Purchase a Dell XPS 12 and receive a free Venue 8 Pro from the Microsoft Store

In the world of Windows devices, there is usually an ongoing promotion of sorts to let you dive in into the experience headfirst, while saving a bit of your hard-earned cash. The latest offer comes directly from the Microsoft Store and offers up the opportunity to grab Dell’s XPS 12 2-in-1 Ultrabook convertible, along with a free Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet with 32 GB of storage.

Dell’s XPS 12 is an excellent Windows 8 machine and a great way to jump into the modern experience if you have been holding out. As the name hints, the unit features a 12.5-inch screen and is part of Dell’s premium XPS line of machines. The 12.5-inch screen can be a bit small for some, but with the integrated DisplayPort and available USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Dual Video Docking Station – you can always plug into a larger display when you need to get some intense work done.

The two configurations available from the Microsoft Store include an Intel Core i5 unit with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD for $1,099 or an Intel Core i7 unit with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD for $1,699. Both units claim to bring in over 8.5 hours of battery life and are excellent companions for the student or mobile professional.

The free Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet is an Intel Atom Quad-Core Windows 8.1 machine that includes an 8-inch 1280 x 800 HD IPS display, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of solid-state storage. The Venue 8 Pro is one of my personal favorite tablets and is sure to please, even if you had to pay the $249.99 price tag. If you are interested in our unboxing and hands on video of the tablet itself (which you should be), you can click here to check it out.

You can check out the deal at the Microsoft Store by clicking here. The deal is currently running from now unit February 28, while supplies last; there is a limit of one per customer.

Are you interested in this great deal from Dell? Let us know!

Source: Microsoft Store; Thanks to ChillyWilly_69 for the tip!


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Purchase a Dell XPS 12 and receive a free Venue 8 Pro from the Microsoft Store


No lies, but it is a premium machine and well worth its price. Plus, throw in the fact that you get a $300 tablet for free and it sounds better.

I said the same but the dell venue 8 pro is great value I got mine on amazon 64gb for just 264 refurbished.... Which came in original box and 1+ warrantanty

Actually this Dell has been getting really good reviews, meant to be one of the best 12-13" machines out there. Was very sceptical myself and have previously sworn never to buy another Dell so went with an HP instead (not exactly renowned for their build quality either). But if I wasn't so biased (and burnt from a previous purchase) I'd say this was a good offer (but not a great deal as others are saying the machine is cheaper elsewhere).

Oh, how great the Venue would've done if it ran RT. We need a breakthrough RT device. Maybe it's too late at this point. It's a shame, really.

Haha are you serious? It would have done much worse as RT. There is nothing RT can do that x86 Windows can't.

RT is pretty much dead. With power efficient x86 chips RT is no longer needed. 

That used to be a reason, but not anymore.  Now Intel Atom tablets can last almost as long as ARM, and in some cases even longer.  My DVP8 lasts longer than my Surface RT.

x86 is far more energy efficient then ARM.  If you want performance, you want x86.  If you want bettery life, you want x86.  RT has no reason to exist and, indeed, serves only to confuse the market.  MS would do well to ditch it ASAP and, I'd argue, port Windows Phone to x86 as quickly as possible.  Since it the applications are (mostly) interpreted code, they can run on any processor, so the changeover wouldn't be too painful.

If an 8" RT tablet comes out starting at $199, I think it will sell well. I have a Surface RT and there is no desktop program that I want to install on it. RT as it is may die, but Windows tablet on ARM devices won't.

But if you don't want to use desktop apps on x86 windows you don't have to. It runs EVERYTHING RT runs but can optionally also run desktop apps.

I know right, what are these people smoking. I have one, works great, and has long battery life.

And there are no products because there isn't a single thing it can do better than standard Windows 8. None.


It was a great idea at the time they started it. ARM chips were much more power efficient than X86. But by the time it was released and especially by the time 8.1 was released there were X86 chips that were no worse than ARM chips for power efficiency. The work porting windows to ARM was not wasted though as Windows Phone is using it. But Windows RT just doesn't need to exist anymore. 


Maybe they can make super cheap super crappy ARM tablets like Android has for third world countries. 

Right now you can get the Dell Venue 8 Pro (32 Gig) for $199 at a Microcenter, and the 64 Gig version for $249. There are always sells occurring for the x86 tablets.

I prefer RT (with ARM) too. At least a device as trouble free as a Surface RT/Surface 2. My other x86 tablet is an Asus VivoTab Smart and it has and had some issues. Like onboard keyboard sometimes not popping up, standby time and had graphics(driver issue) and WiFi issues. Last 2 issues are solved, but still. For the same price I would get a Windows RT tablet. And no, I don't run and do not have the desire to run x86 apps on my tablets.

That's not an RT vs x86 issue, that's a shitty drivers from ASUS vs good ones from Microsoft issue.

An RT tablet can have just as bad of an experience and an x86 one can have just as good of an experience. 

It CAN run desktop apps. It doesn't HAVE TO run desktop apps. Every single damn thing an RT tablet can do an x86 one can also do. If you WANT TO run desktop apps you can. ONLY IF YOU WANT TO.

Peterfares I feel your furstration.  I'm not an RT hater, but I cannot find a damn thing you get with RT for sacrificing x86 compatibility.  Even in the first gen of W8 tablets, Intel Atom tablets were in most cases cheaper, lighter, more powerful, and longer battery life.  And now with Baytrail you can not only run your traditional x86 apps, but you can run them WELL.  I've been playing my Steam copy of Civ 5 on my DVP8 on the train (it actually has a touch mode).  Do that on RT.

And like I say, I don't hate RT.  There just isn't a damn thing you get with RT over W8.  Except for the fact that the Surface 2 and Lumia 2520 are arguably better hardware, but thats not a RT vs W8 issue.

Not if you don't use desktop apps. Turn UAC all the way up and don't use desktop apps and x86 is just as secure.


You know you don't have to install desktop programs? It's not a problem for x86 at all. You have to download a setup.exe file, double click/tap it, say YES to UAC, and then press next a couple times to isntall a desktop program. If you don't do that then you get no desktop programs. Not too hard NOT TO install desktop programs. 

Yea after owning a surface rt and dell venue I love both but for nearly the price of a nexus 7 I have full windows and can install thing likes audiosurf, bluestacks(android emulator) surface rt is nice if u don't need full windows but for the nearly the same price whyis surface rt around

Well this is a laptop first and foremost which I personally still think is the preferable form factor for something this size. Being 12" vs the 10" of the Pro 2. If you want a tablet stick with the Pro 2, if you want a laptop then the Dell is better. Giving you a free Venue to use as a tablet sweetens the deal. Shame this is US only (and I just bought an HP Spectre).

Decent deal but awful storage for the laptop at those prices. Outrageously really.

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It is a little. A 240GB mSATA drive costs $120 on Amazon. 

This exact computer can be purchased for $700 at MicroCenter (and the Venue 8 Pro is just $200 if you want it). That's a much more reasonable price for 128GB storage. Just because Apple charges $300 to go from 16GB to 128GB doesn't mean that it's a reasonable price. 

Is it available in-store too? or only online? What about Canada? I just checked and could not find same deal in Canada.

sent from Microsoft Surface Pro

Doesn't seem like such a good deal to me. You can get a surface pro one with the i5, 4gb ram and 128gb HD for half the price.

Where? It's $599 at Best Buy. It was $499 at its lowest there. And that doesn't include a $250 tablet, bringing it to $850.

I, like most people, don't live near a MicroCenter. Wish I did though, they often seem to have really good deals, but they are always in-store only.

US only, again. Microsoft really needs to give people in other countries (specifically Canada) to shop at Microsoft Stores.