Lumia 920 launching soon in the Philippines, available for reservation

Lumia 920

Nokia has announced on Twitter and Facebook that consumers in the Philippines can reserve the Lumia 920 flagship Windows Phone at Nokia stores. When stock finally arrives those on the reservation list will receive a Lumia 920 before other consumers. Perfect for those who simply cannot wait any longer and have to be among the first to get one.

The tweet published by the company read as follows:

The Nokia Philippines Facebook page also sports a similar announcement. The good news - the Lumia 920 will be available in the Philippines soon, and if you're super excited, be sure to head on down to your local Nokia Store to get on the reservation list. No pricing has been revealed, so we can only imagine that the company is taking reservations and not actual pre-orders.

Source: Nokia (Twitter) (Facebook); thanks, Jan, for the tip!


Reader comments

Lumia 920 launching soon in the Philippines, available for reservation


Insider?? lol... there are people who already got the 920, Those who signed up for reservation  via selected Nokia Stores. So the price is no longer confidential. So an insider doesn't make any sense anymore. LOL

Nokia need to improve the production capacity.
They now have the great line up of phones and need to make sure that they can launch quickly in most countries.

I doubt we'll see a new flagship phone from Nokia until the launch of the 920 is completed.

geez.. I like this phone so much.. but what if??? they will lauch another high end phone at NOKIA DAY? oh gosh!!! I think I will be more patient than I was before....

The problem with that is when they launch another high end phone we need to wait for another 5 months for it to release here in the philippines. :( never ending cycle. good luck on the waiting! :)

Finally. Maybe the accessories for 920 will also hit the Nokia stores here in the Philippines. I've been waiting for a wireless charger and case for my lumia to hit the stores.

I dont know what to feel.

Problem is living in the Philippines, is by the time Lumia 920 arrives, new handsets are being announced. It is just so frustrating! Suffice to say, high-end smartphones aren't high-end anymore. Know what I'm saying? Grrrrr!

Honestly, my desire to wait for this phone has burnt out. And we still don't have Xbox Live available. That is a total miss! We've been Nokia fans here forever.

What's the best color for nokia lumia 920 ,for the colored live tiles ??? I think its Black or Gray to keep it simple and so that u can change ur live tiles to different colors, though i like the color Red..