Epic Battle Dude moves on over from Android and IOS, kicks butt

Epic Battle Dude

Epic Battle Dude is an action packed Windows Phone 8 game where you play the role of a king who has to battle a variety of monsters that have invaded your land and kidnapped your queen.

Epic Battle Dude has had decent success over on the Android and iOS platforms and we can see why. The game has bold graphics, simple but addictive game play, fifty levels of play and fantastic sound effects. It even has a unique approach to adjusting the volume in the game's settings.

Epic Battle Dude is quickly becoming our favorite new game and with it being free, dude, you've gotta give it a try.

Epic Battle Dude is laid out fairly simple. The main menu has options to jump into the game and access the settings.  When you first head into game play a series of narrated story boards will run detailing how the monsters invaded your country, left you in your boxers and kidnapped your queen. While you can skip the intro, it's not very long winded.

Epic Battle Dude

From there you jump into game play tutorial detailing basic game play.

In a nutshell you have your vital statistics and treasure counts across the top of the screen. Your weapon choices line the left side and icons representing your enemies along the right.

To provoke the enemy and start the battle, just tap on the icon to send the monster into play. You tap your weapons icon to launch your attack and as the monsters fall, they leave a little gold to be collected.  Additionally, at the end of each level a treasure chest will appear to give you a little bonus gold.

Epic Battle Dude

Gold can be used in between levels to upgrade your weapons and shields. There are fifty different weapons available and as you progress through the game, you can have three available. The downside is that once you buy a weapon, the old one is no longer available. Not a big deal seeing that the new one is an upgrade.

In between battles your health will regenerate naturally but health potions will become available periodically to speed up the process.

We've only tinkered with Epic Battle Dude for a short time but it has quickly become one of our favorite games. From game play to sound effects to the awesome double wide tile, Epic Battle Dude is definitely worth a try. With it being a free game, you really have no excuse.

Epic Battle Dude is available for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Epic Battle Dude moves on over from Android and IOS, kicks butt


George, do you have some contact info of the Epic Battle Dude developer?? I wanna ask him to publish this game in the Brazilian WP Store.

Path of Kara, Bejeweled, Jewel3, Rune3, Jewel Miner etc. Candy Crush looks like a Bejeweled clone, so search for "Bejeweled" in the marketplace and you'll find dozens

Path of Kara is a different game. Bejeweled is a paid game, Jewel Miner - yes but it has got HORRIBLE graphics, Jewel3 - pathetic. Besides, none of these games (besides Bejeweled) is any close to Candy's Crush graphics, game-play, features (connecting to FB) etc...
Obviously Candy Crush would mean a lot to many of us.
Path of Kara is cool but it's a different game...

OMG is this gonna be the new Instagram? Is it REALLY necessary to pollute unrelated threads with your iEnvious tears??

iEnvy tears indeed, but alas, iv had a wp from day one, so im used to waiting. This game is kinda cool though!

And after that you want Lollipop lush, etc etc etc. Never ending story. Just download Battle Dude.

Um castle crashers knockoff? Sure looks like one and thats fine because castle crashers is ny fav xbla game. And i always wondered what a mobile version would be like. Time to find out!

I'm happy these games are coming from IOS and android but we need more games and entertainment apps for wp8 to grow. Some one tell Joe start making some personal calls to developers

This game is not free! After a few level you have to buy diamonds to progress (unless you're ready to wait fifteen minutes between levels). This is not mentioned anywhere! Lame! Uninstalled!

Finished the game, no purchase made. When dead, close the prompt to revive. The level restarts without spending a life and you keep the gold collected before dying. Made the upgrades this way. Very cool game.