The Cyan Lumia 920 – AT&T and Nokia surprise us with a new color

Well  hello there, what's your number?

This morning as expected, AT&T formally announced the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are headed for the carrier “in November”. No pricing or exact release dates were given.

But there was a nice little surprise with the Lumia 920 reveal: it comes in Cyan.

Many people were shocked that when Nokia revealed the 920 that the prominent color was AWOL from the lineup. The only variations shown were yellow, red, white, matte grey and black and in fact, the Nokia website reflects that offering.

Cyan though had become the unofficial-official color of the Lumia series from Nokia and to have it missing from the 920 seemed like an odd omission. We pointed out earlier the influence of the color on Microsoft's own designs too.

Now, AT&T is evidently bringing that color back to the masses, though it does leave open a few questions for other folks e.g. is Cyan “exclusive” to AT&T? Or did Nokia get a lot of negative feedback about the lack of color?

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Cyan: Nokia's color?

At least according to the Conversations blog by Nokia, it seemed to be the latter: general outcry and there are no mentions of it being only destined for the American carrier. (Interestingly, matte-grey is not listed for AT&T). That means we can expect Cyan for other carriers, should they chose to pick it up. But make no mistake that this was a last minute change (see, sometimes pre-announcing a device does have benefits).

We still think that it is odd that Nokia would have ditched cyan in the first place—like we said, whether they know it or not, it is their unofficial-official color and they should put it everywhere. On the other hand, we do understand that making yellow the banner color will help differentiate the 920 to the masses from previous Lumia models.

But darn it Nokia, don’t do that to us again. Keep Cyan. Keep it for a long time.

We'll be on hand tonight in New York City (late evening) with AT&T and we hope to bring you some hands on footage of the new Nokia lineup. We'll keep our eyes peeled for Cyan, but it still may be too early to see that version.


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The Cyan Lumia 920 – AT&T and Nokia surprise us with a new color


I want a green one lol and everytime they mentioned grey I would think of Adam Duritz of Counting Crows in the famous Mr. Jones song favorite color and a perfect phone choice for him

Honestly im happy the cyan is available... But im not sure if I'd buy another carrier locked phone period. The wait for bug fixes from at&t has truly soiled the user experience for me...

Nokia spray-painted all the Grey 920s with Cyan to appease potential customers.  ;)

But seriously though, I'm sure Grey is coming... but hopefully not too long after the initial launch.

Nobody said it was glossy, and you can't tell from the pics. There might still be hope that this one is matte.

From the renderings listed on The Verge it would seem that the Yellow, Red, and White are Shiny but the Cyan and Black are matte.  If the renderings are accurate, you can see that there is considerably less shine at the top right corner of the Cyan and Black. 
For those of you who had the white Lumia 900, did you have any scratching with the shiny finish? My matte black L900 has been great, no scratches to be seen on the poly.

Glossy white Lumia 900 here. Shiny and scratch free (well, except the screen).

I like glossy. Hope the Cyan 920 is glossy too.

It must be the polycarbonate that is finished to a shine.  I always assumed it had a clearcoat on it or something which deterred me from that finish.  Shiny might be pretty cool then.

The verge mentioned that Yellow and Cyan are only available through online orders?  Is this true?  I haven't seen this anywhere else...

Cyan was a last minute addition. That means initial availability is limited. Just like the white 900.

Yellow would also be tight because it's the primary color. We'll find out more tonight on what's what, but I wouldn't be shocked if that is the case--at least for the first few weeks/ months.

Crap.  I'm kind of 'locked' into getting my phone through best buy since I'll have around $150.00 to spend there come November because of the RewardZone, the deal they've run this year about the $50 gift card, and the Viggle app.
Hopefully there will be a way for me to get the cyan one through them...

Superphone is already in use. Bell in Canada uses the term for all the specced-out high end devices. Minimum requirements to be a Superphone include at least dual core, and I think LTE is now on the list, as well as some sort of "killer feature". Too bad they've already said they won't carry the 920, as it'd be the perfect option to become the first non-android on the list. The Ativ S and 8X will likely make the cut, though.

I was getting prepared for a red Lumia 920 but this cyan announcement has made that much less certain.  I guess I need to make my mind up by Oct. 21st...

I'm so glad they brough the Cyan back. Now I don't have to settle for Gray. *Virtal fist-bump to all my Cyan brethren*

If I get Cyan nobody will know I have a new phone! :P  All kidding aside, I love my Cyan 900, but the yellow 920 looks sweet.  I think availability will have a lot to do with which color is more appealing since they're pretty close IMO.

I thought the same thing. Lol. I would get red if it was matte, but damn I love my Cyan 900. I get quite a few comments on it. Plus I think it is a good in -between color for those "professionally" minded people. It is a little toned down from red and yellow, but still different.

Selling 920 in cyan was a good decision. However, selling Cyan and Yellow ONLINE ONLY, was the most retarded decision AT&T could've made.

I can only imagine what my device locker would look like with a dozen deep, half dozen wide colors from two competing manufacturers. Most locations already have issues with storage as is, which is why I would expect "specialty" colors to be preorder/online for the time being.

As for myself, I'm getting the red one! Huzzah!!!

Got the white 900 back when it was released. So I will have yo buy the 920 at retail price. So, I have to get the white one so she won't know that I got a new phone. Good thing I have my own spending account. Fortunately, i like the white but i may get gray and just deal with the wife if i need to..

Hm, this is a good idea....just make sure you have the package delivered somewhere where you can be guaranteed to get to it first. :-)

Dammit ATT, take my money already.
BTW, from the second picture, the cyan does appear to be matte because there is no glare from overhead lights.  If you look closely, you can see some glare right next to the lens section where it says "Zeiss" since that black piece for the camera is glossy black.
Just an observation.

Judging from the photos released so far I'm hoping that it is matte that the cyan is pushed out with and not just my eyes deceiving me but its hard to tell until someone does a hands on. Will be picking up a cyan 920 once its released here in New Zealand, was hoping Nokia would make a cyan variant ever since they announced the 920 :)

the Cyan is almost part of the Lumia Brand. Can't have a Lumia without the Cyan option.... everytime i see a Cyan phone around I atumatically assume its a Lumia :) 
Att would have been a fool not demand that color. 
Thumbs up to Brand Recognition. :)
Still getting the red one though :) 

Does this mean mo matte grey for ATT? That's the color I'm most interested in. I have an idea: Just offer all the colors! Wow, what a thought.

All the pics show a grey matte finish 920. That is the one I want. Is it true that ATT will not have Grey?

Yeah, red for me, cyan for my son! (we currently have Focuses with red and blue cases to tell them apart).

im glad they decided to do cyan, blue is my favorite color. now i dont have to go back and forth over which color i want

Why is everyone really surpised about this? That the cyan is available. It was a no brainer for the sales team to add this colour to the line as it was the best seller for the 800 and 900 respectively. Did you really think they were going to leave it out? Come on people! You use a Windows Phone which means you're smarter than the rest as it is the superior phone and platform. You should have known better. Tsk tsk.

Now,  hopefully they make the Nokia Purity Pro Headphones in Cyan too! I was going to get the yellow one of each, but now that Cyan is available, I'm definitely getting that. If they make the matching headphones to go along with it.
Edit: NVM, they do have cyan Purity Pros. :D

I think they added Cyan at a later stage. Nokia probably thought, since they are introducing Yellow and Red people will not look for Cyan. But I guess, AT&T pushed them to launch Cyan as well, since that was their biggist seller for N900.
But I did not see the Black. Are they coming with the Matte Black on the 920? I wanted to get the Yellow, but now since Cyan is avaialble, I am not sure... LOL. 

Well, all accessories that were shown had cyan, some promo videos showed us cyan 920.. I think cyan was a surprise color that AT&T is supposed to unveil today saying that it's exclusive color only for AT&T.

It's disappointing that Matte Grey is removed from AT&T.  I have gotten tired with my Cyan L900  after a few months of usage.  There are only 2 or 3 theme colors can match well with Cyan case.  The Matte Grey will however easily match well with most of 20 L920 colors.  Cyan looks good by itself, but not when it comes to matching. 

Did Nokia confirmed it was a last minute change? Cause i would bet it was on purpose. Actually if you look at all the accessories shown till now (speakers, chargers, etc) you just can't find none of them in grey, unlike cyan. And if you really think about it, there is almost no real footage of grey 920s... Only a couple test units shown on maybe 2, 3 photos...
My opinion? I think Nokia ment to release a cyan version since the beginning. The only problem now is: Cyan or Yellow? :p

I just want to pay my full price already and get my 920. Yes, I'll get it from AT&T and put my Straight Talk sim inside. Don't judge me!

why are you guys saying the cyan is glossy? on the picture above it lokks 100% Matte!

Soo confusing yellow white or cyan or maybe red?!?!?!?

iii doooont knoww

Not including cyan in the first place was a retarded idea. Cyan was the hot seller for AT&T. I remember hearing some AT&T stores received 8-10 cyan Lumias in the morning and would be sold out by lunch. I think cyan also sold more than black, white or magenta.
It's understandable that Nokia used yellow to showcase L920 in order to separate it from L900, but not including cyan was stupid.

Sweet now to the untrained eye my cyan lumia 900 (when it gets WP 7.8) will look identical to the cyan 920. expect for the glossy part