Best Black Friday Microsoft Office deals

Laptop with Office 365
Laptop with Office 365 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Even though Black Friday isn't actually here yet, deals have already started to go live all over. Whether you're browsing digital marketplaces like Amazon or a store in your local area, you'll likely spot several great deals on pretty much everything that money can buy. That includes common items like furniture, accessories, and computers, but it also includes things that many people often don't think about — such as editions of Microsoft Office 2021 and subscriptions to Microsoft 365.

Both Microsoft Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 give you access to some of the best Windows 10 apps for your PC, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These apps are perfect for people who do a lot of work online and need programs that make it easy to write documents, fill out spreadsheets, create presentations, and work with emails. There are also specialized apps like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visio that are centered around database management, vector graphics, and more.

It's likely that more deals for Microsoft Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 will crop up as we get closer to Black Friday, but the deals that are already available are excellent. If one of the deals below strikes your fancy, it's not a bad idea to pull the trigger on it so that you can get access to Microsoft's superb productivity app suite sooner rather than later.

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Brendan Lowry

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