Save 18% on an LG 32-inch 4K monitor with this Prime Day deal

The LG 32UP83A-W.
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Quality 4K monitors are among the best displays you can get for gaming, creative work, or watching movies and TV. This Prime Day, you can score LG's excellent 32UP83A-W 4K monitor for just $450 at Amazon. This is 18% lower than the screen's regular price of $550, meaning that this deal saves you a full $100. That's quite a steal.

This 32-inch 60Hz IPS panel is an absolute beauty, featuring a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut with full support for HDR 10 as well as great contrast. The display also comes with AMD FreeSync, which ensures that the monitor's refresh rate and your GPU's frame rate stay synced up. In video games, this feature almost completely eliminates all forms of screen tearing, helping to keep the on-screen image clean and clear. 

Say hello to 4K with this LG Prime Day deal

LG 32UP83A-W 32-inch 4K monitor |$550 $450 at Amazon

LG 32UP83A-W 32-inch 4K monitor | $550 $450 at Amazon

This 4K IPS panel from LG is excellent, featuring an 85% DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR 10 support, great contrast, AMD FreeSync, and more.

The physical design of the monitor itself is also excellent, as the bezels are thin and there's a USB-C port on the back of the monitor that's capable of delivering up to 60W of charging power to devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops. On top of that, the monitor's tilt, height, and pivot can be fully adjusted, allowing you to position it exactly the way you want. 

If you'd prefer to mount the monitor to the wall instead, the LG 32UP83A-W allows you to do it thanks to its compatibility with 100x100 VESA mounting. This will greatly benefit people who don't have much room on their desk, and will free up even more space for people that do to use it with other types of accessories like docking stations or USB hubs.

Not a fan of the LG 32UP83A-W? Don't worry. Stick with Windows Central as we provide continuous coverage of all of the best Prime Day monitor deals, giving you plenty of alternative options to consider.

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