The most popular streaming and podcasting microphone is on sale for just $89, but this deal won't last long

Logitech's Blue Yeti condenser microphone has changed the audioscape of live streams and podcasts for an entire generation. The microphone is incredibly popular, for good reason. For a limited time, you can add one to your setup from Amazon for just $89

Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone | was $130 now $89 on Amazon

Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone | was $130 now $89 on Amazon

The Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone is lauded as one of the best microphones for podcasters and live streamers looking for professional-quality audio at an affordable price. With Amazon's current discount, it's even more budget-friendly.

✅ Perfect for: New and beginner users who need to record high-quality audio without breaking the bank. The Blue Yeti is easy to set up, customize, and use for podcasts, voiceovers, and recording audio.

❌ Avoid it if: You need an XLR connection. The Blue Yeti is a solid USB microphone, but it does not have an XLR output.

🔍 Our experience: I started podcasting with this Blue Yeti microphone

💰 Price check: $99 at Best Buy

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Professional-quality audio that's still beginner-friendly

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If you've watched a video, a live stream, or listened to a podcast online in recent years, there's a good chance at least one of the content creators was using a Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone. The Yeti microphone utilizes a triple condenser can array to record audio, and users can select between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo patterns using Blue VOICE software. All that power is packed into a sleek metal casing with a silver finish and topped off with a knob to adjust the gain setting.

Because of its budget-friendly price point and crisp, clean audio recording, the Blue Yeti has dominated the audioscape for content creators. With plug-and-play USB support and easy-to-customize settings, it is undeniably user-friendly. The Yeti is accessible for beginners, but still manages to be flexible enough that even more advanced creators can benefit from the high-quality sound. 

There are additional colorways available for this line of Yeti microphones, but at the time of writing this, only the silver model is marked down to the $89 price tag. The Blue Yeti includes an adjustable stand out of the box, but it is also compatible with boom arms. You will want to check that the boom arm can support the Yeti's weight, as the Yeti tips the scales at 3.2 pounds.

The Blue Yeti is an older model microphone, and Logitech has retired the Blue brand since it acquired the company in 2018. The company announced two new Yeti microphones at the end of 2023.

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