Windows Phone Central 166


The Windows Phone Central team reunites for the first podcast of 2014. We talk about our new app on Windows 8.1, why we don’t report fake news, and a lot more in this podcast.

Missed our live show? Then tune into the HD video replay below, stream the audio or download the podcast in your favorite app.

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 166 for 29th January, 2014

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You can find us all on Twitter @wpcentral@daniel_rubino@samsabri@coppertop004@RichEdmonds@JayTBennett@segacon

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Central 166


If you're talking about the wait from podcasting yesterday till posting this today...well that's my fault lol

If you're talking about the wait between actual podcasts...well.. we're going to get better :)

I was being serious. A day isn't too long to wait, but I'd prefer the same day. And yes, gimme more WPC podcasts. I could live with twice a month.

Agreed, a day is certainly not too long... I just get cranky when it takes weeks or is never posted to audio. You guys will be delighted to know you're back in my good graces for now... I'm sure!

Why aren't these podcasts made available for download on XBox (previously ZUNE) Marketplace? They used to download automatically for my listening pleasure, on my WP8. Windows Weekly and all my other podcasts work.

Edit: Now 166 shows up, but 165 is still missing. Thank you for 166.

165 was a video broadcast at CES, we didn't put that one on the audio feed which is probably why you didn't see it :)

Jay, is that why 164 & 165 didn't post to the WP8 podcast subscription, because they're videos? You know you can post them too. I have a one podcasts in particular that I subscribe to that post vodcasts along with their audio version podcast all the time.

Whatever happened to your plans of having game nights on the weekends??? I added you all on Xbox Live just to see nobody respond to my friend requests except Abhishek. Maybe it's time to withdraw them... It's been over a month now...