Grab LG's C1 OLED 48-inch 4K TV for an all-time low at $897 with a $50 gift card

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Even when it was the newest release in the LG lineup, the C1 series was one of the best values around with its 4K resolutions, OLED panel, and great features for gaming. Right now, you can get the LG C1 48-inch TV for just $897.99 through BuyDig, and BuyDig will also send you a $50 VIsa gift card to go with it. While some retailers also feature the price drop, no one else is offering the gift card, too. The price is $100 off what it has been going for recently, and the lowest we have ever seen. The extra gift card is just the icing on the cake.

It will take between two to four weeks after you order your new TV to get the gift card, but that can be used on anything once you get it since it is a Visa card. Invest in some new audio equipment or a gaming console for your new TV or just spend it on some groceries. The choice is yours. 

LG C1 48-inch 4K OLED TV $1,000 $896.99 + $50 Visa gift card

LG C1 48-inch 4K OLED TV $1,000 $896.99 + $50 Visa gift card

Part of LG's 2021 lineup (and a replacement for the CX Series), this OLED TV includes an improved processor that makes picture and sound adjustments automatically. The Game Optimizer ensures easy access to game settings with low input lag and fast response times. Has Amazon Alexa built in and also works with Google Assistant.

The LG C1 is our favorite TV for the Xbox Series X and Series S. If you're looking to play video games on a big screen, it helps to have a 120Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync to reduce screen tearing.

When it comes to modern TVs, it's hard to do better than OLED. It just looks so good, and if what you really care about in your TV is detail and color then this is the TV for you. You'll get the deepest blacks and the widest color gamut. Plus, with HDR support through Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG you'll have a myriad of ways to make the image quality even better.

Tap into LG's webOS smart platform while you're at it. You can stream all of your favorite content. Access dozens of apps with all the best movies and TV shows. You can even search for that show you've been missing using your voice and the Magic Remote.

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