Sources say AT&T is set to release the Lumia 950 on Friday, November 20

As Microsoft is getting ready to ship Windows 10 Fall Refresh and Windows 10 Mobile the big question is when the AT&T Lumia 950 is going to hit store shelves. We have seen some early in-store signage advertising the phone for AT&T hinting that the release is near.

In an article early last week, we noted that Friday, November 20 was shaping up to be the launch day. Since that time, we have had further confirmation that this is the target date for the only carrier-release version of the Lumia 950 in the U.S.

The day comes across as a rather logical one. AT&T always releases on Friday and this Friday (the 13th) is too soon, whereas Black Friday, which falls on the 27th, is too hectic. The timing puts the phone in a good spot for the so-called Holiday Season in the States, which lasts through New Year's Day.

Part of the launch delay we are told was to enable Windows Hello's iris scanner and to reach the TH2 marker for the OS. AT&T has yet to confirm Windows Hello will be available on day one. However, we know it is testing and likely to be available.

There is no word yet on pricing, although the $99 mark for on-contract sales sounds reasonable. Off-contract the Lumia 950 should retail for $549.

Lumia 950 specifications

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Operating SystemWindows 10 Mobile
Display5.2 inches (1440x2560)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 808
Qi WirelessYes
ConnectorType C
Fast ChargeYes
Rear Camera20MP
Front Camera5MP
Internal Storage32GB
External Storagemicro SD
Battery3000mAh removable
ChargingQi wireless, USB Type-C, Quick Charge
Weight150 grams

AT&T is unfortunately not expected to carry the Lumia 950 XL, something we noted way back in July. Microsoft, however, should be offering the unlocked Lumia 950 XL through its stores. There is also no word on any tie-in promotions, although something with the Microsoft Band 2 or new Display Dock for Continuum could happen.

AT&T has not yet announced pre-orders for the Lumia 950 but if may start this Friday or even Thursday, when Microsoft is expected to announce Windows 10 Mobile is shipping. AT&T announced the Lumia 950 back on October 6 when they also put up their 'coming soon' page.

Update: The Verge has now chimed in with Tom Warren confirming the November 20 launch date as well.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for any more news on this and other Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Woot! Excited! Now bring on the XL this Friday at MS stores! :D
  • If that occurs, hope there's a finance plan
  • There are a couple financing plans out there already. One is called "save up" in which you pay yourself a monthly amount and keep from spending it until you have enough to purchase the product outright. The other is called "consumer credt" which usually comes in the form of plastic cards that let you charge something to your credit and then you can pay it off over time.
  • LOL nice one
  • Hah.
  • @Musicman247. This^, $10 to $20 a week is not much, heck even $5 saved a week will go a long way.
  • And they still offer contracts and Next payment plans which are interest free.
  • Or you could apply for an interest free credit card AND own the device and have a lower plan price.
  • Interest free credit card?  I have not seen this before without it being an acutal timed promotion.  I.E. Interest free on all purchases for the first month...
  • The Chase Slate card is interest free for 15 months.  You have to have pretty decent to higher credit to qualify, but I have it and still have another 9 months to pay off a vacation I bought on a cash back card this summer (then transferred the balance to the Slate card).  I will have it paid in 4 months and do it all completely free of interest.  Course after that 15 months expires the rate goes up to like 26%.  That is the downside though.  The card is free too, no yearly/monthly charges for having it.   All you really have to do is google "interest free" credit card offers and you can find a number of cards that offer 6-24 months at 0%.  
  • when the carriers have contracts .. the price you pay over time has interest in the calculation ...... so using a CC is no different.
  • You guys are so bound on pushing everyone to buy One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I did some maths a few weeks ago and saw that at least on AT&T, it will be $175 cheaper over 2 years to buy the XL than get it through contract (assuming AT&T charges $200 under contract pricing for the XL) and cheaper than Next plans (obviously).
  • Brutal honesty. Wouldn't expect anything less from Musicman....
  • Sure. I will put aside the same amount as I would for at&t's plan. Will only take me about two years to save it up.
  • Funniest response I've seen in a while.
  • Lol nice!!!
  • Here comes the phone police telling people how to purchase their devices. :) One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Well please, suggest a different way for someone to get a 950XL, which is what the OP was talking about.
  • Save, wait a little bit while they work out all the bugs and buy one off ebay later. I'm going to wait and see if apps like bank of america come back etc. I'd love to come back to the Lumia 950, but without the apps I need and constantly use I just can't.
  • 950XL now listed on Microsoft website for $649
    UPDATE: still listed as "coming soon" ugh!!
  • It's been listed since October 6th. There is no way to purchase one yet. Still just an "Email me when available" button.
  • Just noticed
  • If there is a MS store in your area you can pre order the 950 and XL in store. I did that with my XL last month.
  • is it the dual sim ver?
  • msft rep said that it is NOT being released on nov 20th... "maybe in other countries, but not the US"
  • So what happened to the tweet article "Windows 10 Mobile is done"?
  • They deleted it. It wasn't a dream, it actually happened. The forum post is proof:
  • Wonder why...??
  • There are a couple theories in the forum thread. One is that they were asked to take it down because there would be an even bigger story later today! :D
  • Without the XL not being sold through AT&T from the beginning, and without other carriers on board at all (especially Verizon), I see this as DOA.  I doubt many people will buy the XL at cost, which will give false data showing that "Nobody wants the bigger phone", thus AT&T and other carriers won't sell it.  Microsoft's half-arsed efforts at mobile these days is killing me.  If the RTM of Windows 10 for phones is anything like the current fast ring build, we're in serious trouble.  I never want to go back to Lagdroid or Google in general.  I want to keep my soul, so that means no iPhone, either.  That leaves me hanging on to a broken and app-less environment.  :(  I must like pain.
  • Lumia 1520 users will get their phone lost frequently if that buy 950...
  • You're assuming that everyone is on ATT and that we want a phone that's carrier locked or on a payment plan.  Funny you should talk about wanting to keep your soul...  I'd rather pay the same amount for a unlocked carrier free phone.
  • Why do you lose your soul if you get an iphone?
  • ITunes steals your soul, your music, your video, your children, your cat, etc...
  • That's funny shit!
  • Lol at punishing yourself
  • Just come on over to Android until the app ecosystem is saturated with the bridge apps and more carriers jump on board. It's gonna happen. But until then enjoy some of the Android goodness. Very flexible OS and the camera capabilities have far surpassed Windows Phone in the arena of manual controls. I left Windows Phone a year ago after seeing how much my 1020 was being left behind in the camera software department by the newer phones and the cancellation of the McLaren. Had the Sony Xperia Z3 for a year and just got the LG V10. And I drive for Uber part time so I wouldn't even realistically be able to switch back to WP full time.(I still have a very good working L920). Windows Phone will continue on and I'll jump back in when the time is right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android stopped lag with 5.0 unless you buy a cheap, crap phone. My Note 5 has no lag whatsoever.
    I may pick up a 950 as a play toy. It can't replace android or iOS unless you don't need any apps outside what comes on the phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Go kid play with your android toys. this is for adults.
  • Spoken like a child...
  • that goes for you too.
  • Yes your attack at my phone choice shows how "grown up" you are.... 
  • So it is alright for you to bash on lumia 950 isn't it?.I didn't attack at your phone choice. i just said the truth. android is still a total mess nothing innovative just boring old symbian phones compared to unique,secured and advanced w10m. just cos some kids games that you use  are missing doesn't mean windows store doesn't have enough apps for advanced users. and compared to lumia 950(min-pc) your note 5 is just a toy. that is the truth and if you have problem with that then you have problem with reality.and what with all the security flaws in galaxy notes I bet you guys would be even scared to open the wanna see how galaxy note fails terribly in smachdown with similar hardware lumia? checkout this video(by an android user)
  • I'm getting 2 XL's as soon as I can possible get my hands on them.  
  • @Matt-WP. "That leaves me hanging on to a broken and app-less enviroment"... just set live tiles to the mobile web page of any app and leave it logged in, done! Any Banking, go to their we page, loggin and make the browser remmember, then set a live tile! You even get more functions than a crippled phone app!
  • That is all well and good, but can you deposit a check on the web page from your phone?  That is the single biggest frustration with the loss of a lot of banking apps on WM.  
  • Sorry mate, I have not used a phisical 'check' for at least 10 years! Everything I need and more can be done from my web browser both the laptop (W10 + tile) and the mobile web version (Android + widget)! For example, Pinterest did not have an Android app at first, my duaghter wanted it, so I logged her acount in a mobile web version and set a widget, this also help by not having so many apps (which most leave crapp and adds even unistalled) by simply closing the browser. So I basically install only the trully mostly needed apps on my house smartphones, other than that, I set widgets and tiles to web pages and keep them optimised.
  • I seldom write checks, but I do recieve checks thas I need ot deposit. B of A web site does not allow depositing checks. THe Androis and iOs appd. The Windows phoen and Widows desktop apps did untill they were dicontinued. I'm glad you have no need for this.
  • Anyone know if there's going to be any protective cases?
  • There are plenty designed specifically for the 950/XL. Have a search on Amazon.
  • Sounds Legit ;)
  • worst launch in history .. announce it ages ago - dont give clear dates when to get it.. no clear add on information like dock.. did they hire some marketing people from one plus one?
  • Since when is a month "ages"? These were announced LITERALLY 34 days ago. Patience is a virtue, my friend.
  • it may be a virtue - but it doesnt make it any easier :)
  • If it was easy, it wouldn't be a virtue.
  • true, very true...
  • Yep, I'm sure nothing is preventing them from announcing the date. They just decided not to do it, for fun. /s
  • For the lulz
  • Ages? Really?
  • Worst launch in history?
    You must've missed the times when HTCs were held by US customs, or Samsung selling region-locked phones or OnePlus requiring a frickin invitation to buy their phones or the Motorola Bionic...
  • Lol
  • Android can afford to misshit like that on occasion, Windows/MS cannot...
  • Since when is "ages" = a month.
  • If you were a gnat.
  • ...or a Millenial. :)
  • +1
  • No, the worst "Launch" was the 640 on T-Mobile. That was the "Hide and Seek" Marketing plan. I hope that guy got a raise.
  • Haha, I actually had fun Walmart hopping!
  • Ah, the real fun was the WalMart website search. "Available for store pickup today......we think......what was your Zip Code again? that near Miami or Jacksonville?.....yes we think we have one but we can't find it....a what?"
  • The 830 was a bad launch too. Supposed to come with Denim and didn't fully come out until almost a year later.
  • I did and a year end bonus...thanks!!!
  • it's not the "worst launch in history" since it's just the same as previous Lumia launches and actually a little better since we will get unlocked versions in stores
  • Since the 920 all release dates are about 45 days later from there announcement.
  • "ages ago" equals a month and a half apparently.
  • yes, I grew 1 month and half older.
  • Microsoft has absolutely zero follow through on their phone hardware.  I'd really like to hear why the only carrier willing to put the new phone on the shelf is ATT.  In addition why has ATT always handicapped the device or chosen the lesser version?  I've had the Samsung Focus, Lumia 900, Lumia 920 and Lumia 1520.  I really wanted to move to the 950 XL but the lack of enthusiam from the manufacturer is really disheartening.  
  • My guess would be that the 950 is a cheaper device.  It would be easier to sell a cheaper unpopular phone, rather than a more expensive unpopular phablet.
  • What phone have they gimped besides the 1520?  I've had the same ones as you on them, along with a Focus S mixed in there, and they've all been flagship-specced phones at the time.  Heck, you could even argue that they enhanced the 830, by offering it with both PMA and Qi charging backs out of the box. I've always been thankful that ATT carries the top WP phones, and that it's not someone like Sprint as the lone supporter of WP.  Imagine having to be stuck on Sprint's tin can and string network to be a WP user...
  • Worst launch in history has to be the iPhone 4. You know the phone that didn't make calls and where the CEO blamed the customers for wanting new technology to work.
  • iphone 4,  your holding it wrong.   Nope,  apple your designing it wrong!
  • But it had the pretty "fruit" thing on it. And my friends were impressed! come mine has a bite out of it?
  • I think this one still wins *shrug* The HP Pre 3 was *announced* on February 9, 2011, at the HP webOS "Think Beyond" event held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco alongside the Veer and TouchPad. The Pre 3 was *released* on August 17, 2011, in the United Kingdom. The *next day,* August 18, HP announced that it would be discontinuing all webOS devices, including the Pre 3. The phone was never officially released in the United States, although models eventually were sold through the HP employee store in California, and many of those phones ended up on eBay auctions.
  • That sounds good! Now, what reason would someone get the XL besides screen size and GG4?
  • You just named the two defining features of the XL compared to the regular 950, so I reason?
  • Just want to doublecheck if you meant gorilla glass 4, because the 950 also uses the 4th iteration according to the product pages. AT&T version Unlocked version
  • That info has bounced around so much, I'm not sure if it is 4, 3, 5, or 43! I guess we'll have to wait to be 100% sure.
  • And a Microsoft page saying it has Gorilla Glass 3: MS probably doesn't know what it's going to come with at this point, and Corning's GG web site doesn't list the 950s yet.  At least we're going to have an exciting few weeks as things get finalized and actually start happening!
  • Truth is screen size is the major reason for many people! A lot of people also don't like the camera design in the back of the 950
  • Yup the camera design. Im just gonna suck it up tho since they're playing games with XL availability
  • Give it a couple of days. I'm sure we'll learn more about the XL soon
  • Yes 'Microsoft Lumia Help' via twitter has confirmed multiple times that  the L-950XL will be carried by AT&T (my carrier)....the question is when!
  • Yeah...I was one until I saw the actual phone. I find that I like the 950 styling better than the 950xl. The ring in the back is actually very stylish. I really haven't seen a picture that does the phone justice.
  • seems like they might be doing some A/B testing on us  :)
  • To my knowledge the only noticeable differences are screen size (5.2" vs 5.7"), CPU (SD808 vs SD810), battery (3000mAh vs 3340mAh), and the esthetics (personally, I prefer the look of the 950XL). There's also a difference in the PPI, but with both above 500PPI, I get the feeling you probably wont notice it too much (not an expert on this area, that's just my understanding). The 950XL also offers a liquid-cooling like setup, most likely to compensate for heating issues with the SD810. 
  • Both have liquid cooling to my knowledge
  • Interesting, I thought it was just the 950XL. 
  • It should be just the XL, the SD808 isn't a hot running chop.
  • The XL has the 8-core processor, whereas the 950 has the 6-core.
  • Both has GG4. Look at MS Store page.
  • Octo core processor
  • 8 cores instead of 6
  • The main differences between the 950 and 950 XL are the size of course and the XL having the 8 core SD810 vs 6 core 808 in the 950.
  • Don't forget the price difference.
  • The processor difference won't matter though since it's just slightly better to offset the more pixels it will push. So in reality it just comes down to screen size and camera design. Also the 810 has had a lot of problems so it's something to consider.
  • The processor doesn't handle pushing the pixels. That's on the gpu, and the gpu in the 810 is significantly better.
  • The 810 processor?
  • I've been a loyal Windows Phone user since the 920 came out day 1, got a 1020 too.. But if ATT doesn't carry the XL then I'm going Android. Microsoft just fucked up BIG time. I'm so frustrated because I was waiting for the XL to release! I'm honestly pissed.
  • I used to read comments like yours a year or two ago and just think, "well go to lamedroid then impatient complainer!".  But now I'm all, "I don't blame you"...  Still love Windows Phones over competition but the longer I'm with them the more I see how half-arsed MS is being about mobile.  Truly is a dying horse but I'll probably stick it out to the (my opinion inevitable) bitter end.
  • I was the same exact way a year ago but after hearing the one phone I thought would change it all for the better(XL) won't be releasing on ATT, I'm done with MS. I wanted to voice my anger to MS last night when I read this news but they obviously don't care seeing how they thought it was a good idea to begin with..
  • On AT&T, I did the math and found that buying the 950XL from MS and then bringing that phone over to AT&T should be cheaper by $175 over 2 years.  When you bring your own phone to AT&T, the plan cost is reduced by $25.  They also charge you $25 less for the one-time phone access charge.  So that's $625 savings over 2 years.  AT&T will likely charge a one-time $200 fee to purchase the 950 XL on contract.  So, that means you have $825 to spend on buying a new phone.  I believe the 950 XL will cost $649 from MS.  So you will end up saving $175 over 2 years (if I did the math right). Believe me, I was upset when I heard that AT&T might not carry the 950XL.  But now, I really don't care because I think I will just plan on buying it from MS and then bringing it over to AT&T and save that $175.  I don't plan on replacing my phone for 2 years anyhow...
  • I have a corporate account so my upgrade price is just the tax $50-$100 and then I get full credit back for my 920 $100 then pay off the remainder so I would save $200-$300 compared to a regular ATT account
  • Yes, but you're talking about the price "on contract." If you purchase the phone on the "AT&T Next" plan, then the plan is also reduced by $25. The cost of the phone is divided by the length of the plan. Example: Lumia 950 is $550, you choose AT&T Next 24 months, then you're montly payment would be $22.92 (ontop of data plan and phone service cost). TLDR: Don't buy phones "On contract" anymore.
  • I'm hoping this gives us a fair indicator as to when Microsoft will sell their models in-store. Seems plausible, since of course you don't want to miss Black Friday U.S. sales.
  • I'm not purchasing this till its able to run on Verizon's network...
  • Complain to Verizon about it then.
  • I'm not switching to Verizon until they completely ditch CDMA...
  • It's only a few years away.
  • Meanwhile at T-Mobile: *crickets*
  • The unlocked versions work on T-mobile.   Edit: Sorry that stating the truth was down-vote-worthy. Buying unlocked is better in the long run, as you can sell your device for real money later instead of trading it in to wipe away debt.
  • I do not think Wi-Fi calling will work. I do  not know if there are other unavailable features. Not eligible for the Jump program. There are areadvantages to buying unlocked, but Jumo and similar programs do give a defined future value. If these are lemons or MS drops W10M, future sale fro "real money" will be a dream.
  • I am on Verizon for a few more days. The way Tmo WiFi calling works is built into the 950xl and I had a 3h phone call with Microsoft to confirm this is accurate info.
  • Only phones should by T-Mobile will have wifi calling. If it is anything like Lumia 1520, att will probably lock out tmo bands as well.
  • The unlocked versions have Tmo bands. ATT has no control over that.
  • No need to down vote.  But some people have the JUMP program on TMobile.  It would be nice for them to get the phone they want for something they are paying for. 
  • T-mobile said they approached Microsoft about carrying the phone, but Microsoft decided to go the exclusive carrier route again which John Lagere lambasted on Twitter. He said that they are open to carrying it if Microsoft changes their mind. I'm hoping they do, but it works on their network so I'm probably just going to pick up an unlocked version. I've found that wi-fi calling is pretty terrible so it's not much of a concern that it wouldn't work.
  • To be clear, it's not actually an exclusive. Exclusives in the US mean zero unlocked varriants. What Microsoft said was that they chose AT&T as the launch partner, without forming any exclusivity. This means that Microsoft can sell unlocked varriants without any issues, and could release it on T-Mobile at a later point, if thy wanted to, without having to wait for the "carrier exclusivity" to end first.  
  • Going by what Legere said, Microsoft told him it was an exclusive:
  • I'm basing it off of what was said on Windows Central, and by Microsoft's press release. I think John Legere consideres it an exclusive because it's only aailable on one carrier. Real exclusives are usually more like the HTC One M8 WP, which wwas only available on Verizon at first, and was never available unlocked (at least not in the US). 
  • Ah, I see what you're saying. Like my phone, the 925, was an exlusive 920 variant for certain carriers. In this case the exlusivity is just that it can't be sold through any other carrier contracts.
  • Exactly. And in this case it could be sold by T-Mobile if Microsoft wanted to. But for whatever reason they decided to limit this. I almost wonder if this is to limit carrier intervention, and push users towards using clean/unlocked devices, which can be directly updated by Microsoft (carries still have some say, especially with Firmware, on Windows 10 Mobile). Not the best idea, but I could definitely see that being what Microsoft is doing. 
  • That's actually a good question. If I buy an unlocked device, can Microsoft push out most updates, including firmware, without having to go through the carrier?
  • Carriers have zero control over the software and firmware for unlocked devices. Responsibility for these devices (even the warranty) is put on the OEM. So yes, Microsoft will be able to push out updates (both Firmware and Software) whenever they want, without waiting for Carrier approval. That's why I want an unlocked device.
  • If you're buying unlocked, then the only one MS has to answer to is MS. So yes, you'll get updates day and date they release, and continued support even if AT&T EOL the device.
  • That makes perfect sense, never really thought about that aspect of it. Even more reason to go with an unlocked device!
  • Yes, that's one of several advantages of an unlocked phone. The updates come straight from the manufacturer.
  • Well T-Mobile has done such a bang up job with Windows Phones. I don't think Microsoft wants to see T-Mobile 950's at WalMart.
  • quote: I don't think Microsoft wants to see T-Mobile 950's at WalMart. I don't know if they don't want that but they should want them in Wal-Mart. I'd prefer picking up a phone the same time I'm getting jugs of Mobile1 or something else. Of course if the MS store or carriers started carying motor oil, etc., that would work too. I don't use carrier phones but I give them as gifts to people who don't care. I've lost count of how many T-Mobile and AT&T L640s I've bought at WalMart.  
  • Why not? I can get an iPhone 6 at Walmart. Microsoft needs these phones in every store so that they can garner some exposure.
  • I've only bought one 640 there, but my 530 and 635 came from WalMart too. I'm beginning to consider WalMart as my carrier.
    I'd love to see a 950 there. I don't think that's the marketing path Microsoft wants to take right now.
  • So you're going to believe the CEO of a company, who is on the back foot? Do some digging yourself and you will find T-mobile were not exactly the uncarrier they claim to be when it came to windows phone i.e Lumia 810 being one example. Microsoft will only be dealing with Carriers that will allow them to push out updates and control as opposed to leaving it upto the Carriers and be at their every whim + demand?
  • As far as I know he's the only CEO of the companies that didn't get the phone, Verizon and Sprint being the others, that have actually came out and said anything. So just going by what I read. Again, I don't really care all that much either way since I was planning on buying unlocked anyway.
  • Legere spews BS all the time. When he claimed it was an AT&T exclusive, it was a response to the angry mob of T-Mobile customers who wanted that phone.  The last Windows Phone T-Mobile released, the Lumia 640, wasn't even at their retail stores. That's the same as saying we're not really interested. Sometimes your actions speak a lot louder than your tweets
  • Yeah let's just defend MS no matter what. ;) To me it seems clear MS has done what Nadella said they would - focus on "more productive markets and relationships". For good or bad. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Although I'm extremly disappointed that there is no real hope for the New 950/XL Lumias on Verizon. I believe that Microsoft needs to stand up to the US carriers for the way they have been treating WP and its users in general. I believe ATT should get the same treatment but MS needs some carrier to make the phones partially available in the US. Initially I believed it will hurt MS irrepairably to not launch them on all US carriers but as I think about it and consider the damage the carriers have already done to the ecosystem I can only conclude Microsoft has indeed given this more thought than a lot of people think.
  • I concur, I have been a Verizon Customer since the 822 was released, I have had the 928 and now the ICON. Getting software updates through Verizon was horrible, since it was so late, I figured they just did not want to bother to expend the effort since the windows phon on Verizon is such a small number. If Microsoft opted not to make them available to Verizon beause wanted complete control of the over the air updates, I can live with that, once the 950/950XL is released, I will decide which one I want and then switch over to AT&T. 
  • I'm guessing WP has maybe 1-2% of T-Mobile customers so forgive me for the lols at your "angry mob" descriptor.
  • Yeah, I just can't get upset about this. People can get mad all they want at the carriers, but ultimately it comes down to Microsoft as to why there is only 3% market share for their phones, or whatever the number is. It's been 5 years since WP7 came out.
  • Legere is a media whore. While I appreciate that he has shken up the carriers, he just jumps on anything that will get his face out there.
  • Did they say t-mobile approached microsoft or just that Microsoft never approached them? I think it was the latter, but I might be wrong
  • Agreed, I think T-Mobile stated that Microsoft never contacted them about carrying either devices. Granted, given T-Mobiles poor Windows Phone support in the past, I'm not really surprised (they discontinued the 640 like 4 months after launching it, and haven't updated most of their phones to Denim, to my knowledge). Not saying AT&T is better, but if they wanted to pick just one out of the two, the one with the bigger customer base was proably what they wanted. 
  • I'm pretty sure mine has the most up to date firmware. But I've pretty much given up on any of the carriers providing excellent support to these phones. Firmware usually comes out at some point but as long as the insider program exits for the die-hards, I'll be happy!
  • AT&T has 50% of the Windows phone market in the long as you include Cricket. T-Mobile has about 20%, including MetroPCS. And "Others" beat Verizon and Sprint.
    So who's surprised that AT&T got first shot. Not an exclusive, just first. If Tmo wants in, let John Legere make a call. They dropped the ball with the 640, and Denim, and the 810.....
  • I can't necessarily blame Microsoft for going back to ATT since they're the ones who always support the rollouts. It's almost more interesting that AT&T decides to keep partnering with them considering the low marketshare! And with Tmo, again, how can you blame any carrier for dropping support for a product that's not selling? But as far as I know I've got the most up to date firmware on my 925. Again, from what I've read Legere said they were actively turned away by Microsoft.
  • Except that Tmo's sales people do everything they can to get you to buy anything except a Windows Phone.
  • Then you have the MetroPCS sales reps. Took one look at my 640 and asked what it was. Didn't even know if they had one in the store until he looked.
  • Yeah, it stinks from our (the fans of WP) perspective, but when you're trying to get as many new customers as possible, you have to push the most popular phones on the market. It's going to have to be interest in other Microsoft products that will drive interest to their phones at this point.
  • No offense, But you are very ugly!
  • Sorry, Jeff Dunham does my makeup.
  • Anyone with a Lumia 810 probably learned their lesson with T-Mobile and would be better off buying an unlocked phone
  • or switching carriers, or both.
  • I just went back and looked. It says there was broad carrier interest int he phones, but apparently Microsoft just plain didn't go to them:
  • Ok thanks for finding the article! To be honest though, the article is more reassuring than anything. If Microsoft did it on purpose, then they have a reason and it's not just politics. Satya said that they were scaling back availability in the short-term, so I'm sure there's a reason, and is part of their strategy. Like I said elsewhere, these devices seem to be for fans who want new hardware for using with Windows Mobile, not something that's aimed at most people or attracting new customers. In other words, these phones are there to be there instead of releasing nothing. I'm fine with that and I understand. The cost of marketing them is probably not worth the effort. Hopfully, we'll see a bigger rollout and marketing effort with the Surface Phone, or whatever it will be called. Since that's a device that will have bigger ambitions
  • Yeah, that makes sense.
  • Carrier interest is not the same as "we will allow you (Microsoft) to control and issue updates".
  • Verizon had interest in WP before, but they want their own variant and they want it to look different.  Sprint hasn't carried a WP device in ages (they do have the 635 on their network through MVNOs) T-Mobile never showed that much interest in high end WP. The low end phones did very well for them but it seems their current strategy is to go after iPhone users as hard as they can. So they might have shown interest but probably weren't serious enough to sell the phones as one model (the same way iPhones and Galaxys are sold).  I'm not surprised Microsoft isn't as willing to make special carrier variants as Nokia was. 
  • Dammit Microsoft.  WTF.
  • I think Microsoft didn't call, and that didn't bother John Legere until people started harassing him about it.
    Haven't heard anymore about it from him have you?
  • Good point.
  • Agree about Wifi calling. I've had three dropped calls EVER, and they were all over Wifi.
  • I assume wi-fi callin has to be better on other phones if they make such a big deal about it. But I can be sitting within 20 of my router and at some point during the call it will tell me I'm out of range. Happens all the time so I stopped trying to use it. That being said, we drop calls all the time in our area with T-Mobile, but it's gotten better, and I want the 950 or the XL to take advantage of the new extended range LTE.
  • Both the 950 and 950 XL according to the FAQ on support VoWiFi and VoLTE.
  • I think the carrier has to support it though, right? Cause Tmo has their own wi-fi calling app that enables it on their phones. Maybe with the phone supporting it natively it'll just be a setting you can turn on that will activate it?
  • WiFi Calling is imbedded in the 640, prior to that it was an app supplied by T-Mobile. The issue will be 911 calls on Band 12 if VoLte isn't supported.
    With all the speculation, rumors and guessing going on somebody will have to put a T-Mobile Sim in one to know for sure.
  • If the damn phone would just come out already we'd know because my SIM is going right in!
  • I have a fresh T-Mobile nano-sim waiting patiently. I keep telling them to send ma a 950, I'll be glad to test in on the UnWindows Carrier.
  • my Tmo Biz rep said if the phone has it it will work. i also was on the phone with Microsoft for 3h and they said it will work with Tmo WiFi calling
  • Cricket may be a good carrier to switch to.
  • Can you say AT&T.
  • Exactly. :)  you can use ATT locked (and often subsidized) phones on Cricket as well.  The Lumia 640 that is $60 at Best Buy right now works great.  Yet another reason to switch.
  • I've heard the unlocked one works with TMobile, right?
  • Yeah, it should. I checked the bands and if I remember right it supports all of T-Mobiles including the new band 12 (extended range LTE). At least that's what I'm planning on! Love my 925 but it's time to move on...
  • Woo! Another 925 brother(sister?)! This smexy hunk of aluminum and polycarbonite has served me well for over 2 years. Time to retire her.
  • Ha, brother! But yeah, I'm going on close to 2 years with it too. Kept it in really good shape, and it's actually running Win10 pretty well, save for the occasional hang-up. But always liked this phone, just ready for something bigger and faster.
  • Same! Got mine the day it launched on T-mobile. The power button doesn't work anymore, and the back is coming up on one edge, but the camera still puts others to shame.
  • Yeah, the camera is still awesome. Never had a complaint about it!
  • My 925 fell, it still works but now I have a dent on it. This dent depriciated it so it doesn't go with my suit anymore. But I went to another country on vacation and called T-mobile to unlock my phone and got alot of BS. so I don't want no more lock phone b'cus I was unable to use it when I needed it most. I will buy unlock from MS store thank u.
  •   920- 950xl. The wait has been too long now and finally it is here. Only if the preorder dates were there. Ironically Mozo accessories will ship my 950xl leather case on nov 16 and I hope the phone is my hand before that.
  • It will work with every GSM carrier worldwide, so yeah.
  • yes and Band 12 should help with coverage inside buildings also
  • And in his tweets Mr. Legere extended an invitation to bring yours to T-Mobile.
  • We all need to go back and read this
  • Cool, thanks for passing that on. I guess you can picture the possibility of walking in to a Microsoft store and sitting down to play with a Surface and having a Surface phone right next to. Or maybe once we get halfway through next year and the 950 and 950XL are "old", perhaps as a promotion they'll throw in a 950 with the purchase of a Surface, or discount it heavily when you buy a Surface, or I guess Surface Book for that matter. You could certainly see businesses taking advantage of that. They have to buy laptops or tablets for their employees anyway, why not grab a phone at the same time?
  • Thanks for the update, Dan. I wonder if the MS Store would have availability sooner?
  • Man it sucks to live in Canada and not have to be able to get the phone easily.
  • Well I will just hold on to my 1520 since they're not offering the 950XL.
  • I hear ya. It will be tough enough going down to 5.7" after getting used to 6" for sure. I played with a 1520 for a while once, and it was SO hard to go back to my regular phone.
  • You could always buy one unlocked, better in the long run, plus you can sell your 1520 to make up some of the cost. I think the broken ones are still fetching $180, not sure what the proper ones are getting right now.
  • Why is it better to buy unlocked?
  • The cost of the phone minus what you pay as the "on contract price" gets made up in the savings of having a cheaper plan. You don't have to worry about the carrier adding extra junk to the phone, no possibility of the carrier removing stuff from the phone (though that likely won't happen with the 950) You actually own your device so you are not in debt.. there are more reasons but I have to get on the road so I don't sit in too much traffic.
  • 1. You're not carrier dependant 2. You own it. 3. You're not carrier dependant
  • Well you can always pay more than the monthly payment and still own the phone if you want to. I know a lot of people here are against the carriers but for most folks, their carrier options suit them just fine. In fact, if that weren't the case the carriers wouldn't be in such high demand in the first place. There's value to both options. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have a 'broken' 1520 which works fine, except for minor screen jumping at times.  Didn't exactly get offered around $180.  So, not sure if your estimate is entirely accurate.
  • thanks Daniel - finally some info on pricing and bundles! good to hear some news :)
  • Att Next 30 $18.30, 24 $22.88, 20 $27.45.... Really want to go with the XL but no Next option.
  • Same
  • Apply for a 0% interest credit card. You'll have a lower bill on your monthly plan. and put that toward the CC
  • You do realize not everyone has good enough credit to get a 0% interest credit card right. Otherwise I'd have one. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • In all honesty, if you don't have good enough credit for that, you shouldn't be locking yourself into a 2 year contract to put yourself in debt, or be buying the most expensive phone in the line that you are interested in. 
  • But if you can EASILY afford the monthly payments along with everything you have going on your life you can hardly qualify that as debt. Just some perspective from someone not you. Do you know anyone that got a phone on contract that couldn't afford it? One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • The difference is, my perspective is based on fact, and yours isn't. Being able to easily afford something doesn't mean it's not debt. Debt is debt, if you HAVE to make monthly payments, it's debt, just like a car payment or a mortgage. Also yes, I do know people that have got phones on contract that couldn't afford it, but I don't see how that matters.
  • Well that's fine. All debt is not bad debt. Especially if you can EASILY afford something over a long period of time. But hey man, it's cool. Have a good one. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • RaRa85.....LG V10 doesn't run Windows (yet). Go buy one at Verizon on contract. And you're looking for Android Central, you got the wrong app!
  • I already have the LG V10 on T-Mobile and I've been with Windows Phone from day one up until last year so I've been around for quite a while. I will return to Windows 10 Mobile when the time is right. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Fix your credit then buy a $650 phone
  • Trust me I'm doing that very thing now by building my credit and paying my things off on time. It's funny how you guys come here to tell people what to do instead of adressing the real issue that Microsoft's availability strategy is largely flawed. Exclusive. Exclusive. Exclusive. You can't continue to boast about the best Windows Phone products yet limit them to one carrier while other carriers get something of lesser value or nothing at all and expect customers to be fine with it. I bought the Lumia 920.I bought the Lumia 1020 which was left behind software wise faster than you can say Lumia 1520 so I've been down that road. I have no problem admitting that spending $650 on a phone versus spending $27 a month and using the $623 on things of far greater importance is not in my best interest right now. That is the value of going through a carrier for me personally. It you have the money to spend on a phone outright good for you but don't try to dictate what's best for me just because you can do it. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • "Just come on over to Android until the app ecosystem is saturated with the bridge apps and more carriers jump on board." You should practice what you preach.
  • Good point. It doesn't matter though cause my point was that 9 times out of 10 the majority of people will be able to get the best phone of a rivaling OS on their carrier. That's my issue with Windows Phone. Always has been. How does an unlocked phone help Sprint and Verizon customers? Should we all just switch to AT&T? Or maybe we should be like you and buy unlocked and apply for 0% credit cards? One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Ditto
  • A salesperson in the Microsoft Store in Toronto also told me today that they are also thinking that they would be available on Nov 20. He didn't know about a pre-order date.
  • I wonder what AT&T will do to nerf it this time. My wife needs a replacement for her 1020, but I'm worried about AT&T screwing up the 950 somehow -- either by finding a way to withhold updates or changing the hardware somehow.
  • I dont think there's a chance they mess with the hardware.
    Also, if I understand correctly, she can get on the insider program (slow ring if needed) to bypass at&t's update stuff. It's not ideal,but it's a solution
  • I think the best option for a workaround would be to join the insider program on the slow ring when they roll out an "RTM build" (I know it's not technically called RTM anymore, but can't think of a better phrase lol), then opt back out after the update is installed. Heck, i would probably do that even if my carrier was going to push the update "soon-ish". 
  • And that's probably the main reason I'm considering paying full price to buy the unlocked version from MS. As long as it doesn't have AT&T specific software or is otherwise tied to AT&T, it's worth considering. The lower price with us on contract would be nice but not after the shenanigans AT&T keeps pulling for MS phones. :(
  • The unlocked versions wont have any carrier bloat. WOuldn't make sense to sell something carrier unlocked with carrier bloat.   Also, I recommend looking into the non-contract plans. When I was on AT&T we switched from 2 contracted devices, to their BYOD / "Pay as You Go" plan (I can't remember exactly what it's called) and bought unlocked phones online. Price of the devices worked out the same as what we would have paid over the course of 2 years, given that the contract plans cost more. WHen you BYOD AT&T deducts $15 per line off your bill when you're on their "Pay as You Go" plan, which is already a bit cheaper than thier contracts (or at least it was for us). 
  • I'll definitely look into that. I was a bit frustrated by the long delays w/ the 830 updates and really don't want to deal with that sort of frustration waiting for them to approve future updates. I'm seriously considering switching to the wal-mart plan as well with an unlocked device - more data, lower rates, possibly the freedom to tether without paying exorbitant extra amounts....  I haven't had issues with the quality of service, but always feel really limited unless I pay more.
  • Yea, I switched to T-Mobile because i use unlocked devices, and wanted unlimited data. Plus, I travel out of the country a lot, and AT&T charges an insane ammount if you use your phone outside the US. It was like $30 for 100MB. With T-Mobile I get unlimited data (supposed to be 3G, but I always get 4G and LTE, lol), and unlimited SMS in ~120 countries. 
  • Ever try a gevey sim chip? Worked for me in Oz then used Vodafone as a carrier.
  • that's great if you have a dual sim phone, then you don't miss calls when the region specific SIM is in. when I travel that's why I take an Android phone, for data use (and sadly, a few apps ).
  • AT&T has alreadystated that Microsoft will be in charge of the updates, as has Microsoft. Microsoft will have total control of updates on all devices that are already on Windows 10. No more carrier restrictions.
  • Save yourself the headache and get it direct from Microsoft and this way you don't have to deal with headache of repairs and them trying to force you to another phone when it breaks.
  • I think Microsoft had a talk with AT&T about that. The 830 mysteriously got it's Denim update shortly after they announced about the 950.
  • I sure hope the final release of the OS is way better than 10581, because it's still pretty buggy and choppy on my Lumia 1520.
  • Same here. It is worrisome. It started out fine but in the last day I have been having issues with text messages and cell service going in and out. I don't know if this is some coincidental hardware issue or what. Either way while 10581 works it is still pretty rough compared to 8.1 or the competing OSs. :/
  • Same here on my 1020. 10581 was the first Insider build that I tried at it absolutely sucked. It kept kicking me back to the start screen when trying to start apps. I had to go back to 8.1. Based on what I saw, I'm going to be staying on 8.1 until my phone dies and then move on to something else. I've been using Windows phone since 7 and loved it. But with 10, the whole metro design philosophy is deader than road kill. Now, it's just a mishmash of hamburger menus and inconsistent UI design.
  • You are so right. 8.1 to this day is way better than 10. MS lost a year building a new OS that is inferior to 8.1. This will not help sales of the new phones. I see very little or no reason for ios or android users to make the switch. Furthermore, as MS keeps improving their services on IOS and android there is less reason to stick with 10 mobile. I'm still on the fence about what my next phone will be. I would like to stick with windows hoping that big improvements will come soon, but we all know that MS is extremely unpredictable and could pull the plug on our OS tomorrow.
  • The problem is that the latest build available to us is still far from finished and incredibly rough compared to where Windows 10 was less than a month prior to launch. So unless they are a dozen builds ahead and testing internally, the only option I see is that they release a half-baked OS that will only upset users and push them further away from Windows Mobile. I'd love to pick up an XL, but my recent experience with W10MPreview is less than stellar and a big step backwards from 8.1. So I'll be waiting a while and see how things play out and likely pick up the XL at a nice discount.
  • What would be interesting to know is whether Microsoft stores will have the devices in store same day - presume so , but would be nice to know :) I wonder when ATT will make the "announcement" :)
  • These are my thoughts on the whole Windows 10 Mobile issue both handsets and operating system
    Tech Times reports here that a Surface Phone running an x86 based Atom processor will appear in the first half 2016. Will this be the Panos Panay’s team build effort which would bring certainly the quality and Surface branding to the currently lagging Window Mobile OS. It presents a problem though, rumors could well hurt the existing lineup including the seemingly forever pending launch of the 950 and 950XL Lumias.  The Windows Mobile faithful users who are probably 99% running on the Windows 10 Insider builds are clammering for a worthy device they can call a flagship.  Many consider the 950’s too late to the party already – before they have even launched.  The 950’s have little to no carrier support too.  These will not be the devices to dramatically increase Windows 10 Mobile marketshare.  So do these devices and adoption in general suffer while everyone waits for the rumored handsets – I guess time and sales will tell.  Microsoft’s marketing efforts on Windows Mobile 10 have been non-existent and probably won’t change. Surface Phone could be the game changer based on brand association alone but again with Microsoft’s timing, marketing and general lackluster effort to push their own platform it could again be a flop. The teasers of x86 compatibility and Continuum are worth getting excited about, I would rather wait for the Surface Phone than invest in the 950’s.  I wonder how many other Windows Insiders feel the same.
  • I agree with you that these devices are not game changers and probably not promoted heavily by Microsoft for that reason, and also the reason why it's not available on most carriers. I don't think they expect these to be a success, but more like devices, really good ones in many aspects, for fans who are on windows mobile and want new hardware.
    However,if a surface phone comes out, I would think it would happen next October at the devices event, not before. Also,all that talk about x86 and stuff is speculation and rumors so far. It will be a unique phone for sure, but we don't know yet what angle microsoft will take. I'm looking forward to it though!
  • Problem is Windows 10 is meant to be the game changer!  How can they miss any opportunity to sell Windows 10 Mobile - three screens and the cloud, mobile first, cloud first.  Microsoft puts it's own operating system third - behind iOS and Android.  I guess I just don't understand why they would not have a bigger splash/launch for the Mobile OS.  Maybe the drive is just Microsoft on screens and the percentages obviously swing in the iOS and Android camps so meets revenue targets/maximum number of screens.
  • Ok, I don't think Microsoft is going for market share anymore. Mobile is just going to be a necessary tool within the system.
    Windows 10 is the product, Surface, Mobile, Xbox are your devices.
    As for Android and iOS apps from Microsoft. It's where the money is! They're a software company. They're not turning their backs on Windows Mobile, but something's got to pay the bills.
    And you can look at it this way. They're creeping in Androids back door.
  • This is exactly right and Satya has said as much without perhaps explicitly saying it. That said, we have to realize that outside of the US, particularly in the European countries, Windows Phone/Mobile is a much bigger deal. Apps are plentiful from most major product/service providers. And the platform is growing. Unfortunately, because of the way our mobile networks are setup and the way carriers are incented sell phones (primarily on contract for a discounted price or free to lock in an expensive contract), people never took to Windows Phone and as such relatively few apps have been created. But it's certainly a chicken and egg problem. Because if developers would develop the apps, which don't cost all that much to develop because developing for Windows Mobile is incredibly easy compared to iOS and Android, people would more readily adopt Windows Mobile, etc.
  • You have to rethink "Game Changer". Microsoft isn't changing the rules for the "Phone Wars" Game. They're starting a completely new game. It's getting ready for Beyond the Smartphone.
  • Agree. If Panos were excited about the phones, he would have shown it, like he has from the beginning with the Surface. Microsoft's new tactic is business first, enthusiast second, regular consumer third. Although in European markets this may be a bit different because Windows Phone/Mobile has meaningful marketshare there and there really isn't an app gap, certainly not like in the US. Continuum is the first legitimate step to our phones becoming our computers, just like Windows 8 was the first step towards OS unification. The next logical step will be an x86 or similarly capable phone, perhaps with a processor/graphics doc of some sort. The first push will be to businesses, then enthusiasts, then regular consumers after the quirks have been ironed out. Perhaps on the 3rd or 4th iteration.
  • I'm getting the xl, and if a nice surface phone is release, i will sell or give away my xl and get the sp.
  • Same here. I will either get the XL or an iPhone for now, still hesitating. But will buy the surface phone, or whatever the next real flagship device is called, regardless of what device I buy now.
  • If you "give away" your XL please send me a PM so I can send you a prepaid shipping box.
  • For me, they were too late. I got on WP in Oct of 2010 I think with the first Samsung Focus. My last two phones were the 1520 and the Icon. Last Wednesday I jumped ship for the iPhone 6s Plus. I hate almost everything about it, but the apps are there. I just couldn't justify making excuses for MS anymore. The 950's are going to be quality I'm sure, but hardware isn't enough. I can't live with "coming soon(tm)" for things like the two bridge projects or universal apps. The morning I heard Cortana was coming to the iPhone I was gone. Sadly, EVERY one of Microsoft's own apps are markedly better on the iphone. Every friggin' one. The instant the app story is solved, I'll go back. I just finally decided I've spent too much time waiting and there's been too precious little delivered. 5 years is a long time to wait for things to come together.
  • intermittently i will use teh iphone 5s that my wife has and i am reminded how much i dont like the keyboard on it - iv been using a 520 with 8.1 and 521 with windows 10 mobile, while waiting for these flagships to arrive and have no issues with typing or using wordflow (swiping) but i cant type for anything on the iphone - its just plain horrible :)
  • I agree about the iPhone keyboard. I've only used it a few times, so one could argue I'm just not used to it, but it was a very subpar experience after using a Windows Phone for so long.
  • I've has the Focus, and still have the 1520 (running W10M), and to sit there and say you waited 5 years "for thongs to come together" makes exactly ZERO sense.
    Either you didn't have the 1520, or didn't ever upgrade the OS, or are full of baloney.
  • I'm bored by this line of analysis, it's the same one as an article several days ago.   I still see Continuum as a fringe feature for the vast majority of the market until perhaps five to ten years out.  It will be nice that MS will have already staked out ground on the issue and will be leading the way, however in the short term Continuum is nothing but a bragging point for some geeks and a rarely used feature for the majority of the market.   That's not to say that a minority of the market may have use for the feature, however for most of us we will have little use for Continuum in the short term. I'm also continually amazed at how people are looking forward to x86 compatibility when I know damn well when it's about to launch these forums will be full of people whinning about the yet again reboot of Windows Phone/Mobile and questioning x86 app availability and suitability for a mobile form factor. The 950/950XL meet the criteria that many of us were hoping for; 32gb of internal memory with SD card support, QI charging, a removable back and replaceable battery, plus an iris scanner/Windows Hello makes for a very welcome addition.   What the 950/XL primarily lacks is an aesthetic touch that could have been as simple as the 925's metal trim. Yea, I certainly can imagine the desire to drink as one reads through the forums.....
  • how can I have forgotten the inclusion of Glance, it's one of the signature features of Lumia phones and was sorely missed on the Icon.....
  • I find a good Single Malt Scotch helps with some of the RaRa's on here.
  • Went to a friend's place for dinner last night. He works on the WP team, and I got to play with his 950XL. I wanted the XL, but was worried about the size being too big. It is slightly larger than my 830, and was surprised at how good the OS was vs. some of the earlier builds I tried on my 635 test phone. The size, weight, and feel of the phone was good. I will be lining up whenever it is released.
  • Didn't ask when the target release date was or did he just not know or want to say?
  • I want the xl, it would be nice if Microsoft had some payment plan. I should have the money saved up soon tho.
  • I'll wait for the dual sim 950 XL
  • Windows Hello not available on day one sounds like fake Denim BS again. No thanks! I'll take my chances this time around with the XL through the MS store once it's confirmed to have all the latest bug free updates. Guess I'll be waiting until Redstone. Lol.
  • Windows Hello Beta was seen to be working in most of the hands on demos (although they could not unlock it as it was set up with a reps face and not the demoer) and then you have the video posted by Tafsern, also embedded in an article posted a few days ago.
  • Will there really be 3 different memory options? I thought it was just going to be 32GB, not 64 or 128....
  • Sorry, was an error. Just 32GB + micro SD
  • No problem. I'd pay extra for an XL with 128GB though...
  • Microsoft lists only 32 GB embedded:
    Memory Mass memory: 32 GB RAM: 3 GB Maximum memory card size5: 200 GB Expandable memory card type: MicroSD User data storage: In device, OneDrive cloud storage, App and data storage on memory card
  • Microsd card denominations, Daniel could have easily included 4, 8 and 16 but why bother? No one is going to be buying anything less than 32 gigs these days as they are pretty damn cheap. For instance you can get a 32 gig micro sd card less than £7 on amazon.
  • But why would you want a slow card that cheap? How about something as fast as 95 MB/s? That's what I've gone for....
  • I'm thinking of going that direction myself. Can you tell any difference in the speed?
  • BRUH, B-R-U-H
  • Stupid Microsoft, I wanted it on T-Mobile. Exclusivity doesn't work anymore! Learn from Apple
  • It's not exclusive if they sell the phone unlocked at the same time.
  • Will wifi calling work, will it work as a hotspot?  Can you JUMP? 
  • I have a preorder for the XL at the Microsoft Store but was worried about no payment option. Guess I'll have to pay cash which is a bummer since there will be no att next program offered
  • At&t is releasing the wrong phone. Should've went with the xl.
  • Honestly, after handling both during the Oct 6 event, the differences are almost negligible. This is not like the 930 vs 1520.
  • Interesting Dan and thanks for this info....however, I have been informed by Microsoft Lumia Help via Twitter, that AT&T will indeed carry the L-950XL......?  
  • However, Lumia designers inserted the camera washer to get a few people the buy the XL. LOL.
  • having seen it in person, i honestly don't get what the hang up is about that ring on the 950....
  • It will probably launch at $199 on contract, thus making it less of an option for those who would want to give Windows 10 Mobile a try because they would say "For $199, I may as well get an iPhone or Galaxy S phone. I hope it does come in at $99, that price is better for mindshare and is a great starting price. Downside is if Microsoft prices it that low, consumers will expect the successors to be priced cheaply on contract. Personally, I'd hope for a price relative to Microsoft's eagerness to gain marketshare on not one to price themselves out of market and mindshare. Sure, the phone and OS combination is worth the $199 but Microsoft is facing an uphill battle and it will be interesting to see what price segment they go after. Price it cheaply and it may be view as a "cheap" phone, not in the same league as other highend phones with lesser hardware. Price it the same as competitors and reps and reviewers are going to cite the app gap and how "for the same money" you can get something else. Either way, I am buying it on day one via AT&T Next.
  • If the 950 is 99USD, then that would make sense IF the 950XL ever came to a carrier as it may come at 199?   good to see you again Decon - havnt seen you post anything since "mynokiablog" days! im with you - XL when it pops up - but ill be buying it unlocked so that i can get updates when they come out - may or may not continue windows insider on the 950XL, but will likely keep it up on a 521
  • Yes indeed, $99 would make sense if the XL was coming on the carrier for $199. Thank you, relating to MyNokiaBlog. I am still on the MNB team, and GeekOnGadgets but I haven't written anything in months, nor have I published any YouTube videos. My free time for article writing has dwindled to almost zero, I barely get time to write comments on websites. I've thought about publishing articles on MNB to just keep up with the latest news, like "Hey, new app" but my writing style has always been one that contains thousands of words, dozens of pictures and a video or two thrown in and time has not afforded a commitment to my passion for writing (sometiems too wordy) about technology. I am hoping, with the release of the Lumia 950 and the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation in the US, I will have time for a review, app reviews, camera comparisons, videos and more. Thanksgiving is usually spent with family so I may not accomplish many of those but I am hoping. I look forward to writing again and getting back into interacting with the community in an official capacity. I appreciate you mentioning the mynokiablog days, it is good to be remembered.  I probably will not continue Windows Insider on my 950 unless some groundbreaking feature comes that I simply cannot wait for the public release but I'll surely keep using one of my other Lumias as test devices. Thanks for your reply and for all of your past support of MyNokiaBlog, Deaconclgi (Demitrius Harris)  
  • Well - i did enjoy reading your full featured articles and reviews there on MNB. I sure hope you get some time in the future, but if you dont, then i hope you enjoy the device you end up with... I'm still looking forward to the bump up from the 808 Pureview to perhaps the 950XL... been using my 520 with 8.1 and the 521 with Windows 10 Mobile... Enjoy!
  • Another viable marketing option would have been for MS to play up the Continuum feature to the public, teaser style, and then offer the phone at $199 on contract with a free dock for the first 30 days.
    They could also have a promotion they worked with AT&T to allow people within 3-4 months of their upgrade date go ahead and do so at no additional charge/penalty.
    They could also have offered a promotion of a significant discount on the 950 and/or 950XL with the purchase of a new Surface 4 for the first "x" days.  This would have had those buyers, and early reviewers, not only raving about their new computer, but also given WP10/950/950XL a chance to bask in the glow and gain relevance and marketshare by association. There's a myriad of possible ploys and promotions they could have done if they cared to, with MS and the carrier being the only two parties that needed to agree to things.  It still makes no sense to me that they wouldn't want this on T-Mobile at the same time, to take advantage of the holiday shopping frenzy.  But no, they'll allow TM users to just get the latest iPhone or Android for Christmas, and have yet that many more people locked into a competeing ecosystem.  I suppose I could say the same for Verizon, but I freaking hate Verizon so much that I won't say the same for them. When you're in an embaressingly distant 3rd, you should take custoimers from any place you can get them.
  • I like all of your ideas. Another would be to pay each willing ATT rep $200 to demo a 950 for the next month. That's a key engagement right there.
  • That sounds risky. It could easily turn the salesman off Windows phones if they are used to the other platforms. The app gap will be very apparent. Normal people are not going to enjoy Windows. It is for fanboys, even Microsoft admits that now. They are not looking for mass market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And yes 99.9% of people won't even know it
  • Lucky buggers lol
  • Friday the 13th.    
  • at&t already said they are carrying the XL
  • No, no they did not. Please do not spread misinformation. Thanks.
  • Yes, yes they did. Please see their twitter feed. Oct. 6 @ 6:36 PM
  • Microsoft Lumia US official Facebook account also confirmed this on October 8 in comments
  • At&t is NOT selling the 950XL - yet. It's up to MS.
  • Do you have links to these? It'd be nice to see a source because I can't seem to find the info that you're talking about.
  • They said both the 950 and 950 xl would be available in November, but not that they would be carrying both.
  • So I just went through the pain of scrolling back through their twitter feed... jeez, they post a lot... Anyway, I don't see the post you're referring to. I *do* see the posts on October 6 and 7 about the Lumia 950, though. Perhaps they retracted the post you're referring to?
  • The tweet is still there
  • Link or it's not there. Yeah, I am just being lazy. :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just looked up their Twitter feed - It only says the 950.  Pluse their announcement only says the 950.
  • From an article I just read on The Verge, seems like Microsoft will sell only the 950XL unlocked in it's stores. At least for the time being, looks like AT&T is our only choice for the smaller 950.
  • From an article I just read on The Verge, seems like Microsoft will sell only the 950XL unlocked in it's stores.  At least for the time being, looks like AT&T is our only choice for the smaller 950.
  • I don't trust that post.  I've seen the same response from VZW saying that these phones will work on their network when we know it won't.  I think that we need to wait on AT&T for an official announcement or we'll be going to the MSFT store.
  • also just got confirmation that the XL will be available from at&t at a later date
  • I was told by my Corporate AT&T Sales rep that they will be getting the 950XL 1 month after the launch of the 950. They were told internally that MSFT withheld the 950XL on purpose to sell it through the store unlocked for 1 month.
  • Don't believe anything you read. And only half of what you see.
  • Freakin hose-heads lol.
  • They'll sell hundreds!
  • Oh no! How could they?? AT&T is ruining our lives! First they buy Directv, then not offering 950XL, then taking too long to release 950.....then.....OMG!!!! What are we going to do? I realize the only difference between 950 an 950XL is the XL...... I realize 161 Million children are starving worldwide.... But how can we help if we dont have access to our 950XL?   Geez People.....Calm down.......        
  • Lumia 950XL is on sale in the Microsoft Store for $584.10. Save $64.90.
  • Correct link:
  • Says $649.00 when I clik the links?
  • Strange, it is now showing $649 when I click the links too. I took a screenshot earlier and posted it to my OneDrive account. Maybe someone accidentally posted the Black Friday deal on the phone?  
  • You were probably logged in to the Education site which gives you a 10% discount on most items. (That is how I can get the $584.10 price to show up.)
  • OR! send the 950 XL to Denmark before 3 December. because I pre-ordered it and can not wait, so please take the pants above the knees, and send the bloody phone!
  • So being this is 11 days away the phones must be sitting in warehouses now with what version of the OS on them?
  • Who knows! I'll guess it'll be the 10586 build that will be out this week
  • What did I say!?! The stores have posters up advertising the 950, after this past weeks holiday refresh, and we release devices roughly every two weeks.
  • So I think W10 Mobile is ready
  • No 950XL at ATT im just going to stick with the 1520 then... Not paying 649$ for the unlocked XL...
  • "AT&T is unfortunately not expected to carry the Lumia 950 XL, something we noted way back in July."   Um actually didn't AT&T say that they ARE going to carry the 950 XL, the only thing that was in question was when?
  • No they didn't. Not officially. The only times "at&t" said it was in a twitter and a facebook comment replies. Which is more likely to mean that whoever was writing it didn't know the difference between the 950 and 950xl and just mistakenly said yes,rather than an actual confirmation.
  • I don't understand why people are bitching that T-Mo won't be carrying these.  While I loved my Lumia 925 when I purchased it from T-Mo, I hated that it was released 6 months later than Lumia 920 yet costed $50 more compared to ATT's 920.  T-Mo already got rid of subsidy so you would be paying the full price of the phone and their devices tend to be more expensive than other carriers, so why buy the phone from them when you could just buy it unlocked from MS store?  Their "exclusive" apps are just junk anyways.  I've never used any of their apps on my 925.  
  • Do you really think that $99/on-contract price is accurate? If so, then hell yeah I will get a 950! I was thinking $200-$250 would be closer to the price.
  • That is a guess on our part.
  • Going from the history, my guess would be $199 initially, perhaps with some rebate deal, and then drop to $99 for "special" offers and permanently after Xmas. But hope you are right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If the 950 is $100 on contract it would be nice to have the dock bundled with it for a limited time, even if it $150 bundled together it would be a nice deal.
  • ATT screwed the Mumia 830 and still gets exclusive deals. Must be nice to get But I think this is the same day The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2 comes out so that would actually be set to be a blockbuster day for ATT customers. Can't be mad at that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Verizon screwed the ICON. T-Mobile screwed the 710 and 810. Sprint refused phones altogether. MICROSOFT screwed the 830 more than anyone else when they made it into a budget device with a nice camera for a high-end price tag. That thing was a slap in the face to any sensible customer.
  • Well technically Microsoft screwed the 710 and 810 by changing their cores or kernels (or something like that) when they rebooted the OS to WP8. If I'm not mistaken all the WP8 phones on T-Mobile received all the proper updates.(I could be wrong) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, the 810 was the T-Mobile 820 variant, which ran WP8, and they gave it no support (IDK that it even got to 8.1). I also don't believe that the 710 got to WP7.8. They're the absolute worst for softwarte support. While the others are all slow with some updates, T-Mobile's the only one who has jumped to tell people no support will ever come.
  • Why would they waste time updating phones that didn't sell? They have plenty of models that were successful and they are going to be prioritized. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes I remember now and you are correct. Truth is those devices were not in high demand for T-Mobile customers. I was in Windows Phone at the time(can't remember which device I was using) but I was too busy eyeing down all the better devices ATT had. As a T-Mobile customer most of my Windows Phone were bought unlocked that were AT&T branded and that's why I refused to buy unlocked today. Cause I've already been there and done that and the Lumia 1020 was the last one I bought unlocked that really left a bad taste in my mouth with just how fast it became outdated software wise. I think if Microsoft face T-Mobile another chance with either of these two new flagships, the sales would be there for sure. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • So screw the customers that actually bought the phone because they didn't promote it?  I was had both the 710 and 810 on tmobile and refuse to buy another tmobile branded device ever again.  So you bought ATT branded devices without the proper radios to use on tmobile and you didn't have a good experience?  Imagine that?  Unlocked is the way to go unless you really need wifi calling.
  • You're right, if you look at the numbers for Windows Phones in the US, they don't make up for much of the 3%.
    My problem with T-Mobile and Windows came with the 640. From the time it was announced for Tmo until the "Launch" (at WalMart) somebody dropped the ball. The way it was handled insured it's failure at T-Mobile. Which is sad because they could have sold thousands with about 1% of the effort they put into the iPhone launch.
    If John Legere had a serious meeting with Microsoft about the 950/950XL, T-Mobile could blow the doors off anything AT&T will do with it. If he can understand what needs to be done to market these things he can be the carrier of choice for Microsoft.
  • And that's exactly what I hope happens. T-Mobile gets a flagship Windows 10 Mobile phone and markets the neck out of it. But there are still a few apps I need to be there for me to make the switch back also like the Uber partner app for drivers. I think it will definitely happen in 2016 though. The Lumia 950 will be a success and other carriers will be on board to promote the OS. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Bummer. Was waiting to hear about the 950 XL availability...
  • XL is so hard to accept. I don't know what I'm going to do for a phone right now, to be honest. I want the XL, but won't hve the extra cash to throw down until probably January or February. I could go 950 and see about a Surface Phone next summer, but that's uncertain to be a flagship device anyway. If either version (AT&T 950 or Microsoft Store 950 XL) comes with a Continuum dock, I'll probably go with it.
  • Meanwhile, the Priv is on big red too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was at my local At&t store yesterday and the rep. Told me they are supposed to receive 2 Lumia's this month or 1 now and the other early to mid Dec. He didn't say which but I'm hoping its the XL. I can't afford it unlocked and that's the phone I want the 950 is too small.
  • Hoping for the XL, but the other phone could be the 550.
  • That's what I thought too :'(
  • ATT wont carry the XL. Only Microsoft will have it.
  • I have the 1520. I can't go back to a smaller screen now. #:(
  • I doubt 0.3 inches will make a very noticeable difference. I have the 1520 too
  • .8" difference from 1520 to 950..
  • Well I obviously was talking about the XL
  • Going to the 950 not an option after using 1520 for year and a half. 950XL maybe- we'll see how much of difference that .3" makes..
  • For anyone who can't afford to pay the phones unlocked... I hope Best Buy offers them, because they have an offer to finance purchases (over $500) over a period of 18 months if you get their store card (comes back down to 12 months on November 21st I think). And you can get the card right there in the store in minutes. I hope the phones make it there!
    Amazon has 12 months financing too
  • Or you could just use a credit card.
  • Ok mr smartass... There are two advantages of using a financing program like this
    1. It is easier to get approved for a store card than a credit card
    2. Most importantly, by financing over a set number of months like this, you do not pay interest as long as the device is paid up by the end of those months. With a credit card, you pay interest every month you're borrowing the money
  • I'll be getting XL on day one, by driving to Natick. My only question for Windows 10 Mobile will be, if Outlook is a Universal App, then why can I create contact groups and email them on the phone but not on the f-ing app on Win 10 desktop where it is actually sorely needed. What is with that?
  • It seems really odd to me that AT&T wouldn't also offer the 950XL. Also, is AT&T's release date exclusive to them or will the 950 be available from Microsoft stores as well? What Microsoft really needs to do is get these in stores everywhere. Pay for kiosks so that the phones are prominently displayed. For years now we've seen that AT&T is a terrible partner. I realize that they've done a better job of supporting the platform than the competition, but that isn't really saying much. At the end of the month we'll really get to see if anything has changed. If AT&T is serious about pushing this phone, or if it will languish in a forgotten corner while sales people steer consumers towards iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.
  • November 20 is likely across the board in the US for Microsoft Stores and the XL (unlocked) too.
  • So they make us wait 2 years for a new premium phone. And finally decide to release two new phones, but only make them available to one carrier. Then allow the one carrier to only carry one of the phones. Wow...............WTH? What a great way to shaft the people that were supporting the 1520 and we're looking for an upgrade. Strange logic they are using.
  • Or AT&T just didn't want the 950 XL because Windows Phone is not a popular phone OS.
  • Then why let a carrier that only wants to carry one phone be the only initial carrier? Once again, strange logic...
  • Probably because other carriers want to carry zero of them (despite the fact that T-mobile's CEO said they would carry it, doesn't mean he means it or that they would support it properly when if it's done) Also At&t is the carrier that has traditionally sold more Windows Phone, so that might be a reason they're more open to it.
  • The reason they didn't develop a deal with Verizon (and presumably Sprint and Tmo) is because Verizon (and company) wanted to have control over updates, which would've sucked for consumers because WM10 will be continually updated. Likewise, that's why MS did not pursue CDMA certification because it would've led customers to falsely believe the devices would be supported by Verizon--which they wouldn't be. Lastly, relax.
  • You mean like customers were led to falsely believe/hope that Att would carry the phone since they're the only known carrier? Gotcha;)...... The Att deal is just stellar. I'm not upset. Just disappointed and giving my observation of the situation that I think is a terrible business move. It's like they're not even trying to make the product successful.
  • What about unlocked 950 at MS Store?? Same date?
  • Yes, presumably.
  • Maybe a dumb question, but is there any reason to buy the 950 from AT&T instead of the unlocked version from Microsoft?  (Other than the financing options)
  • Nope. The only drawback of buying from ATT is that the phone will likely be branded as such. For me, I'm probably going to pick one up at the MS store.
  • When are they going to be set to release the 950XL ; )
  • I'm actually excited for this. I'd like to see one in person, but I'm leaning toward a 950 dual sim, if one is available.
  • I'm curious as to why ATT is concerned about Windows Hello if this is a feature of the actual phone and not their service.   Are they toying with it or trying to get it as a carrier exclusive?
  • You must have misunderstood. At&t is not concerned about Windows Hello. It's just that they don't know if it'll be ready for launch, because the software itself might not be ready. No problem here
  • Well I'm not happy cause my Lumia 1520 is not compatible for next month coming RTM release of W10.
  • Then use the insider program and get the update in a few days! I have the 1520 and get updates all the time
  • I contacted my companies AT&T business representatve today, and he confirmed they would be selling the 950XL along with the 950.  He was not sure about either one initially, but confirmed it internally at AT&T.  I wait with baited breath... 
  • Is there a reason why those dildos aren't carrying the XL?
  • Yesss!
  • Yeah I think I'm going to wait until the 950XL is mentioned. If at&t doesn't talk about it then I'm going to buy it direct from the MS store. I'll be loosing an upgrade with my current at&t plan, but oh well.
    I can completely agree with others in these comments. Either MS doesn't care about mobile that much or there is something they aren't telling us. It would be a giant kick in the nuts though if a few months down the line a surface phone gets leaked :( I'd probably throw my phone at the wall out of anger..
  • What Microsoft isn't telling us is this, even though they've hinted at it in the past... These phones are here for people who want new hardware for Windows Mobile 10. They are not here to be mind-blowing, they're not here to change things. They're high-spec phones, but the biggest reason they exist is to have high quality phones for Windows fans available instead of having nothing. Our next big phone will be the one that will change things and have bigger ambitions, but of course we can't say that because that will hurt the image of the newly announced phones. However, in response to what you said, I thnkt he next big phone will be announced next October at the devices event, and not before. So you could, depending on your budget and patience, buy the 950 XL now and upgrade to the next phone in one year, which is what I'm doing, even if there are chances i'll change to the iPhone 6s, then back to the next Microsoft phone next year.
  • I will be getting an XL from Microsoft. Mainly because in spite of being an AT&T customer, I really hate interacting with them or paying them for their terrible service. I am very happy that phone makers are starting to sell direct. I remember going to the AT&T store to get my wife a 1020 and I had to sit there and convince the idiot salesman that it was better than the Android for what she was doing. It should have been the other way around.
  • Why are you still with AT&T if they have such terrible service. Doesn't make sense.
  • You didn't ask me but I have a similar opinion about AT&T in-store customer service. I haven't ever been treated rudely, but on several occasions I have had to defend my choice of product I wanted to purchase. I still find it bizzarre. The reason I stay with AT&T is NOT because of the in-store experience though, good or bad. It's those amazing towers and cells and LTE performance as I travel the major thoroughfairs of this fine country. :) I actually trust their product above all others.
  • Guess I won't be getting a new device since T mobile Won't be getting it
  • But what about the unlocked version?
  • Where's the 950XL?
  • Didn't notice AT&T not carrying the iPhone 6 Plus....
  •  You must have not noticed how much those sell compared to windows phones either then
  • Recently upgraded to the 930 and couldn't be happier.  I like the design much better than the 950 (I prefer a flat back over the camera hump) and it feels really great in your hand.  If MS pushed the 930 in 5 or 10 different colors across all networks, I think it would have made a difference in the US market rather than only marketing cheap disposable phones like the 521 and 635.
  • I think the 930 is the best designed Windows Phone. Congrats. Of course you're missing on a couple f functionalities but as far as design goes, I agree. HTC M8 is up there too.
  • I've had the 930 since day 1 in the UK and agree it's an awesome design. In fact, I will probably miss out on the 950 as I simply don't like the camera bump or design and get a new 930 as the price is very good. With W10 on my SP3 and 930 I'm happy. Recently went to a concert and recorded the complete first song in 4K and it's impressive. Enjoy your 930, it's a rock solid design and just speeds along with W10, even though it's still beta :)
  • For $100 I will buy 3.  If they go for $200, I will buy..... Zero.  THen go out and find me a used Nokia that someone traded in for $30.
  • I find it so weird that the USA is practically the last country that is going to get to order the 950 online... Like... I'm getting anxious over here...
  • Why is these new devices so overpriced all over the world except USA?
  • soorry, nothing changees, moving on to android, unless apps are available like android a ios.
  • I can't but be a fan of wp. Even when they make mad, I still get excited about everything good they do. Bring on the white 950xl please.
  • So AT&T on the 20th... Does this mean the Unlocked international version will also be released on this date?
  • From what I can gather, initially it looks like the 950 will only be available thru AT&T and not unlocked thru MS.  Conversly, the 950 XL will only be available unlocked thru MS and not AT&T.  This is what I was told by an employee at the local Microsoft Store.
  • I highly doubt that. Pretty sure they will both be available unlocked from MS
  • I had my heart set out for the 950XL. The devices may be rather similar, but the XL is so much better looking than the 950 to me. I don't want to wait for a surface phone that hasn't even been confirmed to exist yet, even though that would be the ultimate choice if it did.
  • do we know the reason why the 950xl will not be available from AT&T, i really want that phone
  • November 20?   Sounds rushed to me.  The OS is not done, if what I am reading about it is any indicator.   Besides, I am still enjoying my Icons and 1520s.  My daughter has a 920 and loves it.  Also, I STILL see people complaining about Denim not being available yet on certain carriers/phones.  You can get it from MS.  I updated my Icon to Denim, which was still on the 8.1 Developer version and Cyan.  Get the Windows Device Recovery Tool from the Windows 10 Mobile preview page.  It runs on your PC, connect your phone via USB and it will update.  It is meant to restore your phone to 8.1 should the 10 preview not work well, but it will also install the latest 8.1 version for your device.  Note that it deletes everything on the phone and you will be starting over, but that is what backups are for. 
  • What's the  comment "So Called Holiday Season"?  all about Daniel?
  • How about the keyboard?? Can we use SwiftKey?? Or emoji assist? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How about the release to the international market? i want a lumia 950 before christmas, hopefully it'll release sooner to the philippines or just singapore so that i could import it...BTW if i pre-order when will it arrive?
  • That would be a pleasant surprise.  I'll pick one up for sure that weekend.   I still dont know how they are going to do it.  586 still has loads of bugs and it still crashes often on my 1020.   Should be interesting to see the user experience, out of the box, for customers.
  • Do you mean 581? Because 586 is not out yet
  • Yea typo.  Sorry.  Last weeks Build was good.   But it sure doesn't seem RTM good. 
  • Yeah for sure, im using it too. Hopefully most problems will be fixed thursday with 586
  • So I wonder if you are on the WP10 Fast Insider track if we'll get any updates for our phones 10581 was released 2 weeeks ago and there are still issues.  Basic one for me is the ability to apply ringtones to individual contacts, Outlook still needs work when compared to the iOS version, Maps (not Nokia's Here products) does not have HFP for bluetooth connectivity for spoken directions as it works with Here Drive.  Hope to see a new release soon.
  • The new release is supposed to be Thursday
  • Well that's it Microsoft. I've been holding off updating my phone for the 950XL on AT&T so I could put it on my NEXT plan. Since you can't get these phones out to multiple carriers or even get both models out on the one carrier that is open to carrying Windows Phone, I'm just giving up and am going to go get the iPhone 6s+. Shame on you Microsoft. How many more times are you going to shoot yourself in the foot with Windows Phone. I love my new Surface Pro 4 and my now sold Surface Pro 3. I have just wanted a true high end phone with a big screen running Windows.
  • When in Mexico?
  • Woo hoo!  They are going to sell dozens of these! 
  • I was REALLY hoping ATT would sell the 950XL.  I own a LG optimus right now and I like the big screen.  Not to mention the XL is a bigger beast.  I wanted to make the jump to a windows phone over Android, but with ATT not selling the XL, that's a deal breaker for me.  The specs on the LGV10 are just as good as the XL, and I know Android...not to mention there has already been a delay with the 950.  I expected to buy it two weeks ago through ATT.  What are the odds that Microsoft will push the phone back again?  
  • Perfect for BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY!
  • 950 popped up in AT&Ts online store now. However, no dates or preorders. My 1520 is suddenly on the fritz and almost inoperable (strangely goes from LTE to Edge to no service in a couple of hours). So I hope it is soon or I'll have an iPhone again.
  • It's been the AT&T site for quite awhile now.
  • any news on prices? any news on deals? Band 2 or Continuum Dock in a bundle?  
  • What a Sh#$%ty marketing campaign... One of their biggest release and they will put on the market next week?!?!?!? It's not enough time for Jf. Vigor to save $$$$
  • All this info on the 950 makes me think that there is an issue with the 950XL that will cause it to be delayed into December.  There could also be co-marketing requirements that AT&T has to prevent Microsoft from pushing consumers into Microsoft stores vs. AT&T stores.  Anyways, Microsoft's handling of the US launch of this phones is still pretty much garbage and the marketing communication is devoid of any sensible strategy.
  • Guys, Im looking to switch from Android to WM10 and purchase the 950 from At&t.  Im curious if microsoft will be responsible for the updates like iOS?  Currently Im having issues with my Note 3 ever since I updated to lollipop and I'm tired of waiting for At&t.  I'm excited about switching to Microsoft OS since I own a XBOX one and my laptop is W10.
  • Hi! Microsoft does better than Google with updates IMO. If u join insiders you will get beta updates.
  • I really want one, but thinking about the $549.00, that's steep, I could buy a very nice laptop for that amount. Even a Nexus 6P costs less. If they would have priced the 950 at, say, $399.99, the phones would be flying out the door and maybe give a boost to the Windows Phone concept.
  • Will it work on SunCOM or Cengular Wireless's networks?
  • Ok, so if it's November 20th, that's less than a week, and no announcement or preorders available still.  Somebody is seriously screwing up another launch, and you can't do that when you have 3% of the market.  Brilliant...
  • Yea, this makes absolutely no sense.
  • I went to the Microsoft store at Cerritos, CA last night and said "I'm here to pickup my 950xl, I preordered and got a message that it's here.". I thought the confused reaction was funny. They said it won't be available till the 20th so I'm assuming both ATT and unlocked 950/950xl will be available on the same day. Regarding the dock, they said free with purchase but will be mailed trying according to an email from corporate.
  • I'm Jelous of you AT & T folks Us Verizon folks have NO Flagship Microsoft or Nokia Lumia smart phones to buy from the Verizon online or physical stores,or even from the Microsoft Online store. Damn looks like us Verizon folks have to buy used Icon's if we can find one wow what a Stinking situation. I hope that microsoft and verizon burry their Hatchets and get us Verizon Windows smart phone fans/Users a new Flagship or old flagship smart phone like the Icon back because we have nothing