The Xbox One S and Xbox One X have built-in power supply units, but if you're using a 2013 model Xbox One and need a power pack replacement, you have a few options that can sometimes be cheaper than Microsoft's official power brick.

YCCSKY Xbox One power supply

The YCCSKY Xbox One power supply unit is currently the top-rated on Amazon, grabbing 4.5 stars with over 2,500 reviews. Every other aftermarket power supply unit appears to be a re-branded version of this one, perhaps licensed out to other companies. Chances are if you're buying a third-party power pack, it's simply a re-branded version of this one.

This unit utilizes similar specs to the Xbox One official power supply, with claims (corroborated by reviews) that the power supply unit runs far quieter than the Xbox One official power brick, both of which have internal fans to stay cool.

This product clocks in at $59.99, but as of writing, is discounted to $29.99.

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Official Xbox One power supply

While it's noisy, ridiculously huge, and quite ugly, you can't play on Xbox One (2013) without it. And if you want the peace of mind of an official power supply unit, Microsoft's Xbox One power pack is still on sale for around $60.

It should be noted that Microsoft only officially supports their own power supply for the Xbox One. If you use a third-party solution, and your Xbox One breaks, Microsoft could void your warranty claim based on not using an official solution.

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Is your power pack broken?

If your power supply unit is broken, you might be able to get a free replacement from Microsoft anyway, without spending a penny. Head over to here for more information on how to do that.

How to get a replacement Xbox One power brick

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