Nokia Lumia 925 now available at T-Mobile; we're picking one up

Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 has been a rather elusive Windows Phone in the US. Already available here in the UK and in Europe, consumers in the states have had to wait until T-Mobile and supporting retailers eventually launch the product and stock the flagship in local stores. Today's the day and T-Mobile has now published a product page for the Lumia 925 - it's available for order.

We've already taken a look at the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile, as well as the International version, but we'll be heading out today to pick one up for further analysis. It's good to see the mobile operator finally getting into gear and launching the handset, but with the lack of information provided to consumers we strongly recommend you contact your local before heading down, just in case the store doesn't have any.

As for cost, you'll be looking to fork out anywhere between $50 (with a 2 year re-payment plan at $20 a month) and $540 for the new Windows Phone, depending on how you'd like to proceed.

Are you getting the T-Mobile Lumia 925? Let us know in comments on  your experience and remember to head our support forums for more discussion! http://forums.windowscentral.com/nokia-lumia-925/

Source: T-Mobile; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Nokia Lumia 925 now available at T-Mobile; we're picking one up


have you seen the article and forum threads on the lack of marketing by tmobile. i HIGHLY doubt that will happen. If I see even a single commercial for it That will be a vast improvement on marketing

Which is why I'm wary of getting this phone. I'm afraid it'll be killed off like the 810. At&t may have bad support for Nokia but from T-mobile its non-existent

AT&T having bad support? They've supported Nokia and WP the most here in the US! I'm on Verizon myself, but you can't deny AT&Ts commitment to WP8.

I'm talking about sales reps. You can't deny the bad support there. Someone even questioned elop at the 1020 event about it. At&t as a whole supports wp8 with commercials but when its really broken down to going to a store and asking about the phone... No.

Yeah, I'll get one on my lunch break today. While I'm at it, I'll likely have to give WP lessons to the store reps. And also express my disappointment in T-mobile. Busy day.

Please don't. It isn't the reps fault the company doesn't promote WP a great deal (with training or anything really.) maybe be excited and tell them why you are excited about a good WP on tmob. That will get their attention more and make them more interested in recommending it. Complaing will only make their day worse and put a bad taste in their mouth about WP.

I don't know, it seems fair to me. T-Mobile and it's reps left a bad taste in my mouth. So bad in fact that I left them and moved to AT&T. And with every move T-Mobile makes they make me happier with my decision to leave.
Seriosly, I thought I might have buyers remorse, but the behavior of both companies has only reinforced and rewarded my decision. And yes, when I left I told them exectly why. Politely but in no uncertain terms. I vote with my dollars.

If I had a solo plan I maybe tempted to do the same but with the exact same family plan on AT&T or Verizon it would be 90 dollars MORE, and I went to all three stores and double checked. With AT&T we would get a discount cuz of where my mom works so it would be ONLY 70 dollars more expensive than T-Mobile. So when it comes to family plan T-Mobile is a downright blow out but when it comes to devices I will agree, T-Mobile is lacking!!

By that I mean tell them I am disappointed in their company for poor promotion. Nobody should chew out these guys unless they are wronged by that person. When I went to get the 810, I spent a good 30 minutes teaching a rep about WP8. He was quite impressed with what WP had to offer.

I disagree. As a rep its your job to be aware of new products before launch. How can you be telling customers you've never heard of a phone 2 days before launch. smh

Sorry, its the reps, and company's fault my friend over here in Puerto Rico took training for the 925 if you ask she'll just offer an iPhone. Its not just t-mobile when 920 and 820 arrived I asked a at&t rep. About the 820 and she told me it didn't exist she only had 900 and a new one. And she offers me an iPhone..

Not the Reps fault?  whether your company markets or not, reps need to know their product instead of general fanboy knowledge like. 
" there are more apps"
"It is lighter"
"It has a big screen and looks nice"
Want to sell a product?  Know your product.  There is plenty to blame on the corporate side and retail side for lack of marketing and knowledge of their product. 
Reps are there to sell a product, not pusha  specific platform.  If somebody is interested in wp, bb, iphone, ios, reps shoud be knowledgable of those products and not sway one way or the other. 

Lol you said BB. Who in their right mind is interested in Blackberry anymore. They had the corporate world in their pocket but totally dropped the ball because they were to stubborn or stupid or both the change with the times and lose that ridiculous physical qwerty keyboard. I can't believe that they are even wasting their time promoting the Q10. Its going to fail miserably. Now the Z I could understand. Yes they tried to duplicate the iPhone the best they could without stomping on apple patents. But in the same end it will fail just they same because of BB's operating system being next tovdead. No programmer in his right mind would waste the time writing for a platform that will most likely be extinct before he is done designing the program in the first place. Good luck with T-Mobile. I love them and had them for 3 years.

To a certain degree, you are right. However, knowlegable reps tend to lure their new and upgrading customers to Android devices rather than Windows Phone. I've been in T-mobile store multiple times, and the first thing that I do is observe their reps. Like clock work, every time there is a potential customer, the rep will not take the customer to where the Windows Phones are located. If someone does walk towards it, and ask for it, the rep will talk the customer out of buying it - citing lack of apps is the number reason not to buy it.
In fact, that happens to all major carrier, even Verizon. I have a co-worker who wants to buy the L928, and the rep told him about the lack of apps and not being a powerful as Android devices.
So not only Windows Phone has to contend with other devices, it also has to deal with salespersons and customer service representatives.


I'm T-Mo store rep....but I'm also a WP8 user and fan. It is true not every rep is knowledgeable about the WP devices but don't let that ruin your shopping experience. I would recommend asking for the Windows/Nokia rep in the store. Every store should have one.

Well from what I see with in store reps... They simply despise Windows Phone and Nokia. A majority of reps I have encountered steer people away from WP.
For Example: AT&T Store in NE Ohio. I went in when the 900 was launched. I was looking at it and spoke with him about the 900 a bit. He actually asked me if I had considered Andriod or iPhone. Told me he DIDN'T care for Windows Phone. So I had my mind made up and HE TRIED TO disuade me from buying it!
Verizon Store Rep: NE Ohio. Went in to swap out a Lumia 928. The screen was acting goofy. It is my GFs. I pointed my GF away from Andriod to WP. The rep in the local store asked her how she liked the phone. Then started to complain that VZW wants her to get the 928 but DIDN'T WANT to use it. She loved her Galaxy Note. Mind you this lady was so super educated that while in the process of swapping out the SIM Cards, she couldn't figure out how to remove it in the returned model and stuck a paperclip into the noise canceling Microphone on top. She tried to REMOVE the sim card from the SIM Tray but gave up and just put it in the new phone.
Things AREN'T EVER going to improve dramatically for WP with these types of attitudes. When people are made to feel like WP is a poor decision the average run of the mill consumer won't go with it.
It DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH TRAINING or HOW MUCH THESE COMPANIES CRAM WP down these reps throats - IT STARTS on the FRONT LINES. The disrespect and lack of education is like white on rice.
It is a regional thing as well. I noticed out more so out in the Seattle Metro area many more folks are willing to tolerate WP or talk about it with customers.

Damn, ignorant people in this world.
That's why when I wanna talk Windows Phone, I go straight to the Microsoft store in the Mall of America. I don't screw around with uneducated sales reps who favor Android because they're too afraid to dabble into Wp...

Lol, far from it, emphasize "far"! But I want my Halo Spartan today. The game, I'm sure you must have heard something about the big release, hopefully today. Eagerly awaiting the arrival.

It is, but unfortunately calls to different MS Stores around the country seem to show staff is as equally uninformed/misinformed as the staff at TMobile stores.

Rich, "It's good to see the mobile operator finally getting into gear and launching the handset" has got to be the most diplomatic way of describing TMobile's complete lack of promotion I have ever read. Not sure I would have been so kind. No, "Well, it seems T-Mobile finally, seemingly begrudgingly, put the Lumia 925 up for sale. If you want to order on their web site, expect to have to find it for yourself" is definitely not as diplomatic.

Not long. The phone it is not listed under the feature page 1 in the smartphone section.....it is on the 2nd page and it already says "LIMITED TIME OFFER" on the product page. Sad.....but Shame on T-Mobile and its duopoly!

Considering they are pushing this on the SMB market I have a feeling they might not completely botch this thing, at the very least when I called business care today the reps seemed markedly more knowledgable about the device than any of the retail reps I've spoken with.

Already got mine....nice replacement for my Rogers L920. Camera is noticeably better in daytime photos. Only thing I miss is the 32gb storage. After loading my backup and the OS...i have 8gb left. Overall....nice job Nokia. Camera is great.

It's actually the coolest Lumia of all until 1020, the design is unlike the rest, but (i feel somewhat turncoatish) better?

I want to jump on board this high end Nokia but I am slightly put off by T-Mobile's lackluster advertising of the Windows Phone and how they EOLed previous Windows phones. I think Il wait a bit. For those of you who have it, what are your impressions? Worth it?

Buyer beware. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy the 925 after what T Mobile did with the 810. Exclusive to T Mobile is not worth the risk

I have a Lumia 521 and have been happy with it and with T-Mobile. I was excited to buy the 925. But after reading up on the 810 and how they treated it, I must say it has severely dampened my enthusiasm. Couple that with the complete lack of promotion for the 925 (they don't even have it on the front page on the day of release!), and the "Limited time offer" banner... hmmm... 

Ah. Well that makes it slightly better then. Still, their lack of promotion or enthusiasm of any kind is troubling.

Will black be available anytime soon?  What does limited time offer mean? Are they going to jack up the down payment?

My local rep told me T-Mobile won't order any other colors unless they see the phone is popular enough. Chicken and the egg situation of their own making.

Wow, T-Mobile is surely going all out here... an entire web-page for ordering (if you can find it on their site), and they might even (or might not) have it for sale in stores? Fantastic! Surely they will sell dozens of it now.

yea you can say that again... start counting as it will be taken down in 24 hours like it never happened... and the "LIMITED" time offer puts a BIG ASS red flag.  Anything exclusive to TMO is def not worth the risk as I've learned the hard way in the past...  You have more than just a luck with an unlock WP8 devices.

To be fair, having Wi-Fi calling on a branded device is a big deal for people plagued by poor coverage. My unlocked 720 is constantly struggling to hold onto a 3g signal at home. This is in a population dense area of Scottsdale, mind you. If I wasn't such a cheap bastard. I'd go ATT.

Do I have to activate it in-store? In other words, can I buy it at T-Mobile then get the $30 prepay plan from Walmart?

I'm either going to wait to buy one off of Craigslist or buy a refurbished one from Tmob once they start rolling in. But tmob is sabotaging the sales of WP.

Funny, but not really.  I tweeted T-mobile this morning, saying that it's the 17th and I couldn't find the 925 on their website.  In response, they said they could understand my excitement and directed me to the release notification page (the one where you register for email notification).  Totally inept. 

None here either.  Really not sure why I signed up since the news makes it everywhere else anyway, but I did and never got anything.

I signed up for an email notification and never received it. I like T-Mo - coverage and data speeds are great where I live and work, and I'm saving tons of money - but it's like they're trying to drive me back to VZW!

If I buy it full price, can I unlock it right away to use it on AT&T network? Does it support AT&T 3G, or LTE, or just 2G?

Can someone tell me, when they receive it, if it is RM-893 or RM-910?  I'm a bit confused as neither of those models seems to support both t-mobile's LTE and HSPA bands, it's either one or the other.  If I understand correctly, not all areas are refarmed so I would have thought it would be important to have both their HSPA AWS and 1900, and LTE bands supported in one device.  Or am I understanding this incorrectly?
RM-893, US variant: EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, LTE band 4 (1700/2100) & 17 (700), LTE Cat 3 (100 Mbps Downlink, 50 Mbps Uplink), HSDPA+ Cat24 (42.1 Mbps), HSUPA Cat 6 (5.76 Mbps)
RM-910, WCDMA HSPA+ variant: EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 and 1700/2100, HSDPA+ Cat14 (21 Mbps), HSUPA Cat 6 (5.76 Mbps)

Wish I could get this on AT&T. Dat OLED screeeeeen. I can't afford 300 for a 1020 right now. And I don't really like the 920's LCD.

When I pick up the 925 I will tell the Tmobile reps, if Tmobile EOL this phone this will be my last phone I will purchased from them. I still have my ATT account open.

I'm not sure this is groundbreaking enough to justify an upgrade from my 8x. 
Is there going to be a version of the 1020 that can be unlocked and used on T Mo?  I can't seem to find a clear answer on that.  I'm willing to pay the full price, I want that camera. 

Just replaced my 8x for one. Now here's to hoping that I am not plagued with hardware issues as I was with my 4 (since release date) different 8x's.

Just went to a tmobile store to check it out and there was no 925 on display....also one of the reps had the phone for a 60 day trail run and she said she had to use it but when she got home she placed the SIM back into her galaxy s4. Also she said the lack of instagram is the reason why windows phone is not an option for her. This is a true story people....this is proof that instagram matters because she was talking to another customer who wasn't me and swayed him away from windows phone. All because of one app...it was insane to watch.

There were none on display in the store I visited, either. That's not a good sign. They're REALLY pusing the XPERIA.

Instagram is huge though. It's getting to the point where not having it for WP is almost like not having FB or Twitter on it, which (if they weren't availabla as websites) would be the death knell of course.

I was the second person in line at a local T-Mobile store, and the person in front of me was purchasing a L925. The sales rep tried talking both of us into purchasing the XPERIA and said, many times, "I don't know. I just don't like Windows Phone." I've purchased other devices from this store and know the kid pretty well. He's into rooting and ROM-ing Android devices.
Oh well. The L925 is a very nice phone. I may even move it to my primary line and push the Nexus 4 to my secondary!

Went to my nearest mall store, they had it on display and functioning. Really nice phone - especially sitting right next to the 521 (which I own) you could tell they are just miles apart in build quality and feel. Very tempted to get one, but I'm hoping against hope that a 32GB version can be had soon...

I went to store today and 925 price was suddenly $579. For some reason prepaying was more expensive? Is that correct? Online it shows $529 so is that the price they should ask for?
I did compare to 521 and screen is so much better with 925 but of course also lot more expensive.
I compared speaker call quality against HTC one and 521 and 925 was slightly less loud but it had no distortion while HTC One sounded to me slightly distorted and metallic (but I'm pretty sensitive to that so not everyone might be able to hear that).

Yeah, I don't understand the $530 with contract/$580 for device only thing, and neither did the rep I talked to.

Went and got one during lunch. So far so good. The sales rep I ran into actually knew quit a bit about windows phone. He said he was getting the 925 in the mail and has the 8x.