Best Budget 21-Inch Monitors for Windows 10 PCs

Why the HP 22er is the best affordable 21-inch monitor

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The first thing you'll notice about the 22er by HP is the lack of bezel encircling the display. And because this is an IPS panel, it boasts some of the best viewing angles available on the market. While it's only at 1080p, it's ideal if you own a less powerful graphics card and need to do a little light gaming on the side.

At just $124.99, it's also not incredibly expensive. Ports are restricted to a single HDMI and VGA, but attach an HDMI splitter and you could have more than one device hooked up without having to switch cables. And you will enjoy the crisp quality and solid colors.

If you need a monitor that doesn't look like all other similarly priced options, you'll struggle to find better at this size than the 22er.


Picking up a 21-inch monitor is rather easy these days as most screens are similarly priced with almost identical specifications. That said, it is possible to find some unique options, which we've highlighted in this guide. You can go down the route of touch, enjoy AMD FreeSync, save some money or even go for gorgeous design. Overall, the HP 22er is our top pick for a budget 21-inch monitor.

Updated on July 05, 2018: We refreshed this list to ensure we're still offering you the best 21-inch monitors on the market.

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