Windows Phone Central 159 - The Return!

Holy cow, we're back! Yes folks, after some weeks of weary travel and scheduling conflicts, Jay Bennett and myself return for another 90 minute podcast on all things Windows Phone. Tune in for our thoughts on the latest apps, games, my ATIV Tablet, Itsdagram and what Nokia has been up to. Plus we take your questions!

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Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 159 for 08 May, 2013

We're back after a long break away, we'll explain why we were gone. Plus we have a new podcast format to try out and are keen to hear what you think.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Central 159 - The Return!


Can't stream the new ep with Podcast Lounge or the WPCentral app... still has the old one. YouTube works but then I can't use anything else on my phone while it plays. Hope it's up soon.

Awesome that the link opens the new YouTube app. Can't get anything else to use it. If only for the scrubber.

The feedburner link does not work all my podcast players still show March as the latest episode.

I'm currently planning on taking a hiatus of my own & switching to a Nexus 4 (or 5 depending on what happens at Google IO).
I'm tired of wrestling with Windows Phone 8's shonky media playback & syncing. WP8 can't play files that WP7 played fine,  the sync tool's still crashy and will sporadically wipe the media from the phone before very slowly copying it all back and I've given up hope of ever seeing any album art on any podcast (including this one). Overall t's a distinct step back from WP7 and from talking with Microsoft support I get the distinct impression they aren't interested.
It's not rocket science (I know because I'm an aeronautical engineer).
Any chance one of the GDR's will fix any of these issues?