UK Prime members can grab Amazon's 6-inch Kindle at £15 off right now

Amazon's 6-inch Kindle reader is currently £55 right now as part of the retailer giant's Prime-exclusive promotion. This price is a steal, knocking £15 off the original listing, but is only available today.

Amazon's popular Kindle reader is currently on sale right now, allowing you to ditch your physical collection of books in favor of digital copies. The benefits of using a Kindle include not having to pack physical reading material, being more comfortable to hold for hours, not straining your eyes like other digital displays, and working well in all environments. The newest Kindle is super-slim, comes in black and white, and the touchscreen keeps the device clutter-free.

More than five million books are available to purchase from the Kindle store and the integrated battery will last for weeks between charges. There's also full support for Audible, just in case you prefer someone to read material to you. Kindle books also tend to be more affordable than bound counterparts too. Prime members also get a free Kindle book each month.

If you're a Prime Member in the UK, you can get three months of Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free. That's £0 to try over a million books during your Summer holiday. Kindle Unlimited is available on phones, tablets, and several other devices as well as Kindles so you can take your books anywhere.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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