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Best router for Verizon FIOS 2022

FIOS is the fiber-optic multimedia service from Verizon, with internet access at various speeds, including its top Gigabit package. Its rolling monthly contracts are a welcome change from most annual contracts offered by competitors, but you still need to pay a monthly fee to rent their equipment. Check out our collection to find the best router for Verizon FIOS and save on rental costs by owning your hardware.

Choosing the best router for Verizon FIOS

Since the official FIOS hardware from Verizon is a tri-band router using the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, it has plenty to offer for speedy internet access, including Gigabit LAN and USB ports. Some of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers offer similar specs, but the Archer AX90 from TP-Link matches the FIOS router specs as the best overall choice.

If you prefer to spring for an entry-level FIOS package, then the dual-band Netgear R6700AX will still provide you with everything you need to enjoy the service. You wouldn't need to be subscribed to the Verizon packages for too long to have saved money overall, and you'll still benefit from Wi-Fi 6 functionality.

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