Best Xbox-themed Pride Accessories Windows Central 2021

June, which also happens to be LGBT Pride Month, is only a day away, which means that it's time to celebrate all of the wonderful LGBT folk all around the world. If you're an Xbox gamer and you're looking for a way to show your LGBT spirit, make sure to check out this collection of awesome Xbox-themed pride accessories!

Pride 2020

Love is Equal Skin

Best overall: Xbox One X Love Is Equal Skin Bundle

Staff pick

This minimalist, sleek skin for an Xbox One X console and an Xbox One controller features a rainbow-colored heart design with an equal symbol in the middle, representing that all love is equal.

$40 at Amazon
Love is Love Skin

Sharp and striking: Xbox One X Love Is Love Skin Bundle

This skin for an Xbox One X console and Xbox One controller is bright and colorful and has a striking white heart symbol with the phrase "Love is love" written over it in black.

$40 at Amazon
Controller skin

Watercolor-style controller skin: Rainbow Watercolor Xbox One Controller Skin

This controller skin offers a calmer overall color tone than other options on the list thanks to the smooth blending of the colors and the lower overall saturation.

$12 at Etsy
Controller skin

Geometric-style controller skin: Geometric Rainbow Xbox One Controller Skin

The Geometric Rainbow Xbox One Controller Skin has a unique angular style to it that's striking and aggressive, which makes it stand out amongst other skins.

$15 at Amazon
Controller skin

Xbox Elite Controller skin: Rainbow Flag Xbox Elite Controller Skin

If you own an Xbox One Elite Controller, then this is the skin for you, as it's designed to be compatible with the extra physical controls found on the Elite Controller.

$15 at Amazon
Wear Your Colors shirt

Simple shirt: Wear Your Colors Xbox Shirt

This shirt is simple, as it's mostly neutral-colored except for a centered rainbow-colored Xbox controller symbol. It's made out of 100 percent polyester, which means it will resist shrinking excellently.

$20 at Etsy
Gaymer shirt

Funny shirt: Gaymer Xbox Shirt

This is the shirt for you if you're looking to show your LGBT pride while also getting a laugh out of people, as the shirt's text is an excellent play on words. It's got a cool-looking Xbox controller that replaces the "M," and it's made entirely out of cotton for maximum comfort.

From $20 at TeePublic

If we had to choose

Everything listed here is a fantastic way to show your spirit for LGBT Pride Month, but if I had to choose, I would go with the Xbox One X Love Is Equal Skin Bundle as I love the minimalist design and the style of the rainbow heart. I'm not a fan of flashy aesthetics when it comes to Xbox gear, so something like this would be perfect for me.

If you'd rather opt for just a controller skin, then I think the Geometric Rainbow Xbox One Controller Skin is the best choice on that front as I really love how unique and sharp its angular geometric design is. If you're looking for a shirt to wear, then the Gaymer Xbox Shirt is a fantastic pick as it's both funny, and it does a great job of displaying your LGBT Pride Month spirit.

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