Deal alert: Save big on the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 at the Microsoft Store (US only)

Lumia 521

There’s no such thing as “too many” Windows Phone handsets. Right now I’ve got about 4 on me at this coffee shop, but that pales in comparison to Daniel – who has literally every Windows Phone made. Looking to add some more devices to your quiver? There’s no excuse not to pick up either the Nokia Lumia 520 or Lumia 521. Both devices are killer for their price points, which have just got done at the Microsoft Store.

Head to the Microsoft Store website and you’ll see two killer deals for no contract Windows Phone handsets. You’ll save $40 on the Lumia 520 for AT&T and $30 on the Lumia 521 for T-Mobile.

Specs between the two are the same, the only difference is the Lumia 521 is a variation of the Lumia 520 in terms of body size. For both the Lumia 520 and 521 you’re getting a 1.0 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8GB of onboard storage, a 4-inch IPS LCD display at 480 x 800 px, a 5MP camera on back with no front-facing camera and microSD support.

The Lumia 520 is $59.00 at the Microsoft Store and the Lumia 521 is $69.00. Anyone thinking of picking up a few spare phones for themselves?

Source: Microsoft Store Lumia 520, Microsoft Store Lumia 521

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Deal alert: Save big on the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 at the Microsoft Store (US only)


Also check Best Buy in stores, not online. I saw the same deal last weekend in a BB. I haven't been back since then to see if the deal is still on.

I've been thinking about buying another 521 for my 3 yr old to use for internet sharing on her tablet. She's killing my data with that blasted My Little Pony game of hers, lol.

Apparently you can't read. For Data Share for her Tablet which btw is an educational tablet. Also, my child reads quite well and has a fairly large library of books that she reads daily. Speaking of, as I'm typing this she's reading through a objects book. Mind your f@%*# business and do not ever tell someone how to raise their child, prick @Wilson I'm an Idiot blaze.

Apology's for that but one thing I don't tolerate is people who don't know someone trying to tell them how to raise their children.

No apologies needed @DVELOPinc. I completely agree with you. I'd be devastated as well if someone were to tell me how to raise my child. My three year old son plays games on my 928 (Kid's Corner). His options ranges from subway surfers to educational games. It's all good.

Thanks Tech Knowledge. I am currently testing several Toddler- 8ish style games to try to push the Kids Corner a bit beyond the endless coloring book apps to something more educational and fun. My poor child has my Skydrive in a mess with those coloring pics, lol.

@DevolpINC I can agree with you although you can tone it down some. Tablets are not replacements for books and kids(and adults) need to lay off some and interact with people. However nowhere in your comment did you mention that your child does not read books or is socially inept. Sounds like you are doing a fine job (not that you need my approval) teaching your child how to use computers as some adults don't even know how to tether,lol.

Sometimes my Alabama country boy slips out of me and words fly when it comes to children, lol. I do hope I am doing a good job with her. I have tried to balance her being a kid, education and now testing a little technology with her.

I agree with you. My daughter is not yet three and she is just the same. Hence she has a tablet of her own for her educational games and electronic/interactive books.

We have 2.5 GB unlimited on each phone so far but, btt I share with her tablet and constantly keeping up with WPC and games, I'm reduced to the slower speed, lol.

Lol, I would have if I could have afforded it. She did have a vtech tablet and now graduated to the Toys R Us Tabeo e2 kids tablet.

With these aggressive pricing, its no wonder that this little device is propelling WP8. I was on the F train the other day and we surprised to see 5 people with windows phone. 3 of which were the Lumia 521. (1 other was HTC 8x and Lumia 1020). Big things comes in small, inexpensive packages!


At my high school, this time last year, there were literally only two Windows Phones in my entire school!!! Now, that number has risen dramatically. There are at least thirty devices in the wild, at least 25 of which are Lumia 521s.

That's still a tiny drop in the bucket when there are still two thousand iPhones and Androids, plus a few hundred feature phones, but nonetheless.

Just got to hope these are satisfying devices, so people get hooked and work their way up the Windows Phone tree. Wouldn't want them to incur a lack luster experience that makes them loathe Windows Phone.

I just picked a 520 up about a week ago for the $59 and got a $25 app gift card along with it at the MS store. I believe the giftcard promotion ended as of 1/1 however but it was a fantastic bonus. Impressive little device and it has become my skiing phone when I don't want to risk my 920 to the elements.

Dang, I didn't get a gift card when I got my 1020. Probably because I got it during the 12 days of Christmas promotion?

Perhaps. We didn't know they even had that promotion going on, they just tossed them in when we made the purchase. It was last Sunday so it may have been an immediately after Xmas promotion. My wife got a 520 and Venue 11 pro and got a card per device.

At my local Microsoft Store, they throw in random extras like that a lot.

I guess I'm lucky to live a mere twenty minutes from one of the few Stores, especially lucky they have such a friendly staff (I've become acquainted with a few of the employees there, haha!!!).

I remember when buying my Surface Pro 2, they threw in the student discount, despite the fact that it's only meant foe college students and I'm in high school... Then they threw in a $25 app store card on the side. I don't know how corporate lets them slide with all this, but I'm definitely a customer there for life, for all my Microsoft needs.

Seeing that they only have stores in US, Canada and Puerto Rico I don't really know what you're bitching about... Maybe someone from your country could create a tech conglomerate and put stores in only your country of origin.

You are partially right. Guess what, even if I have a virtual MS store in my country, it sells like Windows 8 and that crappy Office 365 subscription and nada else!

It's just the thinking: US is the middle of the world... But Microsoft is an global operating company, so they must consider the conditions in other countries too. I'm in the Philippines at the moment and the mobile phone market is totally ruled by Android phones which you can get from 30$ on. That's a market where you can win shares with an aggressive pricing but the 520 here is still sold for around 130$... Far too much to compete!!

I want a competitor to the Moto G now. If Nokia doesn't do something fast then they'll see this growth decrease. The Lumia 630 or 730 better be something good with an outrageous great price.

Indeed, I'm very nervous about that device, especially with all the custom design options!!!

It looks to be a solid device, nice design, and again, great custom options, and nice specs for the price! To be honest, the only reason I won't buy it is because it's Android. Other than that, I'd actually love one...

I know Tmobile has purchased MetroPCS, but can you buy a 521 for Tmobile and use it on Metro? Or do you need to purchase the MetroPCS branded 521?

I just talked to a store tech and was told Tmobile only but you can't always trust a worker drone. I didn't know the two had combined, might go to the MetroPCS store that happens to be a couple blocks from me and ask. :)

Yes, someone has to buy them here and ask AT&T and T-Mobile USA respectively to unlock them. I sold my unlocked Lumia 521 about a month and a half ago. PM me and we can chat further.

I got mine for $48 through T-Mobile, this is a great phone. The application store has really grown too, very nice. 

Shame that all the newer apps are starting to become 1GB+ RAM. The 512MB devices currently rule the Windows Phone roost, don't developers realize their cutting off a significant chunk of potential customers?

I really don't get how the Lumia 521 is more expensive than the Nokia Lumia 520. American mobile provider apps are similar. I really just don't get it at all.

Because AT&T has higher rates and is far more stubborn to unlock for global use. Make no mistake: these devices are dirt cheap for a reason, because the carriers are well aware the /real/ money is in the service rates.

They BOTH have 512MB of RAM. Trust me, I own a 521 (and a 920) and some apps won't run/install on the 521 because of it's lack of 1GB of RAM.. The 521 is 4mm taller than the 520 also.  They have slightly different set of frequencies too.

No worries, the whole numbering system can be very confusing at times. Took me awhile, but I understand it now. All my friends however, I can watch their eyes as any sense of comprehension fades whenever I try to explain it to them...

Ok, I've had it, i know these champs are selling at losses and are supposed to usher in new customers, but even as a customer those figures are disturbing, unless they aren't selling at losses

These prices are only really being found in the US. Make no mistake: AT&T and T-Mobile are playing their cards carefully.

The reason these devices (especially the 520) are being found for nearly $100 cheaper than the rest of the world is because the carriers know they can get you on the contract. Especially since the US version of the Lumia 520 is locked to AT&T, meaning you have to request an unlock to use it on any other network. I guess they hope the hassle of using it anywhere else will just make people use their network. After all, service plans: /that's/ where the money is.

So if I buy the 520, can I use with a T-mobile card out of the US?
Some friend of mine is there and trying to figure it out, before they will bring a brick with them for me.