Best Eco-Friendly PC Accessories in 2020

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Protecting the planet isn't just about the car you drive or how much you recycle. You can do little things to help the Earth on your own desk at your home or office. You can grab a case made out of environmentally-friendly materials, make sure you keep track of your power usage, and clean your devices with reusable materials. All the little things add up to make an eco-friendly setup. Here are the best environmentally-friendly accessories you can get for your PC.

Easy being green

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All of these accessories focus on being smart about what you use. Some allow you to use less material, while others allow you to clean your devices without wasting metal and plastic. But the thing many people will focus on most at their desk and with their PC is power usage. Reducing your power usage is one of the biggest changes you can make with your PC setup.

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip allows you to monitor your power usage through six customizable plugs. It also has three USB ports so you can plug in devices other than your PC. By keeping track of your power usage, you can see what devices and accessories use up the most energy. You can then change your habits by turning off a lamp while you work during the day or changing your PC's power settings to allow you to charge it less often.

As an added bonus, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip has surge protection. That means that it can protect your devices from power surges, so in a way, it protects you from the environment while you try to protect the environment.

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