Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3 face-off against a fastball. Who strikes out?

This is a rather interesting way to test the sturdiness of the Nokia Lumia 920. One that sports fans may find on the appealing side.

Pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S3, the two smartphones attempted to play catch with a fastball shot out of a pitching machine. The Samsung didn't fair to well, shattering the case and screen on impact.

The Lumia 920, on the other hand, performed like a Major Leaguer.  The video captured the fastball impact and continued to record after being knocked off the stand. The screen survived and the casing was left unscathed.

I wonder how the Lumia 920 would have faired if it were strapped to a bat?

Source: NokiaUS Youtube via: wmpoweruser


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Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3 face-off against a fastball. Who strikes out?


I talk about XBLA games !!!! Not just a games but Games for Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 !!!! The Cool Games - Tell me please the Badass game but not from XBLA.  Only -  ByeBye Brains, Cyclop Balls and  Armed  !!!! 

You have apps that most platforms had a year ago, kinda sucks to see all the cool new stuff come out on iOS and android months or years ahead of wp8, no ?

Not really, never saw the need for apps. I dont play games on mobile devices, most apps I find quite useless and I rather do the same thing in the browser.
Naturally there are some who actually care for those apps :P

Please remind me where Android was when it released in 2008. It's had plenty of time to grow and mature and receive the user adoption rates to acquire attention of the big boy developers. Windows Phone not Windows Mobile has been around since 2010, in two years it's seen quite a growth in both userbase and app development. Come back in a year or so and then lets talk shop.

Unfortunately it did get wp8 out of the hardware. Sorry for that lumia 920, it deserves better software.

Never tried wp8 before I assume? If you have, atleast let us know what's so bad about it? I'm loving my 8x with wp8, fast as hell.. Hence there are still people that just need to have a GOOD client for e-mail, messaging and calling.. The apps are extra's..

I find it amusing when people troll windows phone, makes me wonder who theyre actually trying to convince.....us or themselves???

My Lumia 810 never crashes.. Galaxy S3 almost every other day.. Yes I use both everyday. Lumia gets use for almost everything except video apps and instagram that I rarely use anyways. WP8 is a better OS than android hands down.

There's a reason they call it a cell "phone" aka smart"phone" it's a phone not a gaming device.  Want to play games use your X-Box or Playstation, Wii or PSP.  Not everyone buys a phone to play games.  I buy a phone to make and take phone calls.  Oh what a concept a phone that makes and accepts phone calls.  I better copy right that idea. 

Sadly email notification isn't always 100% reliable, still wish the app gives us the notifications when someone replies.

My 920 is scratched ding and generally looks beat up. The corner of the screen has a small crack :(. but its a really cool phone

That's the yellow L920 I have been waiting for since December, no wonder I can't get one, all being tortured tested....instead of being used.

Don't feel too bad, I'm at my 3rd yellow L920 and still having issues with it, I don't have a confirmation but I'd have to guess the first batch wasn't the best one... Looks cool though.

Love it, all filmed by Lumia 920's too by the look of it.
When I saw he filmed the Samsung test with one, I thought he was going to use that for the test, then he pulled out another one and used that.

These videos are great and all but..... My wife dropped her 920 on the sidewalk and scarred up the top of the phone and the glass pretty good. My 920 screen has a good scratch on the glass from something..... The back of mine also scratched my placing it on and out of the dash holder in my jeep.. Good to know a baseball being hurled at me won't hurt my phone....

Same here. I had to post pictures of my cyan 920 because people thought I was trolling...even though I have purchased 4 Lumia's, an 8x, Titan, DVP and an HD7.

Yeah they piss me off too! But the HD7s we had for 2 yrs are tanks! We dropped them like 83,738 times from cliffs! Still perfectly intact! Lolol

guess it didn't land with any of the buttons, my HD7 dropped about 18 inches max, hit the camera button and had to go in for repair because it was stuck, forcing an attempted safemode boot (which can't happen until the button is released, so it was a brick, and looking on google, it's a common problem, that even happens without being dropped)
i'm due an upgrade, but being with O2 i can't get the 920 yet.....and the lack of good new XBLA titles is starting to annoy me a little...i'll just lower my tariff until the 920 is available i suppose, if it ever happens...when all the sales are done, and it costs most of my body parts

I have a 920 and I love everything about it, but if you look at the last slo-mo of that video, the ball hits just below the Lumia.  Thats not to say it wouldn't have fared as well if it had hit higher, but that was at best a glancing blow, and the Galaxy got hit square.  
Again, not trolling. I quite literally received a Galaxy SIII phone as a tester today that I could keep and use, but I put my SIM back in my Lumia after an hour.  

Absolutely. It would make sense as to why he kept missing if he was trying to land a glancing blow. A Samsung was the best phone to face against in a thrash test since they are ALL plastic-y devices.

yes, but that's kinda the point. make people "think" about build quality, which many people don't (I met someone today who thought washing was optional) Its hard to explain "quality" to people, they have to either experience it, and in some cases even have it pointed out to them. Locally to me, they even show people on a skid pan which Mercedes have some great safety features that really do work by turning some of them off. But you couldn't explain it to someone who loves a Ford and thnks they quality :). Anyway, it depends how you drop your phones and which bit it lands on, the surface it hits. Can be so variable. Have to say, GFs 820 feels like its made of gold its soooo solid!

In all honesty, the S3 took the baseball square in it's center, if you watch the slow motion shots the 920 gets hit in the bottom corner. With the trajectory being inaccurate enough where it missed twice and then hit in a completely seperate location I'd have to say this ad is nothing more than a gimmick. I love the L920 however this video is clearly flawed.

Yeah, the test isn't very accurate.  The S3 went into 3 pieces because you can take the back cover off and you can take the battery out.  If they were to put them all back together, I would guess that it would work.  The screen got cracked, but it didn't look horrible. Before my 920 I had a samsung focus .. i dropped it a few times on tile floor it would similarly fall apart but once you put battery and cover back on, it would work fine.  I really like my 920, but this "test" is nothing more than entertainment.

I'm not sure the ball hit the Lumina as square on as it did the S3.  If it just hit the edge of it then it wouldn't be as nasty as what the S3 got.  Not that the results of the test don't hold true, but just not sure it was a fair test...

It's an ad by Nokia. And it is not fair, the Lumia doesn't get so much hit as it is sent flying. And who knows how they cut the video. Still, it's cool, and Lumias are the toughest phones I know.

Yeah... With the ball placement and the fact that the GS3 has a removable back, the video is definitely a bit skewed in the Lumia's favor.

The did not hits the Lumia dead center like the GS3. Not a fair test. If you look closely it hits the bar instead

Nokia makes the only phones that can handle the daily abuse I dish out to them. Nobody makes more durable phones and higher quality handsets

Seems quite inaccurate and unfair.
Hit the Samsung spot on, first go. Took 3 goes before the trajectory was close enough to hit the Lumia.
So the phones weren't being hit in the same spot since nothing was preset and was left to human error?
Slow motion was useless because you can't see where it hits the Lumia.
As far as we know, it could have easily hit the phone on the bottom edge only knocking it off the plank.
Not trolling or anything, just seems like a half baked plan by marketing.
Yes I am an Android fan, and a Samsung fan but I wasn't too surprised in the result. That thing is a beautifully sculpted tank built with decent materials unlike the S3.
Lumia with Android would be amazing!

Now if they can put this on tv this will be sweet..
My brother n law is in denial he kept saying how I love he is with WINDOWSPHONE 8 but can't see why he can't use the lumia 920..he even said msft is pulling the plug on WINDOWSPHONE..i was like you STUPID!!

Really getting tired of these videos. It feels like Nokia is compensating for the lack of a decent metering mode with all sorts of gimmicks...

I can just imagine what people are thinking. "I could get this galxy s3, a phone with a lot of accesories, great specs, availabe on every US phone carrier, and over 800,000 apps in the play store or I could get a nokia lumia, a phone that can survive a fastball to the back. I'll go with the Lumia."
Lol no.

I was scrolling down to comment the same thing!! That slow-mo really shows us that it doesn't hit the Nokia on the screen.. it just simply knocks it off. 

And my beautiful 920 fell 2.5 feet to a tile floor and cracked the screen top to bottom. I'd had it for six days. My wife heard my moan from downstairs.