AndaSeat's Avengers gaming chairs are half price this weekend on Amazon

Anda Seat Captain America Edition
Anda Seat Captain America Edition (Image credit: AndaSeat)

Marvel fans might be bummed that there's no new WandaVision this week, but you can take comfort in a spectacular deal on AndaSeat Avengers gaming chairs. AndaSeat makes some of the best gaming chairs on the market, and our reviewer particularly loved the Captain America Edition gaming chair, with the high price tag being the biggest downside. Luckily, the line of four themed chairs is available at half-price on Amazon from March 13-14.

You can choose from chairs inspired by Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant-Man, which would normally sell for $400 to $550, and use the discount code TWZE3LK2 to get a 50% discount on Amazon. The chairs were previously sold out, so be sure to act fast to take advantage of the great price.

All of the premium chairs feature an ergonnomic deisgn, memory pillows, and adjustable backrests meant to power long gaming sessions. They're made of PVC leather and linen fabric meant to hold its shape over time. The alumnium base is both sturdy and quiet so you won't have to deal with any groaning or squeaking when playing or working.

Of course not everyone's such a big Marvel fan that they want to spend hundreds of dollars to show their love for the franchise. If you'd rather one of AndaSeat's more traditional chairs, the Dark Demon, Kaiser 2, and T Pro 2 are also on sale at Amazon through March 18. The Dark Demon normally retails for $399 but you can get 15% off with the code 9WPMMUA. The code 58W7E7TJ will get you 13% off the $499 Kaiser 2 or T Pro 2.

We think the best way to go is to take advantage of the full 50% discount and pick up an AndaSeat Avengers gaming chair, but whatever style you choose you'll be getting a great deal.

Samantha Nelson