Get a 32-inch gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate for less than $250 today

HP x32 32-inch 165Hz monitor
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Some deals just sort of speak for themselves, and this one is shouting "Value!" The HP x32 32-inch gaming monitor is on sale for $249.99 at Amazon, which is a price match of Best Buy where the monitor is featured as a deal of the day. That does mean the price is very temporary and won't be around tomorrow. The screen normally sells for around $320 and has jumped as high as $390 recently. Today's price is an all-time low we probably won't see again anytime soon.

HP x32 32-inch 165Hz monitor $320 $249.99 at Amazon

HP x32 32-inch 165Hz monitor $320 $249.99 at Amazon

A great low price on a huge monitor with plenty of features for gamers and creatives alike. The screen has a ton of real estate, adaptive sync that works with both AMD and Nvidia cards, and more.

First off, we're talking about a 32-inch screen here. That's a lot of real estate and can easily make this monitor the main fixture in your workspace. Most of the time when you're shopping around this price point, you're most likely looking at 24 or 27 inches because adding more space generally means a pretty big bump in price.

Somehow HP's screen manages to include a ton of features with the big size, too. You get a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 165Hz. That's super fast and very important if you're into gaming because it removes artifacts and blur and gives you a smooth experience. 

The monitor also has AMD FreeSync Premium, which lets you sync your monitor with your AMD graphics card for an even better experience. Since it is Premium, that means the monitor should be Nvidia G-Sync compatible as well if you have an advanced enough Nvidia card (the 10xx series or later).

HP covers the monitor with a one-year warranty and includes several features to help reduce eye fatigue during long sessions.

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