Xbox Preview members can now join up to 25 Clubs

According to Mike Ybarra, the number of Clubs you can join on Xbox One Preview is now up to 25. This is a nice change for anyone who felt 10 Clubs was too restrictive.

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Clubs are available for both Xbox and Windows 10 users and are designed to allow players to create moderated groups centered around specific criteria — games, achievement hunting, or help groups.

Don't forget to check out the Windows Central Club by navigating to Community, selecting Clubs, then searching for Windows Central.

Need to learn about Xbox Clubs? Read our Everything you need to know guide about Xbox Clubs and Looking for Group to get started!

Cale Hunt
Senior Editor, Laptop Reviews

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  • They need to hurry up and go live with this. Or let more people into the preview program. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are people just creating and joining clubs? Do these created club have aims? Haven't seen one yet apart from specific temporary clubs for specific achievements....and with that I'm ok with but not the latter; doubt I'll even join a club for joining sake.
  • Some people are, which in my opinion is idiotic. In my case, I've created a club for my town so that people can play with other local players they may not have known were near by and a second club my private group. But none of my clubs are so focused to the point of singual acheivements.
  • I'm a preview member but clubs not showing up and I'm fully updated
  • I've submitted a request to join the Windows Central club. Not sure what the process is for approval, but I really like the community we have going here on Windows Central so it'd be nice to extend that to my Xbox experience. :-)
  • can we get to know eachother? :)
  • I guess it takes awhile to get approved.
  • Awesome news! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I did check it out. Chat was dead lol.
  • hey guys would really help if you all can vote for this idea on uservoice to help out the club and group on xbl. i have been harrassed and stalk on group and trolled by club members alot. I think ms needs to create a club reputation or rating system or a way we can leave notes to club members in a club so we know who to avoid or trust. go to this url  
  • I'm in 4 clubs and thought that was alot.