Join the ultrawide gang with this 29-inch LG monitor, down to just $190 for Prime Day

The LG 29WN600-W.
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Ultrawide monitors have gotten more and more popular in recent years as people have discovered how great they are for both productivity and gaming, and this Prime Day, you can snag the excellent LG 29WN600-W ultrawide for just $190 at Amazon. That's a full 17% off compared to the monitor's MSRP of $230, saving you a full $40. If you've been looking for a good opportunity to join the ultrawide gang, now is a great time. 

The 29-inch IPS display features a resolution of 2560x1080 (WFHD), which is great for both work and play (it's not as sharp as 3440x1440 ultrawides, but the upside is that this resolution will be less taxing on your PC). It also features an sRGB 99% color gamut, HDR 10 support, and a refresh rate of 75Hz. Whether you're pushing through a daily workload, relaxing with a movie or TV show, or charging into digital battlegrounds, you'll be able to do so with beautiful colors and smooth frame rates.

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LG 29WN600-W 29-inch ultrawide monitor | $230 $190 at Amazon

LG 29WN600-W 29-inch ultrawide monitor | $230 $190 at Amazon

If you've ever wanted to transition from a traditional monitor to something ultrawide, this 29-inch WFHD panel with 99% sRGB, HDR 10, a refresh rate of 75Hz, and AMD FreeSync is a great choice.

The monitor also comes with AMD's FreeSync technology, which allows the monitor's refresh rate to synchronize with the frame rate of your GPU. This feature is especially useful for gaming, as fluctuating frame rates in-game that aren't synchronized with your monitor's refresh rate can cause screen tearing (horizontal splits in an on-screen image). FreeSync almost completely eliminates any chance of screen tearing from occurring, making it a very valuable feature.

Finally, the LG 29WN600-W also fully supports tilt adjustment, allowing you to angle the display up or down depending on what works best with your personal setup. It's also compatible with 100x100 VESA mounting as well, allowing you to mount the monitor to the wall if you'd like to.

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