a liar.  It's not an insult,  It's the truth  I've been avidly reading xbox one news on all sites as well.  I've mentioned some of the writing styles of those reputable outlets and you seem to take it personally  if someone contradicts them as their views vindicate your own.  I'm not trying to be malicious either and if I come out as such, I AM SORRY. There
  • My bad, I called you delusional. I misread who I was replying to. And since you said that all those sites aren't "reputable" then the statment fits. Since they don't fit your version of being reputable, and they most definitely are, then you're just ignoring reality. IE. delusional. If you've been "avidly reading Xbox news" and haven't seen the PR disaster Microsoft has cooked up then you've not been reading reputable outlets. I don't take your disagreement personal, but your statements are completely false, and then you resorted to trolling.
    If you can't back up your statements with facts or links, and then challenge mine, what should I respond with? "You're right, I'm so wrong to trust someone who was actually at the conference and talked directly with Microsoft, and I'm just a dummy"?
    Sorry, not gonna happen.
  • You might be right.  I might just be delusional to think that the verge and those other sites are totally biased against microsoft and I'm blowing their writing style totally out of proportion.  But then I come against their  "So why did you stop hitting your wife" type of headlines.  There's content and there is presentation.  You can be as factual as you like but totally skew the message by your means of presentation and that's where bias sets in.   Please feel free to revere the verge but do not call others delusional for not agreeing 100% to what they say and resort to name calling.
    and speaking of delusional, you seem to be under the misapprehension that others are creating multiple dummy accounts to personally accost you.  as I said "projective". you seem to see trolls all around but never quite accept that you could possible BE ONE.  My writing style is quite different from most people here and unfortunately seems to be more similar to your own.  Be assured that I would only respond to you using this alias.
     I know you have a penchant for always wanting the last word.  please feel free. Unlike some people, I have a life and I really have to get going.  I'm glad to note that the verge has turned to a more neutral stance a few days ago after the furor on their own boards.
  • In my posts I wasn't disputing their bias, or even giving it any attention, I was telling you that they directly spoke to Microsoft reps, or linked to those that did, and that there was mixed messaging. That's fact. I don't see how you can interpret it any other way. When it comes straight from the source, from multiple people they told different things to, then that's fact. It's nothing else. Saying they aren't reputable is an opinion, not a fact. I gave you facts. Nothing else. I don't revere any of those sites. Simply because I demonstrated to you that they aren't "unreputable" because you don't like them shouldn't lead you to an incorrect assumption that I think they are to be revered. I don't care about their reporting either way, I was focusing on the fact that they, or the people they linked to had gotten statements directly from the source, ie Microsoft. If you choose to base your feelings on them due to your own bias, feel free. We all do it. But I was merely pointing out to you that because you don't like them it has no validity in their reporting of the facts they were given. I'm sorry you can't make that distinction. I assure you that I can.
    You, like others here, don't know the definition of a troll. I am not a troll. Here's the definition:
    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
    I am not well liked, but I am not a troll. People telling me to "shut my Xbox hating ass up" is trolling. Me having a different viewpoint than you isn't trolling, it's a difference on opinion. Pretty clear distinction. My  comments have all been on-topic, and I've given factual evidence to back up my comments while multiple commenters with accounts less than a week old reply to me with foul language and petty insults. I'm pretty sure all those people didn't create accounts just to call me a "faggot" or call me a bitch because they did it on a whim. I've gotten the same insults multiple times when posting, and they are almost identical every time. User "Waiting in the Night" is a troll, go tell him to knock it off if you want to get rid of trolls. I don't have any reason to believe you'd respond with a different alias because despite your (humorous) off-topic comments, you've come back and written something in rebuttal that isn't full of vulgar language and needless attacks.
    As an addendum, I'm not a huge fan of the Verge simply because I've never really liked Joshua Topolsky. I don't think he's a bad journalist, or off his rocker in any way, I've just never held his opinion in high regard. He does his job well enough from what I can tell. I will say that I cannot stand Gizmodo. If there's ever any breaking news there I simply won't read it. They are simply the most childish, petulant, disgusting, unscrupulous and unintelligent group of people to run a tech website. But it is Gawker. The only thing of value there is Jalopnik and Lifehacker. The rest is just tabloid crap.
  • That my friend is longer than the entire article. gtg, byers
  • Okay. Guess I can chalk this one up to speaking but not saying anything of value. Later.
  • Well, I read some of the first link (IGN) and have had enough.  That is not news.  It is opinion.  Holy crap, bro, wait for official announcements from Microsoft and posted on their Xbox site or the product documentation for answers, not some clown with an opinion and a soap box.  We are 4 months away from launch.  I wouldn't be surprised if these big issues of yours aren't even finalized within Microsoft.
    "It's genuinely not clear to me at this point whom the Xbox One is aimed at."  Wow, big IGN blogger is confused about the target audience and doesn't know basic rules of grammar.  Why am I supposed to give a shit?
    So, for me, what was presented on stage during that 1 hour is the shit that sticks and what Microsoft has put on the record.  Anything else could be wrong and/or is subject to change.  Yes, it would be nice if Microsoft execs would know what they're talking about, but that doesn't speak anything against the product.
    Be patient and stop freaking out.
  • Yeah there are a few niggles in there like having to pay a fee for used games and all but at the end of the day, Microsoft is a profit oriented company and while it sucks, I can at least see some justification behind it. Compare this to Sony who has only showed how it plans to make gaming more "social" and how it redesigned the controller (which was the only thing released)...seriously, are people just looking for a reason to hate Microsoft? Actually, it isn't even people. It's just the media outlets. CNET is full of crap suggesting how Apple TV could beat the Xbox One (how do you even compare the two?! Next they'll write an article describing how your Mazda beats the Boeing aircraft you flew in 3 days ago). Good to see the consumer interest in the product. Like I said, some things really do suck but overall, a pretty solid product.
  • About 8.39m of those people were disappointed.
  • Oh, give me a go at inserting an erroneous, non factual random comment... ....63.5% of people disagree with that... cool, that was fun and informative!
  • oh I guess thats why...
    "Microsoft's Xbox One selling like hot cakes, breaks pre-order records at Blockbuster in 24 year history"
  • I wonder what the exact number is. It could be 500, or 5 million. That's like me saying I'm closer now to the moon than I've ever been. Without specifics it has no meaning. It's also odd that they've gotten so many preorders because the very focus of the Xbox One won't work in the UK. The TV stuff won't work at all there.
  • I completely 100% AGREE with all ur comments on here about the Xbox one, u are a FACTS man and I RESPECT that, I can't believe these other guys on here, if u get the chance please friend request me on Xbox live, my gamertag is LCSganon21, I'd like to have a friend like u that has some sense :) thank u
  • @john holland: with no disrespect to onerunjunior, the only thing that he is really stating here is the things he doesnt like about the xbox based on facts reported on sites that may or may not have been skewed by the media outlet reporting it... im not saying he is nonsensical, just that the console or numbers havent even been revealed yet and he is assuming everything in a pessimistic way just to say it. the xbox 360 is a best seller having a similar setup to its gameplay and its subscription based content access that in some way should reflect the one.... am i arguing his factual points, no but im just saying that asking for specifics or pointing out where it will and wont work, does not mean it isnt selling... speculating whether its 500 or 5 is not a fact, anymore so to _emi_ saying their selling like hotcakes.
  • E3 with decide which console I go with but I agree the Xbox is getting so much hate when Sony hasn't said much about their console. If they have a used game fee along with Xbox I'm done with console gaming....
  • EVERYONE is being needlessly of poor judgment and character...they really are the over-priveledged of society
  • I am sure this is publisher driven. Either the ps4 has a tracking system and fee as well, or it doesn't get any 3rd party games.
  • Or publishers will make their own DRM always online, like what has happened to several PS3 games
  • I read that pre-orders for this broke records in the UK. Is that confirmed?
  • Here it is, blockbuster UK:
  • I'm definitely getting one, I'll also get a PS4 eventually. I can't stand the internet when things like this are announced. Everyone is in an uproar over something we know very little about. And we know even less about the PS4, even though it is apparently "better". Its naive to think that the PS4 won't have some sort of DRM system in place. The verge posted a rumor that the used game fee will only apply to resellers, not individuals lending/selling their copy. I just wish everyone would calm the f down, and wait until we get the full details. /rant
  • Agreed
  • Just opened a savings account in preparation....
  • Ima pass on the one. The xone dissapointed me so much, I'm considering switching out of windows 8.
  • Everyone's always downing Microsoft and praising Apple... Its a shame sometimes.
  • I am a little concerned about specs. I've been seeing alot of people crowning Sony due to specs alone. Gpu and memory give Sony a big edge
  • Wasn't that supposed to have been the case in this last generation? PS3 was far more powerful console than 360? I agree with others who have said we have till E3 and beyond to get all the facts. No matter which side you're on, there's nothing to buy yet so we may as well wait. In the end though expect the used game and drm policies to be similar if not identical. Sony can not afford to give MS the advantage of being "the developer friendly console".
  • ehmm thats not true... what give big edge to one console and the other is the OS and how it handles the hardware and how a game is developed for it. one uses opengl and the other directx. do you think they will run exactly the same? also do you think games run at 100% all the time? answer is no!
    but really, the OS can use all that hardware very different. so no... gpu and memory still doesnt matter much.
    examples: how many times have you read AMD processors cant beat Intel ones even though AMD had more GHz and cores? or how android still lags with 4 core while other OSs run fine with only 1 or 2 cores?
    so again, wait and see how both OS uses the hardware and how a game is developed especially when one console uses Directx and the other Opengl, becuase that simple thing can change everything.
  • As a gamer I would say I was under whelmed by the presentation except that I saw it while in a Microsoft Store and they gave me Xbox Live Gold and Skype minutes. Waiting for E3 for MY presentation.
  • I'm buying the #XboxOne no matter what
  • Not sure how hated MS is with the 360 having sold almost 80 million over its lifespan. I also think MS conflicting statements haven't helped matters much. Yes, its best to wait til E3 for more details. But lets be honest, there should have been a unified statement of "More details to follow" when it came to the gaming side of things. Instead you got these "not answers" answers that did nothing but cause confusion and further suspicion.
  • Winning.
  • I think xbox has won this battle as well. I like it.
  • Its really funny to read everyone post bashing MS for having a fee for used games. You guys need to wake up. I bet you guys anything the PS4 will be the same way, Hasn't EA and other developers been charing you a $10 fee to play online as it is? I'm telling you now this is how the developers are going to try and shut down used gaming. O and if you have a used game and don't want to pay a fee then its a Demo. and If the PS4 dosen't do the same as the developers wish watch the xbox one get all the  exclusively.
  • agreed. i cannot imagine publishers not wanting this for all consoles. publishers might even prefer to put exclusives on xbox if they are the only ones doing it.
  • hm, its so nice to see all these journalists are fighting against each other to get the best angle for the photo of a cheap plastic consumer junk, while on the not-so-lucky part of earth people are getting killed each day for their different religion, or getting homeless thanks to the infinite-greed of banks literally stealing your house etc. But hey, MS released their newest mediacenter junk so we can remain in semi-conscious state, mass consume the junk coming from tv, hey we even give our money for being controlled. That always-on kinect stuff starts worrying me just a little bit. If you ever read 1984, how does that all-seeing and hearing device compares to the kinect? Its the ultimate wet dream of every government agencies and secret service to have such a black box in every single home in all countries. Like literally getting a live feed of each household. You dont see inside that encrypted tunnel between your blackbox and the xboxlive servers. Even the guy said at the event, they multiply the number of their infrastructure by 10. What for, you may ask? It does not need so much extra resources to recognize all the conversations captured in front of the kinect, if all phone conversations are already monitored worldwide. Its wonderful times we are living in, right?
  • They already have a remotely accessible camera, microphone, and GPS in the pocket of every android owner on the planet. What more do they need?
  • Buying one on day one!!!
  • I think people are missing a very crucial point. Even if the PS4 has more raw power, the Xbox One will still be able to surpass it graphically. This system will be combined with services similar (but better) than On Live. Yes, remember that failed but futuristic idea that u'd almost never need a new console because cloud computing allows them to upgrade graphics on their end? This is why MS went from 15K to 300K servers. Haven't u guys read the articles where they said the developers will soon be able to design games where Windows Azure does a lot of the heavy lifting? In essence, this removes and thus, makes irrelevant any physically available advantage that the PS4 has, as long as ur connected. On Live was a failed attempt from a start up. But MS is far from a start up and arguably dominated this generation. This is the other reason why the memory concerns regarding all the snapping, panning, switching and whatever else the system can do will become moot. Azure will take care of most of it. I'm not totally for the idea of requiring an internet connection but this was actually a stroke of genius. They played us by letting us play them (the system), and then delivered their master stroke. Now that we're hooked, its hard to turn back. And the new UI and software (outside of gaming) is nothing short of fantastic, regardless of the naysayers. If PS4 added all those things, Sony fanboys would be happy just like MS fanboys are. Just go back and read more articles. U'll see.
  • Thank you, I was about to log in and post that very same comment. Most of the heavy processing will be done in the cloud, the allocation at launch will be the equivalent of 3 Xbox Ones for each physical one so essentially you will be gaming with the power of 4 consoles. Also just to throw it in because it still seems to have been missed, Microsoft has confirmed they will NOT charge the end user for playing used games.
  • In my experience, media will always find something to bitch about if they can. As an adult gamer, who doesn't game nearly as much as I want or used too, the One appeals to me. I love the idea of multitasking and connecting everything to one box. MS proved its Xbox to me last Gen, and Sony had took a while to get going, (and had the stones to charge like 600 bucks when it first came out) I could care less about spec comparisons, they'll both be powerful, and developers will take years to harness their potential. I'm not giving up on Sony, but would like to see more from them, like the actual console for starters.
  • I agree.
  • I knew the ps4 would be a better console. The ps3 is better. The Xbox is integrated though and that's what I need.
  • All those people watching TV, sports, and their friends playing Call of Duty...
  • I plan on getting two Xbox's, One for my room (for personnel use) and the other for the living room where my brothers will be playing. So I have to pay a fee if I wanna let my brother play one of my games on the Xbox in the living room In his account?
  • i think this is the issue that everyone wants cleared up my friend.
  • My teen kids say at this stage their PS3 mates want to switch to Xbox One. I think they're on message for the current generation and the future. Not all about pixels anymore. XBO converges a number of threads really well it seams.
  • Buying on day ONE
  • Nehdoh
  • Pre ordered mine already, i have to say from the outset the 'one' is pure imagination and seems to have innovated much more. Statements driving me nuts so far: Why did MS reinvent the remote when people are happy with the existing hand held? REALLY can never find where the kids left mine. Wouldn't need to switch between gaming tv etc!? NO if that's true why we all buying smart tv's! The xbox will be too expensive and so will live! REALLY just spent 30 quid a month on a phone for two years, £600 total :S All this hate! if it had an apple logo people would be telling you they had reinvented the tv. Well done MS, keep it up