Chime in: How is the Fall Creators Update treating you?

The Fall Creators Update is here and as with every major new version of Windows 10 the responses are mixed. Deploying to tens or hundreds of millions of PCs at once is no small task and as such, there are always teething problems.

I've never had any issue with Windows Updates. So when I saw that I did not have enough room on my portable drive to create a system image as a backup, I wasn't concerned. Not only did the process take just over five hours, the end result is frustrating. 90% of the tiles that I pinned in the Start area are gone. A number of apps that I pinned to the taskbar are invisible - but when I hover...


Over in our forums, there's a whole thread dedicated to folks experiencing problems. It's also documented that hardware makers have been affected by the Fall Creators Update, with Razer and Elgato just two brands that spring to mind.

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Personally speaking, the Fall Creators Update took six attempts to install, but aside from the onscreen keyboard coming up on my desktop, it's been pretty good.

Which is also the case for lots of other people.

Hello, Just updated my Surface pro 5 (i7) and a HP Z600 workstation with no issues. Just thought I'd balance out the, 'Waahh it doesn't work on mine' threads. Obviously I created a backup and will shortly remove the previous install, via Disk-cleanup, to recover the space. Thanks MS. P.s. I try to keep my machines as vanilla as possible so both of my machines did experience a clean...


So, are you suffering from issues or is everything smooth sailing? Choose the relevant forum thread below and let us know!

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