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Reuters: Nokia launching large smartphone next month [Update]

Update 8:15PM: Windows Phone Central can now confirm a few things about this story. The phablet will be a 6 inch, 1080p, quad core device with gdr3 and a 20MP camera. It will be reportedly very thin with a slight camera hump akin to the Lumia 925. The tablet, a separate device, will be RT based.

We have it on good authority that Nokia is planning an event for the end of next month. It’s expected to take place in New York City over two days, September 26th and the 27th. What’s happening? We’ve seen leaks for a Nokia branded tablet running Windows RT, but we’ve also heard rumors of larger smartphones on the horizon.

Sources with Reuters are backing up that idea of a “phablet” coming soon.

Reuters is saying that at that September event in NYC we will see a new large screened Windows Phone finally announced. Phablets, as you know, are those devices that technically you’d consider a smartphone, but they’re so big they straddle the boundary into small tablet land. Which means we’d be seeing GDR3 at the end of September too. Why?

A device between 5 to 6 inches has a pretty big screen. Samsung is fairly dominant in this market with their Galaxy Note lineup of devices, which support screens with resolutions of 1080p. We’ve long heard that GDR3, the next update for Windows Phone, will bring support for device resolutions with 1080p. So could this device coming be the rumored Lumia 825 with a 5-inch display, quad-core processor, and 1080p screen? Possible.

We’ll off course be on hand in New York next month to bring you guys and gals all the details around the event and future products.

Source: Reuters


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Reuters: Nokia launching large smartphone next month [Update]



I'm hoping that the phablet comes in two sizes - the rumored 5.2" and the 6". That way they are covering their bases similar to the way Samsung does with its phablets.

Still seems odd to me to jump all the way to 6". We know 5 to 5.5 " sell. But for a company and platform looking to gain market share I am surprised this us the size the chose for their 1st high end phablet. But with office, outlook and Skype, will clearly be the most productive, business friendly phone ever made. Maybe that's exactly what is needed. HDMI out? Could be interesting.

6 inch? :| Smack bang the most awkward size IMO
people seemed to have accepted 4-5 inch as phone, 5.5 inch ish to be phablets and 7inch to be tablet. :( Where would this really fit?

Medscape would be great, its absence has caused me to consider iphone in the past, but the hardware is just not good enough for me, especially re camera and screen size, but also things like proprietary connectors and lack of NFC, plus no Xbox music on the platform really turn me off.

YES!! Finally a WP8 phablet and Nokia tablet!!! I tend to think the larger screens and higher resolution will do wonders for Windows Phone market penetration!!! Can't wait, definitely getting the 6" phablet once available!

6" is insane for a phone, 5.5" is already a monster. But no one will say that Nokia didn't do enough or that they weren't trying. It'll be interesting to see what the RT tablet will be like.
Now it's time for Microsoft to show support and quickly release GDR3 in October, then the Blue update in December (if they won't make it it'll be like they haven't updated their OS in 2013 so the "future annual updates" doesn't look certain). After those fixes it's time for a major WP8.5 in May 2014 to excite the crowd if they seriously want to sell mobile devices.

The Note products are being used a lot by technicians, as a smartphone and mini computer in one unit, especially with the pen. Here Samsung does not need Full-HD. Quite a few sales are commercial, for productive use. For iPhone users, in case you don't know the word productive... Google it ;-)

Man Nokia already has the GDR3 code ready for Nokia to use? I wonder if other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have this code yet because I think they would make something compelling given all the experience with big phones they already have

I'm sure not only Nokia but Samsung and HTC have it too - if they are to come out with GDR3 devices come October/November, they should be already testing their devices in their labs now. But I also believe that, unlike Nokia who would be working on at least two, we will probably see only one GDR3 device each from them

Ill probably buy it when out comes out. I'm really interested to see how they will price this device. RT can be really good if the device has a powerful processor.

Will it be Amoled? A 6inch Amoled with Full-HD would be awesome for doing Email and playing games! But, I would only buy it if it had min. 16Gb + microSD or 64Gb.

Surprised to see so many users clamoring for a phone with a 6 inch screen. Seems absurd to me, but whatever makes people happy I guess. Much more excited about the Nokia Tablet. 

I have the HTC One. All great but for daytime pictures 4mp is not great unless you are doing a close up, portrait... In low light the camera is very good, also for video.

Waiting for all the goodies to come out!  Not buying anything until late October or later.  Waiting for all the stuff to come out and then decide which is the best! 
Still waiting to see the iPad Mini Retina and what technology Apple going to be inside it!  Hate to tell you this; but I love my Mini even with dated technology inside it!  Got it as a gift too!  I use it all the time.  Hoping Nokia will clone the Mini Retina with WP8 and not RT. 
It going be interesting Fall!

I want a Quadcore Snapdragon 800, 1080p, 2GB Device with 4.7 inch display from NOKIA. This would be my favourite. I don't want any Phablet!

YES!! Same as me!.
With 41mpx pureview camera, and 32gb ram at the very least (hopefully more, or hell removable SD card).

Unless they want to hurt the 1020, it should be the exact same just with less zoom since there are less pixels and then introduce the follow up to 1020 with a much more beast camera

Montgomery. Nothing wrong with having different mobile OSs in the family. I myself at some point might get a nexus 7 to make use of Androids larger game store and still use wp8 phones as my main drivers. Wp8 ui is beautiful, but apps are apps

I still hope that with all this madness of huge displays coming, Nokia is smart enough to bring an updated current line.(something like a 930, 830...etc) NOT JUST PHABLETS.

Late September???
Isn't that at the time some fruity company plans to release their new inventions, like NFC and other new technology???

Guys a little opinion needed,
Since the 920 released,I really loved it and I also have it too. The thing is that I am not really interested in the phablet. I don't really care about the display and all BUT the only thing that is making me to think of buying is the QUAD CORE PROCESSOR
I mean since we all know that we all like GAMELOFT and they just announced 14 more new games. Also as we all know of GAMELOFT'S poor ports sometimes, I really wanted to play ASPHALT 8 in my device but again the 920 is a dual core which I don't think it will able to handle the graphics of asphalt 8
you all have seen how awesome that game is!
so my question is......
(btw I really like gaming so that's why I asked especially car games i.e ASPHALT 8)

the 1020 has a very slight hum for the 41mp cam....if this is going to have a hum anyways, why not got full hardcore and put the same cam in there?
my guess is they don't want to step on the toes of the 1020 or they want to cut cost somewhere

I'm so upgrading to this device but i really wished the device was 5.5 inch screen.  I doubt 6inches would fit in my pocket. Oh wait it can.
In all seriousness, i wish it was just a tad smaller.  I guess they'll be other devices eventually.

Suspect this will be in the 1000 series, judging by the specs; this ain't gonna come cheap. My bet would be 1025, at $250-300, having a bump in size, screen, and processor make up for the drop in camera. 
2 things I want to see from this device:
1. Use a snapdragon 800. Not necessarily because it needs it, but WP8 has been lagging in supported specs for a long while now, and seeing as the next update after GDR3 is 8.1 next year, getting parity now with android flagships would be so much better than being consigned to lesser processors for another 6+ months.
2. Reduce those bezels. Nokia have perhaps the widest bezels in their phones, compared to all the other major (and many of the minor) manufacturers. Phone width is the main limiting factor in how handleable a phone is, and as an example, the GS4 is narrower than a Lumia 925 despite having a 0.5" larger screen. 6" is already really pushing it for useability.

i agree with the bezel comment.  I really want them the maximize the space on the front especially with such a large phone.  I also want wireless charging.  I won't buy it unless it has it.

Although I can't deny the bezels on the Nokia devices have been ever so slightly larger than the competition; keep in mind that they use a 15:9 aspect ratio compared to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. In other words, the cell phone is wider for reasons other than bezel width.

About the update: YESSSSSSSSSSSS, buying it NOWWW, now I can cram as much Live Tiles as possible on the start screen. Now it just need to get released factory unlocked before the 24th of November, and it will be mine. Let's hope also that it has at least 2GB of RAM, or maybe 3, and 32GB or more of storage, then it can take on even the Note 3.

Who cares...Nokia is a phone whore and I am starting to get sick of it, just pushing out new models every month or so. I know they need to sell phones as a company but, you buy the hottest phone out there and with Nokia, it's outdated in a month or 2.,...
Nevermind a 6" phone is getting in the tablet range and if it has a big bezel, it will be too big for the pocket.
Personally, after the screwup on the Lumia 928 and the lack of the FM radio and the excuses and lies on a high end phone, I will never buy another Nokia again.
I've had a 822 and a 928, they both needed to go out to service, I had a HTC 8X and never had an issue with it. I still have crap behind my windows button on my 928. Poor quailty control..

Great news for those aching for larger displays. The max I think could go to would be 5 inches however.
I am excited to see it though!

All i want is it to come to verizon. I would prefer a smaller 5 inch or the 1020 but I miss my old 8x a little and want to keep my z10 so just waiting to buy a second phone that i want on verizon with wp8