Add to your smart home with the Amazon Echo Show 8 on sale for $60

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show

You can get the Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display on sale for just $59.99 through Amazon, and you can also find this deal at other retailers like Best Buy. Get the same price in both Charcoal and Sandstone. Normally this display goes for as much as $110. Today's price matches the display's all-time low, including what it went for over Black Friday.

This is the first generation version of the Echo Show 8. The second generation is actually on sale as well, though. Grab the newest Echo Show 8 for just $99.99, if you want to upgrade. It's a lot more money, but that is a $30 drop off its street price. Plus, you might prefer the extra cost along with a much improved camera, faster processor, and other small upgrades.

So what do you get with the Echo Show 8? Well, the eight in the name denotes the size of the screen, so you get an eight-inch screen with 1200 x 800 pixel resolution. It's also capable of stereo sound with its built-in speakers and can be used to display a variety of things or play your favorite media. Keep the display in your kitchen and follow a step-by-step recipe, listen to a new audiobook, or just watch some random videos. Display a photo album that shows off all your favorite pictures or create a morning routine to start your day.

The Echo Show 8 has Amazon Alexa built in so you can talk to her like you would any voice assistant. You can get the weather, recap the news of the day, or control your smart home. Adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights, and more. It even works with other smart devices like Amazon's Blink cameras so you can view your security feeds from anywhere.

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