When’s it gonna rain? Just ask SkyMotion, now available for Windows Phone.

Here in New England, we’re getting hit with some nasty winter weather: snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain and all the variants of wintry precipitation. And if you’re planning your day—especially if you golf, ride a motorcycle or were looking to schedule something outside, knowing when that rain is going to happen is important.

Enter in SkyMotion, which just does just that—it pulls down your location and in various, user-selected time increments, tells you the chance of rain in your exact area. Sure, other weather apps tell you that info in a general sense, but this is about granularity, specificity and SkyMotion kicks it up a notch.

The app was previously on Android and iOS but is now available for our Windows Phones...

The app is simple enough: you launch it, it pulls your location (you can also enter in locations for saving and comparison) and it then tells you rain, clear, etc. over the next few hours in 1, 5, 15 or 30 minute intervals. You can even share the information via social networks, email etc. in case you’re collaborating and the app has a Live Tile too. Best part? Yeah, it’s free.

SkyMotion is a certainly a must have app if rain status is important to you and seeing as it costs nothing, is smooth and simple to use we see little reason to not use it. Pick up SkyMotion here in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8.

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When’s it gonna rain? Just ask SkyMotion, now available for Windows Phone.


@ade333 They do not do the same thing. Weatherflow gives you general weather info. They do not warn you of the minute it will start raining or snowing. Different ballpark, friend.

I was friendly in my reply, no need for sass. I get your comment but to me its like commenting on an article about apples to ask for oranges. You're bypassing the innovation of the app the author is writing about to ask for a lock screen weather app.

Seriously, you should read the post I replied to.  You seem to be missing something.  No "sass" intended, it's just difficult to communicate with you. I never said Weather Flow and SkyMotion "do the same thing," nor did I "ask for a lock screen weather app."

Not you, Walter did. But i think you guys are not considering the innovation of this app, is all i was getting to. It might not have lockscreen support but nothing else helps when i need to know exactly when it rains or if i'll need to shovel snow. Nothing else! I wasn't trying to offend you but that's why I answered the way I did.

Sorry, I should have said "free" weather app. Maybe if Weather Flow had a free add based app, I'd go for it.   I don't believe in paying for a weather app.  I'm cheap like that.  Deal with it.

Hi Walter1832,
SkyMotion is free and can also be used online. Let me know if you have any other questions about the app.

I respect that you don't pay for weather app, but developer that work hard to publish quality app should be rewarded. How do you expect to get great pay if you are not willing to pay for them, including weather app? Just want some insight because I am a developer myself!!!

Simple. Just have an ad based app, like other developers do.  If I don't want the ads, I'll pay you.  If I don't mind the ads I won't pay.  Both ways, you make money = profit?

Ads are sucky and compromise the interface. It's pretty stupid that you'd be unwilling to fork out a gold coin and instead live with a crappier experience every day.

I don't disagree AngryNil. The free Windows Phone version of SkyMotion is actually offered without ads. We'll be offering a buy-in version when we decide to add ads to the app, so users can have options.  

BTW, most of the top free games by Microsoft have ads. I'm pretty happy with that, I wouldn't buy the paid version. That's my opinion.

Maybe you wouldn't buy a paid version because they aren't amazing games. In general, I think games are actually a harder sell if the user is thinking in long term since a weather app will be relevant for years while a game will be relevant for hours.
And my opinion is all those games would be nicer without ads.

Right now, we should be happy that the app is free and has no ad banner into the app, the iPhone/Android version have one! Sometimes, it's cool to be a Windows Phone user.

But once again this is not the same thing. Both apps do not even displau the same type of information and Locksider+ does not provide precise, down to minute weather.

This would be really awesome if they added it as a voice command (wp8). Just hold start, ask when is it gonna rain, profit!

HTC does not have a built in rain/precipitation alert system. That's just simply "weather" and is quite vague compared to this.

I would suggest signing up for our newsletter on our official website for the latest news. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out where SkyMotion is headed next.

What about integration with voice commands? That would be great as well because very few app are taking advantage of the voice command API on wp8.

That's a good idea, it would be an innovative feature in and of itself but I'm really curious about what people who have used the app think of it.
Just to be clear, we were excited to bring this technology to WP users because not much else out there currently warns you when to expect rain or snow. And that's by the minute and your location. It's innovative and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from people who have taken advantage of what SkyMotion has to offer.
Enjoy and happy holidays.

I get the need for lockscreen support but I still feel you guys are bypassing the innovation of the skymotion app. They might not have lockscreen support but they are the ONLY app to provide weather information this precise, like this. You guys are sort of comparing apples and oranges.

Didn't know you lived in New England Dan. (or just visiting) I'm here in CT. Great part of the states.

Hello Jonas,
We're working on adding other countries. You can sign up for our newsletter on our official website so you can be the first to know where we'll be next!

You can sign up for our newsletter on our official website to find out where SkyMotion is headed next! Or you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

I don't get the comparisons to HTC built-in weather app and Weatherflow. They do not the same thing AT ALL. None of those tell you the exact minute it will rain or snow.

It looks really nice so far! It would be great if the reverse side of the live tile would show "No Rain for xxx mins" etc. Optional toast notifications for changes in weather would also be welcome.

I wish it would rain here in Aus... Scorching hot ~40 degree (C) days for the past few days and more to come for the next week!

Are you in Perth? NSW, specifically Sydney, has been very ordinary of late. Looking forward to getting this app for Australia.

Hi Fbloise,
We're working hard on becoming available in the UK. Follow us on facebook or twitter, you'll be the first to know when we become available to you!

SkyMotionInc, please please please - please, find a way to get this app on every smartphone used by MLB umpires.  Those idiots make the worst decisions about rain I've ever seen. 

Hello Ade333,
I can tell you we are available online, on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone with good reason... We want to become available to all for any situation, no matter what the circumstance! :)

Hi Guilherme,
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Beautiful, beautiful app! Love the look.  Even got the address of my location. Wish you charged money for it.  Developers like this need our financial support.

Not available on Lumia 920, UK. wtf! Wasn't this supposed to be a flagship device. So sick of app issues like Android!

Hello Rockstarzzz,
In terms of being available in the UK: The technology was released in North America as recently as this August. It will be launching in the UK soon. Follow us on twitter/facebook for official announcements.

Hello ikhfa,
As stated previously on this forum and on the Windows Phone store, the technology is currently available in North America. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates as to where SkyMotion is headed next. Thanks for your interest in SkyMotion.

I installed Skymotion on my Lumia 920 last night, entered and saved my location, and it worked fine. Today, when I entered the app to check my Nowcast, there was a message that the Nowcast was not available for my location. What gives? It was available yesterday. Anyone else having problems getting their Nowcast today? I e-mailed Skymotion about my problem, so hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Wow, I got a response from Skymotion immediately after I sent my e-mail. That's great customer support! There is a temporary bug with the app which is causing it not to work (so nothing to do with my device or location), and their developers are currently working to resolve the issue. They're going to let me know when it's fixed.

Hello Eurovisionacts,
We are experiencing a temporary technical problem. Our devs are working hard on resolving the matter. If you send us an email at info@skymotion.com, I'll contact you as soon as the issue is resolved. My apologies for any inconveniences have been caused!

Hello independentvolume,
Can you provide me with your exact location (Zip/Code Postal)? You can email it at info@skymotion.com? I'll be happy to look over the radar information for your area; thank you in advance!  

Little survey: what Windows Phone 8 features that you would like in priority into SkyMotion?

Here mine:
- Support the wide Live Tile with more info
- Voice command
- Fast resume

Hello ArchieCoder,
Thanks, this is a great idea! This will help let us know what we should work on next! Hope you're enjoying the app?

Hello Ellacopter,
The app and technology are available in North America for the moment. You can sign up for our newsletter on our official website so you can find out where SkyMotion is headed first.