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We reported earlier yesterday about Amazon Wireless's $0.01 sale going on which had no less than seven Windows Phones on sale for a penny. One phone notably absent was the recently released AT&T HTC Titan. We're happy now to report that phone too is now available for this super deal. In fact, we've had at least two readers confirm their orders at this price, which is pretty astonishing. If you're just renewing, you're super low price is still a nice $79.99 for upgrades.

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The bad news? It's backordered "8 to 9 days" meaning you'll have to wait what may seem like a very long time for such an amazing phone. And that's assuming the backorder doesn't go back further. Obviously HTC is having tight supply issues with the Titan but hopefully they can pick up the production pace. And at this price, we hope they sell a lot.

Source: Amazon Wireless; Thanks, Clifton, Jerad and Robert for the heads up!

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