Nokia replaces App Highlights with App Social to help you discover new apps

App Social

App Highlights has been Nokia's way to show customers which content is worth checking out on the Windows Phone Store. Showcasing the best apps and games, not only from the manufacturer but also third party developers, it was a superb way to keep up-to-date with latest trends. Today we've been informed that Nokia has merged App Highlights with App Social, with the former being removed from existence.

So what's changed? Well, if you've not checked out App Social yet, you'll be utilising this app from here on out. An update will be pushed to Windows Phones with App Highlights installed, which will remove the app and install App Social. We've previously looked at Nokia's improved discovery app and how it'll help consumers - especially those who are new to the platform. It's essentially a revamped service of what you've previously experienced.

App Social Beta is currently available in 14 countries, enabling consumers to create and share lists of favourite apps, as well as following others with similar interests to make app discovery that much more interactive. The social elements of this experience is a solid improvement over what we used to have. 

You can download App Social from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store - available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8.

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Nokia replaces App Highlights with App Social to help you discover new apps


As opposed to app redundancy? It's not like App Social doesn't work or even fails. Beta here means they're going to add new features and adjust things based on user feedback, it's akin to how Google uses "beta" for its products.

All Windows Phone 8 devices running GDR1 have the Other Storage issue, but the problem is addressed in GDR2. It has absolutely nothing to do with the app.

adding new features and adjust things happens with NON beta apps all the time. 
BETA is an often used escape clause that if something doesn't work like it should they can say "well this is a beta app"
If you don't have the balls to push out a final product, don't overwrite my non beta app.

Well I think here that they use the term "beta" to refer something that will be improved according to the user's feedback. It's not related to an unfinished product

anyone who is older than 20 knows that beta means an unfinished product.  adding features from user feedback is what happens in the course of any apps evolution.  you dont need a beta to add features

The fact of the matter is the update LIED! It said it was updating App Highlights and when I went to update it showed it was being switched to BETA App Social.  Take your Pro Tips and shove em where the sun don't shine.

Your a little upset about this I can tell lol
Give this man his App Highlights & immediately remove this beta app (that works perfectly fine....) He's over 20 and won't be fooled!

Do you want to start petition or something? Lol

Is the app alot better than it was before?  I think most of us would agree 'yes'.  Then it is an update.  Who cares if it says beta or not.

Beta releases have nothing to do with balls. They will continue improving the app since that's the whole point of a beta release. Do you have nothing else to whine about?

the app is very good and i can´t see bugs so far but i hope they manage to improve the layout. 

They didn't replace it with the beta they decided to use the format of beta....the different is app social beta lets you follow and share...app social since I looked at it doesn't

And I just thought the update was bug fixes as it said it was still App Highlights on the update page so I didn't think to check haha.

This seems like a totally different app from the one that its redirecting me to (popular apps or Populaire Apps in the Netherlands). 

I had an account, I can't log in, there is only a create page, weird, even when I reach a page that gives me a sign in button, it gets me back to the create account. Can someone help?

They've basically got rid of App Highlights and created a new unfinished, possibly "buggy" app in its place, we have to simply deal with this.

Im not complaining though, im stating the obvious and adding a conclusion, I personally love the app over the original

Ahhhh lol after re-reading it does look like a moan, I meant that we should deal with it instead of moaning and explained what beta meant to the people trying to fathom it out

Eheh, it's cool, I mean it remained me an episode with a colleague who bought a Lumia, referenced by me as having a great gps driving app - something he needed - and then he complained, and I quote: "the app is good, it does everything I need, but I'm disappointed, it's still beta...". Seriously?! :)

Have you noticed the locksceen option in setting. It is amazing. We can set app social as lock screen .. Wow.

I have to say this app kinda wowed me by design. Its very slick, I can see improvements over normal wp8 apps: smaller headings, transparent text blocks over tiles and other transparent stuff.. Influenced by ios7? the switch to full screen is also a nice trick! Amazing app!

This app is basically a revamped version of App Highlights Social, but it replaced both App Highlights and App Highlights Social, so I don't think it was influenced by iOS 7.

Comeon guys grow up plz....u ll know that nokia is honestly trying too hard to make things better for us. App social is a lot better app then highlight app becoz i have used it on ma lumia 820. Plz support someone if he is doing good job insteller....i understand ur concern bt at the same time dont u see that u get a whole lot better thing at ur disposal....

I have this strange issue for some apps not loading. Foursquare, and this application in particular. It goes into the splash image, but nothing really happens after that point. Any help on this? :)

I dont understant how people find so many prblms with the app...some were unable to insall it at one go...some were unable to log in....hahahaha....r u all kids , if u follow proper procedure ,i don think u ll face any pblm ...i install the app and mind u guys i m on 2 g network in india remote place bt the app worked for me without any fail...i agree that initially it took a little bit more time to load everything ..bt dats generally happens wid every app for the first time..bt now its working very fast. It also ligged in to ma nokia account very easily and flawlessly...i love the ui...

The app looks much better than old one. Did not checked collections yet - old ones were outdated. Small bug - some apps does not show as installed even I got them on my phone and they are up to date.

Man I have got get rid of my L800, all these apps are making me jealous. Now the question is do I cheap out and get a 620 or splurge and get 820/920