Surface Pro Type Cover with Pen

6 other ways to attach the Surface Pen to the Surface Pro 3

When we got our hands on the new Surface Pro 3 yesterday, Microsoft has already attached the Surface Pen to the new Type Cover. While it does a great job at securing the Pen, we’re not completely happy with the way it looks. Check out some of the other ways you can attach the Surface Pen to the Surface Pro 3. Head past the break to watch the video.

1. There’s space between the new magnetic strip and the keyboard on the Surface Pro Type Cover. You can use that to clip on the Pen.

2. If you’re not using the Type Cover, you can attach the Pen to the right side of the Surface Pro 3. The magnets for the AC connecter is in this general area to pull in the Pen.

3. If you’re holding the Surface Pro 3 in portrait mode, you can attach the Surface Pen on top of the left side. The magnets for the Type Cover are in this area to pull in the Pen.

4. Same as number 3, but at the bottom.

5. These next two ways are very impractical, but some of you may want to know about them anyway. If you’re holding it in portrait mode, you can attach the Surface Pen towards the top left corner of the display. There’s a magnet here for the stabilizing strip on the Type Cover.

6. Same as number 5, but towards the bottom.

I’ve already decided to take off the flap for the Surface Pen the new Type Cover. Do you think you’ll do the same when you buy the Surface Pro 3? Let us know in the comments!

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6 other ways to attach the Surface Pen to the Surface Pro 3


Daniel, don't you think that it's about time you guys move to posting full-HD videos with 1080p? I mean, 720p is SO 2012... :)

While I kind of agree, uploading - and more specifically, YouTube processing - 1080P videos is a very long process. This is even worse when doing events and the internet is terrible. Now, Mark and I both have FiOS, but it can take 20-30 minutes sometimes for an upload, then you have to wait another 30-45 minutes sometimes for it to 'process'. Just saying, it's very time consuming ;)

I think he meant to say they should make Surface Zune HD.   Now that we have ipad/macbook air killer(Surface pro3), time to make ipod killer.  :)

Because where else am I gonna put 130GB of music, ready to take with me whenever I want. iPod Classic is still as awwesome as it was.

Yes, seriously.  It confirms the major design flaw and serious after-thought in design thinking! SI am surprise that this can come from MS design team.
Only suggestion one is most appropriate. There is a seventh way though, it is (mostly for guys), to put the stylus in the breast pocket of their shirt, like what is commonly seen with a pen.

More than a year with wpc and only just now paid special attention to how elegant and stylish wpc intro-outro-logo sequence is. Who gets the credits for the work?

Interesting, Sam mentioned a few articles ago there was an additional pen loop for sale. Wondering if you guys will put together a mini article about the accessories?
Edit: Good to know that flimsy and unsightly flap is only attached by an adhesive, was afraid it was completely woven in to the keyboard. This way we can move the flap if needed to a more appropriate or comfortable position.

i would be leary about the first option. i wouldnt want the pen to scratch the screen when the pen is inserted like that, as the pressure when in a bag, or cover sliding back and forth from holding/hitting.

The groove is on the outside. I was talking about the inside, where the pen's pin slides into.  That will rub against the screen.

I said where the pin slides into; on the inside. Hoekie got it.

Pause the video at 2:05 and you'll see.

nah, if you look at .16(when he flips over the cover), and the mag strip stick against the screen.  that is what im talking about.

Where's .16?

Ok, I’m assuming you saw the groove on the inside.

Yes, the pin might be in contact with the display, but it doesn't seem to stick out enough to really damage the display. It's like as if those grooves on the inside and out were meant for the pen.

Perhaps Mark or Daniel could do some measuring and see how much the pin sticks out of the groove.

Yes, I did see the groove on the inside.  But as you can see from my picture.


When the mag strip attached to the screen, as you can see from the photo.  It's not a major deal, but I just want to point that out.  That's all!

I think it wouldn't be possible to flip it with the strip attached if the pen is inside the groove, since it sits right where it folds.

You'd have to remove the pen, or flip the cover completely by detaching the strip.

You'd have the same Surface long enough to care? Strange. I thought everyone here bought the new model each year. :P

Options are good.... I want one now but my SP1 fits most of my needs still. I do like the sp3 look and size of the SP3 along with the weight reduction and increased power.  The new keyboard, the continual improvement in design (like that kickstand), there are a lot of good reasons to get the sp3 I just can't justify sidelining my sp1 and there's noone I'd give it to in order to make room for the new hotness (I'm still trying to find a way to justify it, I have a few weeks).

The more I read into the more I am so tempted to pre-order but that would leave me extremely broke and way deep into the red zone.. I wonder if there is a finance option lol.

Thank you so much for showing this... I was hoping that loop wasnt permanent.  I think I'll end up usng the spot you suggested... Thanks again

Ahh! I never thought pen storage would be such a hurdle! Pasting on a flap to the keyboard is not the answer...

Indeed it isn't and especially at that price. The keyboard is beautiful but with the pen holder, it is like a beautiful vase with a sizable chip on the rim. 

Definitely going to remove the pen holder loop from my type cover. It looks ao awful, like a tag sticking up from the back of someone's shirt. I wish they'd have put a little more thought into how to store the pen, because what's there now looks more like an afterthought and detracts from the otherwise top-notch industrial design. Steve Jobs would have fired someone if they tried to ship something like that. :)

I wonder if the pen was designed to attach and fit like that (having it slide into the cover)

This was one of my questions about this surface!
The 1st gen was impractical because it forced you to use the AC magnet..

I actually didn't read this article (or the one titled "5 other ways...."). But am lookig forward to reading the "8 other ways...." article when its published. ;)

Give them time... you can't just publish a detailed review after using it for a few hours (presuming that they do sleep :P)

Is the pen loop loose enough to get the previous generations' styluses in? If you look around pen loops like that are pretty expensive (unless you have a Container store nearby) they go for like 8$ on Amazon, so 5$ is pretty decent (but I've heard its like 2-3$ in store at Container stores). I definately wouldn't mind using it for my SP. The clip on the previous stylus can get bent out and become loose.

I have a Surface RT. I am using it because of onenote. It is a powerfull note app. I use it for web search with explorer share. Explorer become better and better. Pen is a key for me rightnow. I will buy it when it will avaible in Germany... Thank for the video...

So without a type cover you're kinda screwed? lol I'd go with option number one. It would be cool if Microsoft would have intentionally made the purpose of the magnets to be used for the pen,in addition to the keyboard use.

you can stick the little loop anywhere, including the device itself. it just looks shitty there.

He could've saved time by telling us that the flap is jjustt a sticky we can put elsewhere.

I guess you could duct tape it.. So really 6 other ways minus the 5 that make little sense equals 1 practical way to secure your pen to the Surface pro 3. Thanks Surface team. Who I am sure reading this article with a wtf look on their faces.

all of those ways sucked.
even the offical way sucked.

I'm guessing that they don't really care about the pen that much, since there is no good way to attach it to the device itself, and they're reducing the pressure resolution (important for artists).

all they needed was a little slot where you could insert the clip of the pen.

This could be an opportunity for an accessory maker though.....

Imagine a plastic tube you can snap in to the usb port.

How could they not fix the pen-issue? That ugly thing at the keyboard is a design-desaster. Microsoft seems to have a kickstand-division but no manpower for this really annoying problem. Having the price of a single pen to replace it in mind one could assume they did it on purpose ;-)

I am sure if this new Surface and this pen was made by Apple they would find a better way to keep that pen in place. Like they would find some space inside of the tablet for compartment where you can simply insert that pen. It is called tablet pen compartment, not some flimsy pen flap..

For how much this thing costs, you would think they could've made a pen slot built into the tablet.  My Galaxy Note 10.1 has that.  Of course, the pen isn't as nice...

Phewwww glad to know that the ugly flap can be removed. It's the first thing I'll do when I get my hands on the surface Pro 3.

I purchased mine at  Best Buy near me and got the Navy Blue Best Buy edition. Mine did not come with the little flap on the keyboard to hold the pen beware.

I got the navy blue one too---no pen loop..  On my SP2 I added a pen loop that I got from Amazon.  They look to be of better quality than  the one in the video.


Now that I've got the Surface pro 3, I am giving my surface pro 2 to my daughter.  She has 3 children so I expect the pen will soon be lost.  I'm going to look for some sort of lanyard to attach the pen before I give it to her.