Best PC cases for gaming Windows Central 2021

We've rounded up the best PC cases for gaming rigs that look a little different from what you'd usually consider for a PC build. Whether you're into RGB lighting, wanting to build a custom water-cooling loop, or you want to pack powerful hardware inside the chassis, we've got you covered.

Lian Li O11D Mini

Best overall: Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

Staff pick

Do you want a compact chassis that's easy to build a PC inside of and looks amazing? That's what Lian Li offers with the PC-O11 Dynamic, designed in partnership with DER8AUER. You can install up to 11 fans, two radiators, and even create a custom water-cooling loop. I reviewed the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Mini, which is also an excellent case.

$160 at Newegg
NZXT H210i

Best compact case: NZXT H210i

The H210i is better than ever, allowing you to put together a compact mini-ITX PC build in a small form factor case with smart features and a solid design. It comes with integrated RGB lighting, can take a small two-fan radiator to keep even more capable CPUs cooled, and can easily handle the best graphics card.

be quiet! Silent Base 802

Best cooling: be quiet! Silent Base 802

be quiet! almost nailed it with the Silent Base 802. It's the perfect case if you can overlook the awkward feet, cable management on the rear of the motherboard tray, and sheer size. If you want to build a PC with powerful internals, but don't want a loud jet engine on your desk, this case has a meshed front panel and some excellent sound damping.

$170 at Newegg
Phanteks Eclipse P350X

Best value: Phanteks Eclipse P350X

The best value case you can buy is also one that ticks the boxes for quality, style, and ease of use. The P350X is a dream to build in with superb expansion capabilities and top-notch cable management. It beats a lot of much more expensive cases in every way.

$70 at Amazon

Choosing the best gaming PC case

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is our best PC cases recommendation. It's gorgeous, easy to build a PC inside of, and runs well with solid thermal performance. On paper, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic looks like your everyday PC case, but it's not. It's not all about looks either. With enough space for up to three 360mm radiators, there's plenty of room for a custom water-cooling loop.

You can throw up to 11 fans inside the O11 Dynamic from Lian Li, allowing ample air to be pushed through the four filters. There are also a few variants of this chassis, with our own review taking shape inside the Mini, a more compact version that's still able to take a full-sized ATX motherboard, though you do lose out to an SFX PSU.

If you want something a little more standard-looking, the be quiet! Silent Base 802 is a great choice for a silent build. As the name of the company suggests, this is a silent chassis that supports good airflow and sound damping. The large tempered glass panel lets you fire up some RGB lighting and showcase all your expensive internal components.

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