WPCentral Podcast 125

Dan and Jay are back to discuss AT&T's new lineup, Mango madness, new apps, AVG and more. Join us for another exciting podcast.

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WPCentral Podcast 125


I was too busy playing xBox last night to participate in chat lolBut on the MS sharing apps with Nokia, MS have repeatedly stated that their primary focus with WP is the consumer. This deal goes back to when SElop was at MS but I think with the new UI coming to Symbian both Nokia and MS realise Symbian currently has much better Enterprise features than WP.By bringing MS apps to Symbian it gives MS more time to fill WP out in this area. I was gonna sell my E7 but I think I will hold on to it now.I am still trying to decide if I need to upgrade my Omnia 7 to one of these new bread of WP but nothing so far has really caught my eye enough to say yeah I really want that.

Another cracking podcast!Really like the sound of the Focus S... Hope it comes out in the UK in some form.BADA, yeah, I think the people of London are safe ;-)

I am an ex BlackBerry fanboy who has found a new home with W7P and WPCentral. I actually bought a DVP because my carrier's top of the line BB, 9780, keyboard kept sticking. I was surprised by the W7P and am so happy that there is such a strong community out there to support us W7P users. Great podcast and keep up the good work.

Great podcast guys keep it up!I was a long time WM user, but I must admit I jumped ship to android after throwing my TP2 against the wall in frustration too many times. Its good to hear that WP is evolving very nicely and I'll keep listening to keep tabs on things. One correction I need to point out. You mentioned USB charging and said you didn't think USB could push different voltages. You are right in the fact that USB is only 5V, but charging rate is based on amperage. USB on a computer is specked at 500mah and when most smart phones are plugged into a computer's USB port that is all they will pull. Usually the data connection is what tells the phone its a computer and not the wall. However, most of the time USB ports are actually capable of sending more than 500mah if the phone asks for it. If you remember back in the WM days there was a quick charge hack that allowed some of the HTC phones to pull more than 500mah from the computer's USB port and charge much faster. I can accomplish the same thing with my ET4G by using a USB cord that doesn't have the data wires or has them shorted. So anyway in conclusion, its very possible for an update to allow faster charging via computer USB by allowing the phone to ask for more than 500mah.