You can get a third-party 'Xbook One' laptop mod for as cheap as $1,095

A well know third party console modder, Ed Zarick, who has created a number of laptop case mods based on Xbox 360 hardware, has now graduated to making those kinds of projects for the Xbox One. The "Xbook One" can now be ordered for as cheap as $1,095.

That price is if you already have an Xbox One and want him to modify it to an Xbook One. If you just want him to do all the work, including buying the console, you will need to pay $1,395 without the Kinect sensor and $1,495 with the Kinect add-on.

What do you get for that investment? Well, you get a fully working Xbox One inside a laptop-style case, including a 22-inch LCD screen. Zarick creates a lot of his own parts for the case via two MakerBot 3D printers.

Obviously this "Xbook One" is not for everyone, as any time you open an Xbox One console the warranty is violated. Zarick says that his laptop case mod does not change the actual Xbox One hardware in any way, which is important if you want to play online via Xbox Live. He states, "The XBOOK is simply just a plastic case that holds a XBOX inside with a LCD Screen."

What do you think of this Xbox One laptop case mod and is it worth the cost along with losing the warranty?

Source: via IGN

John Callaham