Secure a HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset for as low as $35 today

Cloud Core Hyperx
Cloud Core Hyperx

Today you can save on the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset lineup. Choose between the wired version on sale for $34.99 at Amazon or the wireless version on sale for $79.99. The wired headset's drop today matches its all-time low, and it is an impressive drop for a headset that was selling as high as $90 at the beginning of May.

While the wireless headset's deal isn't quite as impressive, it's still a solid discount. This version normally goes for around $100, which is what you'll still find it going for at other retailers like Best Buy.

HyperX Cloud Core wired headset $90

HyperX Cloud Core wired headset $90 $34.99 at Amazon

Designed not just for great sound but for long-term comfort, this headset also has a USB audio control box that makes its settings easy to adjust. 

HyperX Cloud Core wireless headset $100

HyperX Cloud Core wireless headset $100 $79.99 at Amazon

More or less the same as the wired headset but wireless with a battery life that can last for up to 20 hours. It also has DTS:x support for spatial audio to help you identify where those footsteps are coming from.

This is a relatively new headset just released late last year, so these sales are pretty unique. We haven't seen a lot of major discounts for the Cloud Core lineup, and today introduces an all-new low for the wired headset.

The Cloud Core includes HyperX signature sound along with long-term comfort and durability. It is built with memory foam that resets with every use, providing you a new level of comfort every time. It also uses a soft leatherette padding.

Thanks to the Cloud Core's DTS:x support, you can get 3D audio spatialization delivered right to your eardrums with the sort of localization that helps enhance your perception. Be aware of every sound and where it's coming from, whether you're watching a movie and want more immersion or playing a video game and need to know when the enemy is sneaking up on you.

The wireless headset is compatible with your PC or the PlayStation 4 and 5 video game systems. It includes a detachable mic that has noise-cancelling for when you're talking to your teammates. The wired version is compatible with most platforms that have an audio jack, including Xbox, the Nintendo Switch, and more.

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