'Your Phone' SMS integration with Android now rolling out for Insiders on Windows 10

Microsoft is rolling out the next big Your Phone integration feature today with users who are currently beta testing the app. Now, in addition to sharing photos directly from your Android phone, you can now also sync and send SMS text messages too. SMS sync only works with Android phones at this time and is currently only available for users in the Windows Insider Program.

The new SMS integration is something Microsoft touted as a feature back in May 2018 when it first announced Your Phone to the public. The first beta release of Your Phone didn't include the feature, however, with Microsoft promising that it will be adding more features to the app over time. It appears Microsoft is planning to have both photo and SMS sync ready for the public in the October 2018 Update coming in a few weeks.

From our early impressions, the SMS integration works well. Since it doesn't rely on the cloud, SMS conversations update rather quickly, and there are even toast notifications that pop up so you can see your missed texts in the Action Center. Unfortunately, those notifications aren't actionable yet, meaning I can't answer them directly from the notification itself. Hopefully, Microsoft adds this in a future update.

For now, SMS integration is now rolling out to Insiders, including an update to the Microsoft Apps app on Android to enable the functionality. Microsoft is expecting to ship Your Phone alongside the October 2018 Update next month, so the company is ensuring everything is working properly with Insiders before release. Have you tried Your Phone yet? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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