GPS Voice Navigation updated, adds Speed Cameras integration

GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation is a feature rich navigation app for your Windows Phone. The app was recently updated to version 4.1 to bring a few obligatory performance tweaks and Speed Cameras integration.

Speed Cameras is a stand alone app from the developer that alerts you whenever you approach a speed trap, radar or speed camera. With GPS Voice Navigation, Speed Cameras is now an optional map layer to mark and alert you of the traffic monitors.

GPS Voice Navigation with Speed Cameras

Additionally, the update for GPS Voice Navigation adds a speed warning, a notification bar showing nearby cameras and speed limit signs and improved Russian translation.

GPS Voice Navigation is a nice navigation choice for your Windows Phone with options to choose from Google, Bing, Nokia and MapQuest maps. Voice support is available for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Bulgarian.  Adding Speed Cameras to the mix may help make the trip a little safer and avoid those costly traffic citations.

There is a free trial version available for GPS Voice Navigation and the full version is running $6.99. You can find GPS Voice Navigation here in the Windows Phone Store. Oh, if you're interested in the stand alone version of Speed Cameras, it's a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

GPS Voice Navigation updated, adds Speed Cameras integration


I bought this app because I only need a GPS solution once in a while so I didn't want to spend $50. The times that I have used it it has worked fine, it doesn't do street names though just the generic "turn left" "turn right".

That's not bad... Can it do offline navigation with downloaded maps? Don't have a Nokia and looking for a cheap alternative to Navigon...

While I can say this is probably an OK app you do get what you pay for. I have a Lumia 920, and had the 900 before it. Nokia's mapping solution (in my area) is just not cutting it. I have run into many problems with Nokia Drive on both WP8 and WP7. 
The Garmin app is good but the lack of offline maps cemented it's nonexistence on my phone. Navigon, while expensive is fantastic. I can truly say it is the best GPS solution on WP right now except that it isn't optimized for WP8 yet. The battery drains even when being charged and voice announcements do cut off. However I never usually use the voice announcements because the phone is in my line of site in my car but that will be a huge deal to many (I'm also not sure if this is happening to others). 
Navigon is regularly putting out new updates for there software. 
Like I stated above, you get what you pay for. 

I use Garmin for my HTC 8x its the best! I do like google maps but google hates windows so u won't see that in the near future. But Garmin is awesome maps and voice street names, redirects nice if u miss ur turn, also has google search if u need. I if u are doing searching for something in the HTC. Native app u can choose Garmin to navigate just touch the address and pick Garmin app. Also the maps have cool images of highway exits, and if ur speed it can let u know

Garmin's app is very good, but current version doesn't use offline maps so you need constant data connection, which sucks if you have a limited data plan or poor signal strength... They really need to make "offline map" version available for WP8 - iOS has it for a long time already...

Guys (and girls), just try it out, the free trial is available... I've tried it, it's working fine for basic navigation. The "speed/traffic light cameras" function is somewhat useless, though, as the database for them is pretty outdated (it doesn't show the nearby camera which was installed long time ago)...

If you choose to use 'Nokia maps' in the settings of the app, it appears to pick them locally from your phone if you install them through the normal WP8 Maps app on HTC 8X which is brilliant. Not sure if this is the case when using a Lumia, which have Nokia Maps app as default, but it's probably worth a try!

Its a shame that Nokia paired some very good hardware with terrible or non existent apps. Once BB 10 arrives, I see Nokia becoming nothing more than a novelty phone.

Agreed, what is your agenda here? Nokia is expanding in China on their largest network. Nokia caters to consumers imo, blackberry enterprise users. Why does one have to gain at the expense of the other?

I really wish waze was available on WP. I really miss that app. It may be the area I live in, but Nokia drive and maps always give me inaccurate directions.