Best Durable Mice for Students Windows Central 2022

When you're using a notebook in class, your dorm room, and in any coffee shop you like the look of, you'll need a trusty mouse that can take a minor beating in daily use. We rounded up some of the best portable mice that should be durable enough for students.

Premium Pointer: Logitech MX Master 2S

Staff favorite

The successor to the fantastic MX Master wireless mouse, which was our previous best overall choice, gains a new sensor and vastly improved battery life — along with other useful features that make pointing anywhere on a screen a breeze. Should you need a mouse that isn't bolted down to a device, the MX Master 2S is for you.

$69 at Amazon

Amazing Ergonomics: Logitech M720

Editor's pick

The M720 from Logitech is a solid choice with a balance between cost and ergonomics, packing some advanced features like a powerful receiver. It's also incredibly comfortable to use, depending on how you hold the mouse, and can be paired with multiple PCs.

$38 at Amazon

Budget Pick: VicTsing MM057

The MM057 by VicTsing is a super-affordable portable mouse with a small USB receiver. Like many other solutions available, there are no drivers required, you simply plug and play. Five DPI choices are available to get the pointer feeling just right for mobile use. It's cheap too so you won't mind if it breaks.

$10 at Amazon

Wired Performance: Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

It's somewhat rare to see a wired mouse outside of the gaming scene, but Microsoft's Classic IntelliMouse makes a strong argument for keeping the tail. It sticks with the classic ergonomic design, it tracks well, and there are a ton of configuration options for the wheel and buttons.

$30 at Amazon

For Gamer Students: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Our second wired mouse in this collection is the Razer DeathAdder Elite, a fantastic gaming mouse that is simply good at what it's designed for. No pointless features or rubbish you'll not use. Just a rock solid ol' fashioned gaming pointer that will last for years.

$47 at Amazon

Choosing a mouse that will last

There are a few things you need in picking the best mouse if you're a student, or any other person, on the go. It needs to be ergonomic, have great sensor performance, but most importantly, it needs to be durable. It needs to be able to take a beating in your bag as you take it to campus and beyond.

The Logitech M720 not only looks good, but it's built like a tank and feels great to hold. It's not just designed to last, sporting a solid onboard laser for better tracking and performance, and the battery life is rated to last up to two full years, which is ideal when you're using your notebook often.

Other mice included in our selection are also pretty durable and are perfect for college student use with reliable wireless and performance.

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