Extremely popular! Keychron's gasket-mounted gaming keyboard is still just $27 for Cyber Monday, but time is running out

🚨Deal is over: Unfortunately, this deal is over, but the keyboard is still available. But instead of $27, it's now at its regular price of $34.99, which is still a great value!

Keychron makes some of the best mechanical keyboards you can buy today, and while its Q and K series get all the attention, the brand is making inroads into its gaming-focused keyboards with the introduction of the C3 Pro. The keyboard was launched four months ago, and it uses a gasket mount — like the $200 Q1 Pro — to reduce resonance within the board and make the keys much more flexible for daily use.

What you'll like the most though is the price. The C3 Pro debuted at $36, and while that's incredible in its own right, the keyboard is down to just $27 $34 for Cyber Monday. That's such a low price that you should pick up the C3 Pro even if you have a gaming keyboard — it costs more to buy a full set of mechanical switches.

Keychron C3 Pro Gaming Keyboard: now $34 exclusively at Amazon

Keychron C3 Pro Gaming Keyboard: now $34 exclusively at Amazon

The C3 Pro redefines budget gaming keyboards. It has a gasket-mounted design that gives you excellent feedback in daily use, plus you get mechanical switches and easy software customizability. 

Perfect for: Anyone looking for an affordable mechanical keyboard with a gasket-mounted design.

Avoid it if: You want swappable switches. If your main use case is going to be gaming; stick to the Red switches.

Post-Cyber Monday deals STILL AVAILABLE!

The Keychron C3 Pro takes budget gaming keyboards to a whole new level

Keychron C3 Pro official product shots

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Obviously, the C3 Pro doesn't have all the features that you'd get in a high-end mechanical keyboard. There's no RGB lighting — you're limited to red LEDs. The keycaps are made out of ABS, and you can pair the keyboard with Brown or the gaming-focused Red switches. The downside is that you can't change out the switches as they're soldered to the board. Having used both switches, I'd recommend the Red option if your main use case is going to be gaming; the Brown has a lot to offer in general use, but it isn't as good at gaming.

The keys have shine-through legends, so the red LED lighting looks vibrant, and there are 14 preset lighting modes available. You also get the industry-standard QMK software integration, so you don't need to install any drivers — you can make all the changes via the web-based interface.

The chassis itself is made out of plastic, but it has good build quality, and honestly, the gasket mounted design alone makes the C3 Pro an unmissable deal at $27.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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