Meet the Nokia "Sirius"; a Windows RT tablet that looks like a giant Lumia

Nokia Sirius Tablet

Nokia has been covered in the new multiple times when it comes to Windows tablets. While we're still yet to see a Nokia branded tablet hit the shelves around the world, a Nokia "Sirius" Windows RT tablet has now been leaked. Better still, it looks like a giant Lumia.

Rum: 9

The 10.1-inch tablet is reported to be launching soon, according to The Verge sources familiar with Nokia plans. As well as the distinctive look, the tablet is believed to be both lighter and thinner than the current Apple iPad. Running at full HD resolution (1920x1080), you'll also be looking at a 6MP and 2MP camera set up for Skype calls, general video capture and the odd photo.

As with any Lumia product, one would expect a degree of personalisation regarding colours? The body of the product will indeed be coloured, leading us to assume the company will offer different variants (possibly utilising the same colour palette that's been used for Lumia Windows Phones). Built on Snapdragon's 800 CPU and sporting 2GB of RAM, it'll be a speedy little monster.

The Verge also notes that Nokia is aiming for a high amount of brightness with the display for outdoor use, as well as 10 hours battery life with LTE connectivity. Speaking of connections, physical ports will include microSD (extending the 32GB internal storage), Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB support. Much like Microsoft's own Surface tablets (and other Windows 8 tablets), Nokia will be shipping a keyboard accessory with the "Sirius."

So what about pricing? Its reported the tablet will be listed with a tag that's in-line with the iPad and plans reveal Nokia won't be looking to undercut initially. We'll hopefully have more information on the tablet at a confirmed launch event in New York on September 26th. Just in time for Windows 8.1. Nokia's 6-inch "phablet" not large enough? Here's a potential Windows RT solution.

Source: DIGIWD, via: The Verge; thanks, Venu238, for the tip!


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Meet the Nokia "Sirius"; a Windows RT tablet that looks like a giant Lumia



It looks fantastic like Lumia phones.
I wish they make 8 inch RT tablet for $349 and 10 inch full windows 8 tablet with Bay trail for $499.
If this thing is priced at $499 it will fail like Surface RT because of very weak app ecosystem even though RT is much better tablet OS than iOS. They need to price it at $399 to have a chance against new iPAD.

At this point I think Nokia nor MS will get it.  First, MS should license Windows RT to Nokia for $1.00 per copy IMO.  In turn, Nokia should offer the Tablet for $299.00  to sell in volume.  They (MS and Nokia) need to finally understand that they are playing catch-up in the arena.  If MS would have basically did it's reseach and courted developers like Amazon did ahead of the game they would be in a better place.  However, you cannot look at the past and only learn from it; which may not be apparent if MS and Nokia keep selling these tablets for over $300.00.

Or license it for free to Nokia. They're the #1 Windows Phone manufacturer and Elop is more or less an MS guy anyway...

doesnt make sense to anyone. MS has to make money from it so they have to charge for it. They can't give Nokia one price and everyone else the normal price. Add to it all RT is garbage. "No compromise" my butt

I was skeptical about the RT tabs, but am convinced they are not "garbage" but definitely a nich market. My tech-challenged mother who's been clinging to her XP desktop for a decade bought a SurfaceRT with just the touch cover on the last price drop, despite my concerns she may regret RT's limitations, or the touch-typing. And for about a month now she has loved it, and managed to adapt to Win8 without my being around to teach. She's an elementary teacher and her needs were really just "light computing" that an android/iOS tab doesn't handle well, and a 8 Pro device would have been 3x cost or 3x weight that she didn't need. I don't think they need to undercut ipads, but rather continue advertising that it's a lot more than just a content-comsumption device. I'm highly considering one for myself now, pending the results of some testing with RemoteFX vGPU performance under RemoteDesktop (hoping that would satisfy the occasional need for more computing power)

I would be ok with the lack of apps if RT just had a WPCentral app and a Weave app- both working in conjunction with their phone counterparts. Read an article on one device and continue later on the other.

I agree, if they are going to compete with iPad then their tablet story is over.  They need to target android tablets, price little lower than those brand name tablets like Samsung galaxy and higher than unbranded tablets.  Nokia's tablet pricing has to be in-line with Surface RT (last year) to make a successful launch.  A better strategy would be not to focus on secondary camera and operator specific versions.  If they absolutely need to get AT&T and Verizon on board then they should offer both LTE version as well as Wi-Fi only tablet.  They should know who they want to sell these tablets to i.e., consumers or businesses.  I personally don't care for LTE version if it costs $100 less and have to be slave to an operator for 2 years.  Typical consumers doesn't like clicking pictures from tablets except few weirdo.  That's my 2 cents.

I was thinking the same, nokia or not.. the consumers haven't been to happy with RT so far. [Although thats not entirely MS fault, but they made it to confusing selling RT and PRO side to side]

You seem to forget Windows Phone was hardly moving until Nokia got their hands on it.. With the well known Nokia apps moving to winRT thinks may change quickly.. 

Put Pro in there and you will have to at least double the thickness and the price because the intel Haswell chip will require more cooling and will cost more.

I like RT in a tablet better than W8. I'd hate a fan running in my tablet. If I need to work in CAD, I use my laptop

No one was shouting for MacOSX on the iPad. Microsoft was simply too early in launching RT; they needed more Win8 apps for credibility, which are slowly coming to life.
We have both a Pro and RT Surfaces; the only time I grab my Pro is for Outlook, a problem that will be resolved within weeks.

And I never bought an iPad. I'll wait for what will suit my needs, as I've reached the point of being tired of multiple gadgets. I want one computer and one tablet, but the tablet needs to do most of what the computer will do, because to me it will be just a more mobile extension of what the laptop is.

Multiple product availability is what it takes to please everyone, because with one single product you will never please all. Choice.

Get the xps 12 from dell; the new one with haswell lasts about 9 hrs plus its a convertible: tablet or ultrabook running win8pro. I love my older one.

Thanks for the suggestion, but having been burned by Dell before, I don't want another one. I've actually been holding out to see what Nokia brings.

Not directed at just you, but why is it that someone who knows what he wants and asks for it always gets told what else there is or why what he wants isn't a good choice?

I've been pretty down on RT as well.  But much of that is because I don't like the performance of my Surface.  Honestly, if the Snapdraggon 800 in this thing is powerful enough, my opinion on the entire matter might be different.  And if Nokia is entering the RT market, you can be sure the App situation will improve greatly.

I don't have anything against rt devices for those who want them, but being a developer I find myself rarely in metro, and if I'm going to buy a new device, I want one that will do what I need. If rt fits the need, great. For me it doesn't, and I recognize that no one device will ever fit everyone's need.

Actually that is another good point.  As a fellow developer it confounds me that MS didn't provide a way to deploy applications to RT devices for debugging.  What I would like is for them to port a version of VS Express to RT to let you develop and debug Store Apps.  At the very least, they should provide a way to build and deploy projects to RT devices over USB (or some other method) like they do with WP7/8.

You know you can remote debug, right? The app runs on your RT, and you can debug it via your dev computer just like if it were running locally.

No I did not know this.  How do you do this?  How do you even deploy the app to your RT tablet?

You'll love this then :)
On your RT device, do a web search for Visual Studio 2012 Remote Debugger (or 2013 if you're working on 8.1). You'll find a page full of Visual Studio tools, and near the bottom will be the Remote Debugger for ARM. Download and install that, and then run it.
Then in VS, click the arrow beside the run button and choose 'Remote Device'. You can enter the tablet's IP or let it search the LAN. Then enter your username and password for the tablet and it will start deploying. You'll need to let it install your dev certificate the first time.
From then on debugging works just as if it were local; breakpoints, exceptions, etc. And you can still run the app without the debugger until the certificate runs out, at which time you just deploy it again and the cert is renewed.

I Agree... But this is the 21 century. I need an RT tablet for my living room/den for media consumption, interaction with my TV/Xbox, then a Pro tablet for work/fun, then my desktop for Office/Cad/Graphics. Its all Good and getting better ;-)... inmho

And see? The beauty of choice. ;-) Myself, I only want one device, so it needs to do all I want to do.

Time to get a tablet. I've never had a need for one, but I'm sure my wife will love using this as her social media go to device.

why does everything have to be cheaper than the iphone or ipad do you not know that most iphone user dont really care about the price, they'd pay and extra 300 to get the first 100, Or spend the night in line when 4hr later you can just walkin and get one. It aint about price ipad was a quality product and now this qualcomm snapdragon one is as well, as some of you guys say shut up and take my money.

Could be an internal project name for now...I hope so simply because I KNOW SiriusXM WILL fight the name

It's a codename. Every Nokia has a condename and hardware verson RM-xxx or RX-xxx) and the market name.
Sirius among the codenames leakd by Evleaks.

Holy crap! That is some awesome news. This almost makes me regret my purchase of the Surface RT two weeks ago! It would fit perfectly next to my Lumia 920.. Let's see what this tablet will do in the current market. Windows RT isn't exactly a succesful OS at the moment, but I'm sure Nokia is capable of beefing up the popularity of Windows RT with these Tablet beauty's! :)

I'm a little amazed to hear of people still buying the Surface RT. Even if you are fine with RT, I have to think that the 2nd gen of RT tablets is almost upon us.

Microsoft should have done a better job of making Windows phone and windows RT share apps, but this tablet will be nice for work with full office and LTE service.

Micro-USB is a bit of a downer - what I love about the Surface is being able to plug in all sorts of USB equipment without having to carry round a dongle thing as well.

The Surface RT's downfall was that it was too expensive. If it isn't as full featured as Windows 8 and has less app that iPad, you need to compete on price. Let's see if Nokia learned that.

I agree. They need to find someway to undercut first. Don't fall into the same trap Microsoft did with Surface RT. If the price is the same as an iPad before adding a keyboard, I don't know how well this will do.

True, that's not too bad. I guess that would mean the device itself would be cheaper than an iPad.

I hope it has a kickstand/something to hold it up and some form of attachable keyboard. Liked that about my surface, but the surface was just too thick.

It says shipping with keyboard so no kickstand wouldn't make sense. Surface Pro is to think or RT?

I don't see the point in getting RT when I already have wp, I just want the full w 8 experience, am I missing something about RT??

RT is thinner then the Pro and a lot longer battery life. When using like a tablet in hand the pro feels heavy after a bit the RT doesn't

RT does have features that WP does not currently have.   In theory, as the platforms merger later on, these differences should disappear.
Even if you just consider the printing/usb support or the desktop Office applications, the larger screen presents itself to more detailed and traditional uses.

VPN, network drives, printing. WP may be able to print so not sure on that one. Stream video over network from NAS. Probably more but that's what I do with my RT that my phone can't.

It's the same reason people get the ipad when they already have an iphone. It's just more pleasant surfing the web, watching video, playing games, etc on a 10" device. For many people, the only real x86 app they use often is Office, which is included with RT. Otherwise, they mostly just browse the web on their laptops. If you intend to use it for more advanced things, then win 8 pro is the way to go.

I sold my under powered rt because of the frustration it caused. Snapdragon sounds very interesting. But at that iPad price, not sure if it's worth it. Hopefully they meant iPad mini price

Yes, I sold mine too. When your phone loads WebPages faster than your tablet then you have a problem.

I am SO ready for this!! Windows 8.1, Nokia RT tablet, Lumia 925 already in my pocket. My money is ready for the taking. If this is paired with what I would imagine to be the standard sensors (GPS, accelerometer, etc.) plus Nokia's apps... This will be an amazing addition to my collection. Already owning a Surface Pro (which some may wonder why I would want/need an RT tablet) I have use for a simple tablet (my Pro is for music creation/work on the go). So, this would be awesome. Being a Nokia fan/buyer I'd be very interested in this.

if this is a waste of money then ipad and android tablets are a waste of money look at them they are selling well it doesn't have to be full windows 8 Pro
im in for  RT tablet

So in Europe the price would be around 700€. An iPad with 32Gigs and Cellular costs 729€.
That's way too much for RT even if im concidering giving it a try...

Ooh, I want exactly that but with the new Intel Atom Bay Trail inside and Windows 8.1 instead of RT :D

What dont they understand about price? Price is everything! They won't succeed if they sell it matching iPad, unless there is a free keyboard with it. That could possibly work. I really want rt to take off.

this is just bad. at least nokia dropped in the snapdragon 800 (the tegra 3 and snapdragon s4 just couldn't cut it), but in my opinion they should have just waited, stuck a baytrail in there and made a sweet as w8 tablet. I'm typing this from my surface and until the RT and WP8 get joined together, I don't see RT as a viable platform. Not enough apps. Like Pandora?! Come on, I like to be able to switch out of desktop mode and still have my music playing...

Admitedly the pricing is a rumour but how many times have iPad competitors come out with a perfectly decent product but then completely screwed themselves by proudly annoucing pricing inline with Apple's product.
However good the Nokia maybe they are launching on a platform RT that has been generally ignored by the majority of tablet purchasers and against an established heavily used iOS. Not sure how Nokia expect to compete against what will be a new iPad lauched at the same time with massive fanfare and huge promotional budet.

I don't understand why they would enter the tablet market with the woefully unpopular WindowsRT. It's like when MS entered with RT, then lost all of their hype by the time the Pro came out. Seems kind of silly. Will gladly by a Nokia Pro tablet.

My guess is their big brother put them up to it. Either way, Nokia has a knack thus far for invigorating "failed" platforms.

Priced similar to the iPad? These retards at Nokia and Microsoft just don't get it do they? Nokia is apparently oblivious to the $900 million write off Microsoft made because of Surface RT? A new iPad is most likely coming next month. Good luck selling this Nokia, good luck!

Make it in matte white to match my 1020, please. Oh, and I would like Juniper VPN in RT as promised in the 8.1 presentations. K, thx.

"As with any Lumia product, one would expect a degree of personalisation regarding colours?"

Are you asking or telling?

Nokia, Y DO U H8 ME?
Why don't you give me a Lumia 925 with 32 GB, or with 16 GB + Micro SD? Why don't you give me a Win8 Pro Tablet? I want to give you my money!

If this really true, I'm pretty sure this will be my First tablet ever! I mean, Nokia + Win RT tablet, what could be better? well.. I'll buy it if it's around $400 - $650

No, but I am serious.  Of course RT will eventually replace the Pro when all apps migrate to the Metro interface.  Full Windows will never work right in tablet form.  iOS is based on MacOS, just like RT is based on full Windows.  Eventually there will be one OS and it will be based on RT.

I can agree from the perspective of a consumption device, but its hard to fathom full Windows being all "Metro".. at least I hope not, I very much dislike this trend towards apps (especially on the desktop).

With the classic Windows desktop being further buried in Windows 8.1 it's just a matter of time before all applications move to the Metro interface and the Windows Store.  When this happens classic Windows will be redundant and RT will take over as the defacto Windows.  RT was designed as the eventual replacement to classic Windows. Mark my words.

I'm of two minds on this.  The Metro interface is better for touch interface tablets and the Classic desktop is *much* better for desktop/mouse setups.  I don't know how MS will reconcile the two issues.
Apple runs MacOS on desktops and iOS on tablets....

Local Staples is selling the Acer W3 for $269.00 in store. If that screen gets upgraded to 1080 IPS and and the cameras get the 5mp and 2mp treatment and it sells for under $300 then its war. A $499 RT product is a smaller niche.

Its a yes from me on one condition. It has to be either cheaper or the same price as the standard surface RT ie £279. Then I'll buy one instead of the surface as a sort of "big brother" to my Lumia 920. If its more expensive I'll just buy the surface RT. Simple really.

Not that I'm defending WinRT (cause I think it is useless when you have WinPro), but it still is a superior offering to WP if you compare the two OSes barebones.

Yes, Office in particular. How about remote desktop? I use these two items all the time on my Surface RT. It's pretty cool I can remote into my Azure virtual servers from Starbucks with just a little Surface RT and work on Word/Excel documents.

Tech press will condemn the pricing; Condemn it for attempting to mimic the iPad pricing without a comparable ecosystem.  I wish their first tablets were lower end to boost adoption, but I'm hoping this tablet will be released with a lower-end brethren for that purpose.

Nokia getting on board the Windows RT train will be the best thing to happen to the OS. Ever. Just like they've done with Windows Phone they'll create beautiful hardware unlike anything else out there (I mean just look at it, it's a massive Lumia! If it comes in cyan I don't think I'll be able to stop myself buying one!) and they'll also craft an amazing software and features selection that will differentiate them to any other RT devices.
I mean, they've put the sunlight readibility tech on a tablet screen? Amazing! I have that on my 620 and I'm blown away how easy it is to use my phone even in direct blazing sunlight, on a tablet that'll be a great thing. I'm sure the camera's will be pretty great too. I'd expect we'll see other improvements brought over from the Lumia phones too.
Software and services wise I'm sure we'll see the HERE suite of apps ported over just like they already did with Nokia Music (and that's a great app, it's better than the Xbox Music app!) and they've got all the deals in place for their exclusive WP apps that give them a foot in the door to getting those apps ported to RT perhaps.
I think Microsoft's Surface RTs (I'm assuming they'll release another 10.6" and then an 8.1" too at the 8.1 launch on October 18th) and Nokia's tablets will complement each other very well because they both have very different design philosophies.
The only thing that concerns me is the pricing. Nokia and Microsoft must be crazy if they try and compete directly with the iPad AGAIN! Windows RT is still just a tablet, and while the ecosystem and OS are maturing all the time, they need to be building up to competing with the iPad.
Right now their bottom up strategy witrh Windows Phone is working amazingly well with the 520 and 620 getting a lot of market share, and that will pay off brilliantly in the future (so long as the Blue update doesn't make any blunders too egrigious) when all these 520/620 users come to upgrade.
Just like Windows Phone failed when it tried to take on the iPhone and Galaxy S when it first launched, Windows RT failed to take on the iPad. Even now the high-end Lumia's still don't take on either flagship from the competitors, they are simply there because they need to have high-end offerings and because they can differentiate on features such as the camera.
Windows RT is great, with 8.1 and new hardware it'll be a wonderful tablet OS but it's not iOS yet. It's competition is the slew of Android tablets out there from Acer, ASUS, HP, and to a lesser extent, Samsung. Give it a year and I think RT stands a great chance of being able to release an incredibly high-end tablet priced to compete with iPad, but right now they need to be getting RT tablets into consumers' hands and you don't do that by pricing it high-end.
They've learned that with Windows Phone so I hope they don't make the same mistake with RT.

I love my 920, but RT just doesn't work for me, the app ecosystem is just not there (try playing MKV files with any reliability) and there is still confusion over tablet vs desktop mode.
I think that W8 on a tablet is superb, but Im waiting for the updated atom CPU's or a ULV haswell as I want x86 compatibility

Eh... RT can play mkv very fine, even with subtitle (at least with all of my mkv), just get the HD mobile player.

Finally, first Win RT device with a 1080p screen! At least Nokia gets that part. One of the things that handicapped RT was the screen, no pen support - even when priced not so low. This should address some of those issues. Good luck Nokia!

Amazing! While my Surface RT is good, its such a sluggish performer. I'm guessing the Snapdragon 800 chipset blows the Tegra 3 out of the water?

This looks nice but I'm waiting for an 8" FHD tablet :) I hope Nokia does for the RT ecosystem what they've done for Windows Phone, although the ecosystem is doing pretty well for how young it is. 

RT is nice for most, I wish all the success for Sirius! 
Being a power user, I really want the same form factor (or 8inch) with atom processor- for full Windows 8!
Heck if we are talking end game dream machine- skip the rest of the convergence steps- Full Windows 8, 1080p, 5 inch phone! Optional- with mini SD and possibly even an embedded GPU, brushed aluminum body for the high end consumer.
I have 4- 920's and 1- 1020- Love them! Please take my money!

Microsoft should just merge both RT and WP8 that way we can get the same apps accross both platforms and the hardware capabilites of RT on smartphones.

I'll be curious to see the keyboard...hopefully they'll have two types like the Surface.
I have to say I'm not head over heels about the design...but maybe it's because the one in the picture is red and I hate red.
I love the design of the Surface but I'm definitely going to check this one out...but I hope they go lower on the price tag than the iPad. 350€ and I'll buy one even though I don't need another tablet.

As much as I love my Surface, the Surface 2 better step its game up otherwise my next tablet will be this one. Between this, the 6" phablet and the xbox one I will be spending a lot of money this fall.

Its frustrating that its 10.1", I know a lot of people waiting for a 7 or 8" Windows 8 RT or Pro tablet, including me. There are already tons of 10.1" Win8 tablets, make a 7 or 8" one with LTE!!!!!

I would hit this if I didn't already have a Surface RT. Congrats Nokia for being awesome again :)

I hope the name isn't official Sirius as this will definitely pend lawsuit from Sirius XM. And I learn a long time ago I only care for a 7-8 inch tablet and netbooks if it's 10+

By that logic J.K. Rowling could also sue them. And she would have a better chance of success given the popularity of HP.

Just curious... Have you ever tried those gadgets with their "so called" full OS experience? Cause they're suck to me. The only thing I missed so far from them is TELEX typing which RT is lacking now.
Rather than that? I really don't understand why people keep blaming RT... Really, I wonder if I'm using the same surface as they're

What would you call a black version of this tablet???  Sirius Black.... tehehe... Sorry, I had to say it ;) :P

I won't be surprised if the price is accurate. I believe Moody's just downgraded Nokia's stock again due to cash flow worries. That being the case, they need to keep board members and stockholders happy. Undercutting won't do that. However, undercutting is the only way any Window's tablet is going to sell. Sad but true.
This thing needs to be 300 bucks. That's it. You can't make money until you expand the market and you can't expand the market without selling. They need to bite the bullet, undercut big time and ride the momentum the Lumia line currently has. Momentum only lasts so long.
I know we all have mixed feelings on MS buying Nokia but this is another instance where MS's cash could really help. Got to find a way to really reduce the price of these tablets. It' 1 thing if MS wants to try to price the Surface as a premium product, not smart mind you. But Nokia can't get away with it and Windows tablets can't afford it.

Im torn on this. I really want a Nokia tablet but would prefer full W8. Also for as stated many times already it needs to be cheaper than the iPad.

$399, I'll put it on my Christmas list. Already preordered 499$ xbone. Can't afford anymore toys. Though phablet is on my list.

If it's very fast, like it looks to be, it will be Surface RT out and Nokia tablet in. No need for x86 on a tablet.

I expect Nokia to have a bunch of exclusive apps that will make it more attractive than a Surface.

It needs more internal storage space though, since you can't install an app to an SD card.

No. It's not.
Not when even VLC is not available for RT.
Or WinPhone.

Blind fanboy-ism is what's really lame.