Deal alert: Samsung ATIV S Neo (Sprint) for $39 with contract at Amazon

Samsung ATIV S Neo

If you’re a Sprint customer looking for a Windows Phone device, there’s a great deal right now on the Samsung ATIV S Neo. The specifications will not blow you away, but it’s a decent mid-range Windows Phone. You can get it now on Amazon for $39 with contract.

The Samsung ATIV S Neo features a 4.77-inch 720p display, 8-megapixel camera, 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, and your typical Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi radios. Check out our Samsung ATIV S Neo review for more details. The review unit works for AT&T, but it’s very similar to Sprint’s variant.

The ATIV S Neo was launched last August for $149 with contract, so this is a good deal for a Windows Phone device on Sprint. Will you take one? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Rocco G.!


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Deal alert: Samsung ATIV S Neo (Sprint) for $39 with contract at Amazon


Sigh... wife had her's lost/stolen. The phone cannot be reactivated, so no idea why they kept the phone.

Anyways, I want to get her a replacement, but not another contract with Sprint. The network has gone to crap, and even my SERO plan won't have her stick her around.

Figured there'd be someone in here bashing this phone.  I have it and it works great.  Haven't had a problem with it since September.

I think the phone is a good, decent device on Sprint...but it still doesn't have GDR3 from Samsung.  For me anyway, that's always been a concern with a Samsung WP8 device and a telling sign of their commitment. 

I hope you get WP8.1 tested and officially released from Samsung quickly, I truly do.  (And if not, that the developer preview proves stable on the phone.)



Gdr3 been released. Its the carrier that never released it. Getting it through the Dev Preview solves that issue. Make sure you blame the correct people.

Love to know where/when GDR3 was released for the CDMA version of the Ativ S Neo...Everyone *thought* it was released in early February...but all that turned out to be was a firmware update, no GDR3.  Proven by Sprint's own release notes that it was not GDR3.

Have in mind the fact not everyone wants Nokia devices.  The Ativ S Neo is a very good device.  For those criticizing it, you need to understand a second carrier decided to offer it after the high satisfaction from the people who have purchased it on Sprint (and Ting).  


For anyone demanding Sprint to carry the Nokia Lumia line, I have a question.  Can you figure out why Nokia has not been able to get a second CDMA carrier in the US and Puerto Rico to offer their line?  It's called TRUST!  The same trust Nokia lost when they decided to cheat Qualcomm and use their unauthorized CDMA radios years ago and almost put them out of business.  The same CDMA radios used on the thre devices on Verizon which are 3-5 years behind current Qualcomm CDMA standards, which 52 out of 53 CDMA networks in the US (excluding MVNOs and prepaid services using any established network) will not touch at all, and have made it clear to Nokia to either upgrade those radios to current CDMA standards, or buy radios from a source which has them ready.


Those are the reasons people on CDMA carriers outside of Verizon may have to wait until Microsoft takes control of the Lumia line in order to see that line on their networks, which will have to force Microsoft to talk terms with the prepaid and regionals on the CDMA side in order to achieve their 10% share goal for the US market.