You can get a third-party 'Xbook One' laptop mod for as cheap as $1,095

A well know third party console modder, Ed Zarick, who has created a number of laptop case mods based on Xbox 360 hardware, has now graduated to making those kinds of projects for the Xbox One. The "Xbook One" can now be ordered for as cheap as $1,095.

That price is if you already have an Xbox One and want him to modify it to an Xbook One. If you just want him to do all the work, including buying the console, you will need to pay $1,395 without the Kinect sensor and $1,495 with the Kinect add-on.

What do you get for that investment? Well, you get a fully working Xbox One inside a laptop-style case, including a 22-inch LCD screen. Zarick creates a lot of his own parts for the case via two MakerBot 3D printers.

Obviously this "Xbook One" is not for everyone, as any time you open an Xbox One console the warranty is violated. Zarick says that his laptop case mod does not change the actual Xbox One hardware in any way, which is important if you want to play online via Xbox Live. He states, "The XBOOK is simply just a plastic case that holds a XBOX inside with a LCD Screen."

What do you think of this Xbox One laptop case mod and is it worth the cost along with losing the warranty?

Source: via IGN

John Callaham
  • That's....... Amazing. If I had money, I would totally buy one.
  • Absolutely ny friend!!
  • Nah, doesn't do Passive 3D.   If it did....
  • Hell yes. If I had disposable income I would so go for this with passive 3D.
  • Sounds cool but that picture doesn't show much.
  • Pretty cool but I have no use for it.
  • I don't get the appeal. Why not get a similarly priced gaming laptop?
  • Because you can't play your Xbox games on it
  • You're right. PC games are better and run at 1080p natively.
        (the above statement isn't based on any research. It's made only as a little provocation =P)
  • Hopefully, Windows Threshold had the answer. :)
  • You can't play Xbox one games on a similarly priced gaming laptop? If I were to get a gaming anything it would be a desktop by far. Laptops can only go so far in gaming.
  • not the ones that's exclusive to xbox one
  • It was a rhetorical question -facepalm- I'd rather get the xbook than a laptop since I can't play games like halo (not including halo 1 and 2) on a laptop.
  • i'd rather get a gaming laptop than an xbook one. at least with a gaming laptop, i have have over a 1000 games in my steam library to choose from because i get them cheap. with Xbook One, i'm limited to one store and one store only and i never know when a sale happens. 
  • See, I'd rather just stick to a desktop for PC gaming. The instances for laptop gaming would be those which are either slowly-based or offline-only. I would never want to play an online FPS with a laptop, and playing an MMO can be a pain as well. Games like Civ or campaigns are fine (mostly with a controller), but I couldn't do Counter-Strike or WoW on a laptop. I've tried the latter, and it's unpleasant.
  • Laptops can easily handle MMOs
  • I don't think you understood me. The issue isn't the internals. The problem is the cramped laptop keyboard and using a crap trackpad or having a mouse in an awkward position. Raiding in WoW on a laptop is a pain, at best.
  • I never had any issues in MMOs but I played on a 17.3" laptop and always used an external mouse because talked used think be really really bad. Though I never got into WoW.
  • You've never played Halo 2 on PC?
    I have.
  • ...that all miraculously turn up on PCs!
  • Have you tried playing PC games? Pain the in doople dingler. Especially if you want to play with friends.
  • I checked the price.. Simillarly priced Laptops with BluRay and Graphics Engine are not present... Alienware's high end machines costs double or triple of this moded version
  • Hate to knitpick.... But an LED screen is an LCD screen, so... Yeah
  • While it is kind of unnecessary in 2014, LCD and LED aren't necessarily one in the same. An LCD is a liquid crystal display that doesn't emit light by itself, while the LED is the actual backlighting. Prior to LEDs, CCFL backlighting was common. The "LCD" moniker is kind of unnecessary since it's used in both cases, but LED =/= LCD, as LEDs also exist in AMOLED displays, which is different from a Liquid Crystal Display.
  • LED trends to refer to an LCD panel above an LED light source. Usually the same LCD panel as is used in front of other light sources in displays not advertised as LED. The individual pixels are incapable of producing their own light in either case.
    AMOLED is different. As each pixel is capable of producing it's own light independent of the surrounding display.
  • No, it's the LED moniker that needs to go. LCD refers to the actual display technology, while LED does not. Jumbotrons are LED displays, not consumer displays. Since compact fluorescent backlights are very difficult to find, differentiating between the different backlights is superfluous.
  • I always thought gaming on a keyboard and mouse sucked... I know this doesn't use a keyboard or mouse but still.
  • I've seen his 360 builds. Even a pocket for the exterior hdd and slots and USB slots, you could try for a keyboard too, makes messaging a whole lot easier.
  • I'm talking about keyboards to control a game... It sucks. I always just sync an X360 controller whenever I play anything on a PC.
  • Maybe for some kind of games, but I can't stand RTS or FPS with a controller
  • It's difficult to accurately aim on a controller in an FPS
  • then its obviously you dont have enough experience with PC gaming. there are times when having a controller is the better option to play a PC game, and then there are times where a mouse and keyboard are just the way to go. 
  • Keyboard and mouse takes time to get used to, but when you do, you'll be much more accurate in shooters. There's also much more buttons on a keyboard which allows for hot keys for important items (usually on buttons 0-9). Menus are often much quicker to navigate with a mouse as well.
  • I hate gaming on a keyboard and mouse.
  • This would be a cool concept if he had designed it to actually be portable. Since he already turned the design into what looks like a case, he could've as well added a handle. Assuming this has a built-in battery, it would be something that would definitely appeal to younger audiences.
  • A battery would probably double the size of the unit!
  • I'd say it's on the pricey side, but a very cool idea nonetheless.
  • He will probably do PS4 next, he's done a couple of 360 laptops and 2 ps3 laptops
  • I don't see how that's relevant to my comment.
  • Nothing is relevant in the comments
  • Why would someone pay this much for a different case for the Xbox that doesn't bring any advantages whatsoever?
  • Just get a Gaems unit
  • Same thing im thinking their readily available @ most ebgames & cost less so what you save can be put elsewhere like a 4k tv/monitor perhaps
  • They're also available from the Microsoft Retail Store, hint hint ;-)
  • This. As cool as this design is, you can get the GAEMS personal gaming environment and save yourself about $700. And, that's actually a case (with handle), as well.
  • I'd rather just install the Xbox OS on a PC and boot into that. I wish that were possible.
  • I think they learned their lesson from the good old xbox original days to lock down the os in such away that it wouldn't matter what your custom pc specs were
  • Nice
  • Thats so cool!
  • Seems idiotic. Buy a Xbox One, and redesign it to be a laptop!!
    Why don't you directly by yourself a laptop?
  • Let us know how playing Xbox One games works out on your laptop.
  • 1. I can't play Forza on a laptop, nor could I play the multi-platform titles on Xbox LIVE with my LIVE friends on a laptop. 2. This makes the One more portable, and includes a display. I'm sure it's annoyingly bulky, but if your'e a frequent traveler, this could be nice.
  • Yeah, it could be nice if it cost like $600 less. Cause this is completely useless. That doesn't even looks portable. And doesn't brings any advantages in gaming matters.
  • I like what he's done. I'm sure there's a market for this.
  • Soo.. Awesome
  • So it's cheaper to have him buy the Xbox One lol
  • No. It's cheaper to have him modify your xbox
  • He's only charging $300 for the Xbox One console... $1,095 + $400 > $1,395
  • That thing pretty much ruined Xbox's beauty. I wonder why anyone would want one.
  • Kinda silly, and frivolous. But to each his own. And BTW, PC gaming only exists in the realm of porting, now. Game manufacturers are writing games for consoles and porting to PC more than ever. I was a die hard PC gamer, as of last month. I gave up. Seeing games being turned out with no effort to make them playable, and the HW industry making new high end releases once to twice per calendar year... I'm done with it. Sure, I like the mouse and keyboard for FPS, but not enough to keep getting screwed. Good riddance.
  • Xbox OS is also windows right? Then Threshold might have an answer to this. Phone+Tablet+Console+Wearables+Car+Home = Threshold (?)
    Fingers crossed!
  • The answer is Microsoft's current work at playing Xbox games through your browser.
  • Not so. The multitasking side is handles like Windows, but the game-playing OS is still its own thing. The Xbox One runs a trio of operating systems: the gaming OS, a PC-like OS, and a bridge (to help with the multitasking between the two, if I remember correctly). There are similar aspects, but they are not the same thing.
  • I wonder if the authors proof read the articles before they post them? "A well know" really?!
  • I honestly feel like he never does.
  • Looks big...
  • Thicker than an alienware. I'd wait for the Xbox one slim to do that. :P
  • Interesting. I like that he uses a MakerBot 3D printer to make this.
  • Could MS just make a friggen Surface Book already?
  • What do you mean ? Isn't surface a "surface book" already ?
  • Too expensive, too bulky. Better buy a decent gaming laptop and forget about that handful of exclusive XBOne games.
  • What the rich do with their money continues to amaze me! Saving this story for when I "make it."
  • How exactly is this different from a tv or monitor and the xbox one, four controllers, and several games. For that price it's crazy its not like its portable
  • Again, it's about being innovative. Nice work, ed.
  • Cant play DotA2, doesn't make sense to get this over a laptop :P
  • There's a whole realm of games aside from dota 2
  • Personally I wouldn't buy one, because of its size and price, but I think it is awesome to see someone do something like this. I think MS should open up and allow third parties to create (certified) consoles to run Xbox games, much like steam machines. They could build on the experience from Windows Phone to do so and have a heavy certification program to make sure compatibility is there. They could also introduce a Xbox One Premium SKU in a couple of years, instead of waiting ten years to release the next gen console. Give it some more horsepower and allow for 4K gaming - and of course allow third parties to build this one as well. Such initiatives would help broaden the reach and size of the Xbox ecosystem and also offer something to customers that Sony is not offering - they have tried this before with the old original ps, but never really got it going. I'd be curious to see an Xbox compatible system from AlienWare and others. What do you guys think? Would there be a market for it?
  • This sounds interesting.
  • That would really kill the purpose of the Xbox one that is to offer good gaming experiences for an "affordable" price. If you want that you just go for PC.
  • I remember somebody doing this when 360 first came out. This would be great if you traveled a lot and didn't want to bring an Xbox and TV with you. I'm assuming it still needs to be plugged into a wall to play. If it runs off a battery then that would be amazing.
  • Wow!!! I wonder why console companies dont come with this idea.
  • Maybe by this winter you'll be able to run Windows 9 on the Xbox one, lol
  • First of all there are to gaming laptops that can run and produce better rating then an desktop like for one I have an alienware 17 the new one its packed with a4th Gen i7 4940 CPU with 4.1ghz and 8 Mb cache and has 3d at 1080p has 1024 GB had and an 256gb ssd drive for booting and caching has 32gb of system ram has slot load blu ray burner/ reader has a nvidia gtx 880m with 8gb gddr5 video card ram and so much more so how are u going to say these specs on a laptop can't do what a desktop can do you gotta be joking right
  • They can do. But you will pay much more than you would pay for a desktop with same specs and you can't upgrade it like you can with a desktop
  • I meant 1 tb hdd
  • Not 1024 GB hdd
  • id want one with 2 terabyte atleast
  • Don't like it but if it keeps the guy busy - bless! I like the design of the One being kinda classic sci-fi.
  • Its a cool gadget, but for me atleast, not worth the price tag. I'd rather spend that kind of money on a Surface Pro 3.
  • I agree with you. Surface pro 3
  • Awesome work !
  • Bicthin
  • Neat, no question, nice look. If you want a portable Xbox one or PS4....go find one of ones designed for the 360 or PS3...You can get them with a 10"ish screen and all you need to have is a HDMI cable and at least 720p.. I remeber seeing some of the cases designed for the 360 going for like $175-250 with about a 10" screen. Yea, a few more cables and it should fit the xbox one....Crap you could do the whole thing for under $300... Yea, no question, a nice looking item, I could use a use for it IF it could be run off batteries and last for 4-5 hours at at least but, we know that cant happen.
  • Even if I had no real use for it, id's still buy it to support the developer because HOLY COW THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA! :D