All the biggest news from Microsoft Build 2018 (video)

Satya Nadella at Build 2018
Satya Nadella at Build 2018 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Another Build conference is in the books, which means there's plenty of new stuff to for Microsoft watchers to digest. And while Build 2018 wasn't as flashy for general consumers as in years past, there were still some pretty big announcements – particularly for developers.

From the new Your Phone experience in Windows 10 to Project Kinect and new Fluent Design details, Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino, along with Senior Editor Zac Bowden, cover all of the biggest news from this year's conference in the video above.

And for more from Build 2018, be sure to check out or top news roundups from the day one and day two keynotes.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Why doesn't Zac Bowden age?
  • He is aging, it's just his facial features which are very subtle at that.
  • Straight up vampire.
  • he's pale enough 🦇
  • 15:45 he looks right at Rubino's neck. Mark it.
  • I find the news rather underwhelming, perhaps I expected too much consumer focused novelties.
  • Yeah, Consumer was sadly, and somewhat depressingly, lacking. I get that IoT, aka the "intelligent edge", AI, and ML has a lot of Enterprise value in things like refrigeration shipping containers, robots in car manufacturing plants, search and rescue drones, it's still just hard for me to accept the loss of Consumer. I feel that's what basically happened at Build 2018. I grew up using MS products not only for work, but for fun. And it's all just a crying shame. Even day two centered mostly around Microsoft 365... a completely Enterprise offering. That said... even as an Enterprise dev in "my day job" I wasn't really moved much there either. As a mere mortal developer, an LOB (Line of Business) app developer, there wasn't anything that "inspired" me to want to hurry out and download Azure's IoT, ML, or AI API offerings. And frankly I don't get the whole Graph thing. I don't think it will catch on. I could be wrong. But I'm not in a hurry myself to write hooks into "the Graph". I'm also not in a super hurry to see that pyramid shaped object start tracking every joke, ill-stated remark, side conversation, or common statements like "don't tell my boss I said this, but..." or "off the record...", and start sticking them in the official meeting transcripts. Seems a little Big-Brotherish. Oh well... just need to work through the various stages of grief on Consumer... and hope Nadella retires, Phil Spencer gets the gig, and undoes EVERYTHING Nadella's done in Consumer... while keeping the cloud/IoT/ML stuff... because frankly that is pretty cool... at least for someone out there.
  • *Phone calls is on their to do list*
    These are the types of things your site has said for years. If a feature isn't officially out of the gate from Microsoft, I don't see how Windows Central can throw around these types of claims. Haven't you learned from the McClaren, the Band 3 or the Surface Phone or the Skype UWP SMS app? Just because a source tells you this doesn't mean it will happen. Don't get our hopes up for features that Microsoft hasn't committed to.
    Love you guys - but gotta tune out now.
  • Our "source" is the PM of the app, Shilpa Ranganathan, General Manager, Microsoft Launcher Android, Edge iOS/Android and Windows cross device experiences. It's not a secret. I sat down with her yesterday for an interview and this was "official" and on the record. So, tune out all you want, but you're confusing things and how they work. I have more on this coming later today.
  • How many times MS said things officially and never committed, or delivered half baked stuff only to retire it after a few months?
  • Dan, the major point is that ms has, too often, announced things officially or from authorative sources only to never deliver them or so late that all they've done is telegraph their intentions to their opposition. Hence, your response to the core point is largely irrelevant. I wish you were right but experience makes me cynical about anything that comes from Nadella or one of his minions.
  • @Plazmal, Even "if" it is a feature that is ultimately and regrettably canceled front the roadmap, the claim based on a reliable source is that "it's on the to do list." That's fact. Now I'm not inferring in the least the following will or may occur, but sometimes even things that are fully intended by a company and locked into the roadmap, simply for whatever reason doesn't happen. That is not an indictment or fault of those who report it. Something internally or some external influence affected a change to the roadmap. Again I am not remotely indicating that that is anticipated to occur in this circumstance. But I thought this perspective valuable given your response that "just because a source tells you doesn't mean it will happen."
  • Looking at the amount of comments on Build articles (and in general lately) it looks like Windows Central is dying with Microsoft's consumer side. This Build gave a very clear message. Consumers: we don't want you, get the hell away from us!
  • To me, it feels like Windows Central has pretty much been dying ever since Microsoft dropped Windows Phone. Since then, this site has been plagued with articles about cheap windshield wipers (no joke, this happened) amd other uninteresting topics - quantity over quality? 🤔
  • Well they're on other mobile nation sites too, I see them all the time on android central too. I don't think it's 'just' a Windows Central thing.
  • If by "dying" you mean YoY growth and doubling traffic, sure. We're doomed. Listen, I get how on the internet everyone is an expert, but sometimes you have to sit back and say "you know, I really have no idea about that". It's OK.
  • Ok good news then, glad to know. I'll stop giving my opinion.
  • Where did you get that message?
  • You fail to realise this was a developer event, they never pitched this event against consumers directly. If you compare it to Googles current event it might come off as underwhelming, but that event is a pure consumer event. Google have a event similar to build later on.
  • "Looking at the amount of comments on Build articles (and in general lately) it looks like Windows Central is dying with Microsoft's consumer side"
    Crise, the amount of times you put your foot in your mouth and say stupid things around here is mind-blowing. I almost feel like you are attempting to see how wrong you can be in any one day around here. For the record, here is our traffic. We had our biggest day in our site's history last week. We have nothing but growth, revenue, and impressions. We're doing very, very well both globally and in the U.S. But sure, tell us about "comments' and your other theories about how the world works. I'll just ignore it, and I advise others to do the same. Finally, I'm asking you to leave our site, that is, you are not welcome here anymore. You clearly just troll around here and contribute nothing. If you don't stop posting we'll take alternative actions. Good day.
  • Thank you, man, lol I get a lot out this website. I am Writing Harwell Business plan and windows central Quite helpful. Hopefully, if I get enough investors to start the Company. One day Windows central can review my devices.
  • Home Run Daniel! Out of the park. Sometimes I do not agree with MS, and their "handling" of consumers. But Never do I call out you guys. You do a great job, even putting up with cynics like myself!
  • BTW Dan it looks like you're using an HP Envy X2 ACPC? If so... really look forward to your review. ACPCs are the brightest spot I see in Microsoft's mobile strategy right now.
  • I am! Been thinking a lot about it and used it exclusively here at Build. Even met with HP and Qualcomm to get some deeper insight. I'll be doing a review and other content around it very soon. There's a lot to like here. ACPCs are not for everyone, but a certain audience (including myself) they are amazing.
  • Now let the delusional articles come..:))
  • I get Microsoft's financial reasons for cutting losses with consumer facing services, but the psychological, morale busting, factor is something I think they're not fully thinking through. Developers were excited when Nadella first became the CEO. Fast forward three years later, and I keep hearing on tech shows, in comments, blogs how boring Build 2018 was. And in some forums developers express outright antipathy for the man. On the contrary Google's I/O conference seemed to genuinely blow people's minds! Especially that Google Duplex demo. Duplex has real consumer and enterprise applications. When you lose developer excitement you lose innovation. Abandoning consumer was/is a mistake. Wall Street may love Nadella for it, but he needs to be thinking about his base, fans and developers, not Wall Street investors who will turn on you as fast as they turn to you.
  • Instead of a 2hr+ speech about ai ethics. Nadella should have spent the time to apologize to devs and consumers for his incompetence in ditching consumer and promoting half baked tech that 80% of current devs have little to no need for. maybe the world will think they are relevant again when they follow up on a good idea.
  • Indeed. Nadella has been nothing short of a disaster. I once thought Bulmer was terrible but, by comparison with nutty nadella, Bullmer was a visionary with his feet on the ground and aware that the consumer world was where people got their entry to computing. Nadella is off with the pixies at the bottom of the garden.
  • All kinds of innovation, still trying to absorb it all.
    One thing still missing: A phone.
    Anyway they try to dodge it, they still need a smartphone.
    I tried Outlook on an android and to me, it stinks. Perhaps it's because it’s an older phone (5.4), I don't know. No notifications or customization.
    Windows 10 should be on a phone. Microsoft dropping this ball is short sighted.
  • Microsoft is not the same to me. My main interest in Microsoft is it's Windows
    Operating system which is improving. Microsoft under Nadella's leadership seems too Enterprise/cloud services oriented to me . the only Consumer power that Microsoft has is in the XBOX Arena yoo Microsoft put a Haupauge over the Air HDTV TURNER and a ROKU steaming circuit and services into the XBOX to make it more Consumer Oriented. People will buy more of them. Folks the Surface Andromeda folding 2 screen Mini Tablet with a built in 4G Cell phone is the ONLY interesting New product People are waiting for Microsoft to debut. Other than that Microsoft is not the company Consumers are flocking to. It looks like Consumers looking at Apple or Google gear unless they want a Business device like a Surface Pro Tablet or Surface Book2- 2 in 1 or the New
    Surface Laptop. Microsoft will Survive and thrive because of it'd Enterprise/Cloud services but it
    could use a nice new Consumer oriented device to help it Appeal more to the Masses