Tip: Grab your next Xbox 360 adventure at the Microsoft's Store massive sale

Ninja Gaiden 3

Despite Microsoft announcing plans to continue supporting their Xbox 360 platform for a long time into the future, the company’s online web store has begun massive sales on their Xbox 360 games. The site lists a large collection of games for as cheap as $10. Check out our neatly sorted list below to get an overview of the site’s massive sale.

  • The Darkness 2: $10
  • Max Payne 3: $10
  • Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition: $10
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: $10
  • Quake 4: $10
  • Street Fighter x Tekken: $10
  • Silent Hill: Downpour: $10
  • Soulcalibur 5: $10
  • SSX: $10
  • Syndicate: $10
  • Dead of Alive 5: $11
  • Asura’s Wrath: $11
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: $13
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection: $15

The Microsoft Store features many more games on sale including DarkeSiders 2, Borederlands 2, Dishonored, Fary Cry 3, Dead Space 3, and Black Ops 2 for between $20 and $40.

Check out the deals and let us know what games you are grabbing!

Source: Microsoft Store via Joystiq


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Tip: Grab your next Xbox 360 adventure at the Microsoft's Store massive sale


MS pulling a Steam Sale type of event.  I thought the Playstation fanboys said that would never happen?

This really isn't that comparable to a Steam sale.  Plus most the good titles are out of stock, also something that doesn't happen during Steam sales.  Also, can you source your references of PS fanboys saying a "Steam Sale type of event" would never happen? Finally, being an Xbox fanboy (as the subtext of your comment implies) is no better than being a Playstation Fanboy.

I liked the coop feature and how you didn't really miss much if you played it alone. The feature I actually didn't care for was crafting multiple tools/weapons on one frame. It made the weapons lose their identities, so to speak. I did like customizing, but I didn't like putting two on one. It got too confusing for me, so I stuck with the standard versions and created custom features to make them effective while retaining their identity. I hope they do, but make it a final chapter. One has to know when to say goodbye to a story. Hell, if they left the game as is without the DLC, I'd have been okay with that.

He's right, this is from the MS Store website - that means you're buying physical copies that are shipped out to you.

alright I have a question, I hear the games are not backwards compatible with the xbox one, so will the games I download for arcade now work on my xbox one?  I cant seem to find any articles on it.
thanks to anyone who knows the answer.

I would say no as the devices are completely different architectures, that would affect digital games the same as discs.

From what I've read the Xbox One is a fresh start, that's why the 360 is still being supported. So no, the Xbox One is not compatible with anything that the 360 does.

Different architectures. No backwards compatibility for games at all. Both arcade and retail-digital 360 games.

Microsoft said NO. If you research a little more you should find it. GameStop is running a deal where certain 360 games you buy now can be updated to One games for $9.99

I hate NG3, they completely changed the feel and fighting style from NG2. Put original weapons found in the previous installments behind a pay wall and overall game play sucks. NG2 was way better.

Only game I would have bit on is Doom 3 for $10. Too bad it was out of stock. Otherwise, everything is too overpriced or I already played it. I have very high standards for games now. Unless they are ridiculously cheap or amazing with tons of replay value (or a long campaign), I WILL NOT BUY THEM!
Games that I would consider purchasing: GTA V, Battlefield 4, Elder Scrolls or Fallout, Long RPGS

Max Payne 3 was good, it had a great story to it... a norm for a Rockstar game... No question worth $10...I was thinking about playing through it a 2nd time...but, I would of prefered a dark NYC type story that 1 and 2 were like but, I was a big Max Payne fan so I guess I would of enjoyed it more.
Yea, I would love GTA5 or BF4 for $10 but, that is not happening any time soon. I got my GTA5 preordered with my free 1600 ms points from MS, that will hold me out till BF4 or Ghosts come out or the Xbox One....

Oh I didnt expect those new titles for 10. I would pay $60 for those new. I just dont really play very many console games anymore. The ones I do buy I want to know I will want to keep playing for months to come. I wasnt sure MP3 was $10. Might get that one.
EDIT: Nope sold out.. lol
This is usually just Call of Duty games, Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls, NHL game every year, occassional long RPGs like Witcher 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, FF13...

Damn for living in Finland :( We don't have yet a single Microsoft store here, and the webstore sells only like 20 different games..

The reason why they are sold out of a lot because this is old news...saw this sale on Friday...WPcentral needs to post this news quicker