The Razer Seiren X USB mic has hit a new low of $55 for Prime Day

Razer Seiren X USB mic
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Grab the Razer Seiren X USB streaming microphone for just $54.99 at Amazon. That's $10 lower than it has ever been and $20 off what it has regularly sold for at the retailer. The MSRP is $100 so the mic has dropped 50% since its release, making this a bargain if you're in the market for a great way to record your audio.

The Seiren X is one of several USB mics in Razer's lineup, but it is one of the best. If you just want to eliminate all the hassle of setting up audio and get right to recording your voice in the best possible way, This is a wired mic that connects via USB, which makes it easy to use with your laptop or computer.

Get a Razer Seiren X for less on Prime Day

Razer Seiren X USB streaming mic | $70 $54.99 at Amazon

Razer Seiren X USB streaming mic | $70 $54.99 at Amazon
A great USB mic for streamers and content creators. Get your podcast up and running and sound like a professional every time. Includes a built-in shock mount, specialized pick-up patterns, and more.

With a built-in shock mount, you don't have to worry about vibrations from jostling your desk or typing on your keyboard somehow getting picked up by the mic. You'll get smooth, uninterrupted audio every time. Plus the super-cardioid pickup pattern the microphone uses helps to eliminate background noise like the clicking of a mouse or the clack of a mechanical keyboard. The farther away those noises are, the less they'll be picked up. Ideally, the only thing anyone should hear through this mic is exactly what you want them to hear. 

And if that's not the case, you'll know it thanks to zero-latency monitoring. Zero Latency means you can hear your voice in real-time without getting an echo of yourself, helping you stay oriented while also making sure the audio you're recording is on point.

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